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Welcome LEHS Class of 1954 - Click Here to go to your 55th reunion page.  First-time visitors from the Class of 1953 are encouraged to make the Welcome Page their first stop.


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Update December, 2010


John S. Naimo  1936-2010

An obituary and guest book may still be available at 

If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

Special Thanks to Jim Leonard for letting us know of Johnny Naimo's passing and to Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings for emailing us on the death of Joan (Cornwell) Brooks husband, James Brooks.  Mr. Brooks passed away on November 7, 2010.  Obituary information is available by clicking on and filling in the search form with his name and the state of Texas and choosing "Past Six Months" and "All Obituaries" from the other selection boxes followed by clicking on "Search".

Joan (Cornwell) Brooks has current information on our class database.  If you would like to contact Joan, write to us at  John Naimo's contact information had not been verified for some time.  However, the class database does have current phone book information with a telephone number and address for John and for his wife Yvonne (Vose) Naimo.


Christmas Reflection


     "I brought you a present," I explained, extending the bags at arm's length.  "It's kinda dumb," I stammered.  "It's something to eat for later."

     She eagerly took the package and peered into the brown bag holding the ravioli dish.  Her eyes lit up brightly.  "Ravioli!" she exclaimed.  "Oh, I love ravioli.  Thank you.  It's not a dumb gift at all.  It's a real treasure, more precious than jewels."

     More precious than jewels?  I thought.  Yes...Of course...I finally and truly understood The Story of the Other Wise Man.  Mama's ravioli took on a very special meaning.

     From Leo Buscaglia's Seven Stories of Christmas Love


Classy Writing:  A poem by Jim Wood has been added to our art and writing page.  Click here to skip to that page.
Thought For Today:  "The denunciation of the youth is a necessary part of the hygiene of older people, and greatly assists in the circulation of their blood."  Logan Pearsall Smith from Little Books of Quotations, A Special Grandfather, by History and Heraldry Ltd.

Down Memory Lanes


Found on the back page of the December 2, 2010 issue of the Boston Globe daily magazine "g" (for gee whiz, I guess).  The Web Manger was never a good candlepin bowler and got trounced regularly by Bill Croteau and Mike Ciarletta.  For that reason, he became interested in tenpin bowling when All Star Lanes opened on the Lynnway.

One of the highlights of his tenpin days at All Star was to go head to head for a season with one of the great candlepin bowlers, Joe Cawlina of Lynn.  We tied for high average at 197 but Joe had the higher total pinfall and there went the cash and the trophy. 

Another highlight was to meet Hall of Fame tenpin bowler Dick Weber when Dick came to Lynn for a head-to-head match with Joe, first at Lucky Strike and then at All Star.  Joe won the candlepin match and was leading in the tenpin match eventually won by Weber.

Graceful and affable, Joe Cawlina was one of the classiest bowlers the Manager ever competed against.  He joined the professional ranks of tenpin bowlers.  Was a member of one of the famous Budweiser professional touring teams and competed on national television.  A back injury, in his backyard of all places, brought his tenpin bowling career to a premature end.

Years later we met in line at the Dunkin Donuts on the Lynnway across from Champion Lamp and Joe's enthusiasm for his nephew and his tenpin bowling skills got the Manager to return to tenpin bowling where he now battles every Monday night by email with Bill Croteau in Wisconsin.  While Bill has been successful in both candles and tens, he doesn't get a choice in Wisconsin.  We both have had some good years,  but both of us got off to a slow start this season.  It's nature's way of saying "What the hell do you expect, you're 75 now!"

History Note:  Joe is a member of the Candlepin Hall of Fame and in his heyday was an ambassador for the candlepin industry when it tried to establish the game in California.  The industry jazzed up the candle pin scoring to make it more competitive with ten pins but had no way to compete against the number of strikes available with a ten pin ball.       

Updated July, 2013:  Just recently I learned that Janet (Rowen) LeBrassuer's late husband Ron Crowley was Joe Cawlina's most famous doubles partner.  Both were inducted into the Candlepin Hall of Fame at the same time.  If you have not seen our piece on candlepin bowling, your can jump there by clicking here.




Merry Christmas plus any other holidays you want to celebrate to all the classmates still around to drive their families crazy.


Update October, 2010


Barbara (Nelson) Paulette  1935 - 2010

An obituary and guest book may be available at If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.


From Inbox contributor Lee DAgnese, pictures of one of the most colorful rivers in the world, the Cano Cristales in Colombia, SA.  When the water level is just right between seasons, varieties of algae and moss bloom in a dazzling array.


Older Than Dirt

While some classmates may feel that way, congratulations are in order to all who have, are or will be turning 75.


Congratulations are also in order to reunion committee member Pat (Donnelly) Fabucci and her husband Vinnie on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.


Congratulations also ought to be in order for the the couple celebrating the longest consecutive string of anniversaries.  Since our database doesn't carry marriage dates, the web manager is claiming it's Elaine (McGrath) and Dwight (Dewey) Brothers who tied the knot on December 11, 1954.


Speaking of older than dirt, the website manager had a very pleasant time recently at the new home of Stuie Ralph, class of '52 and his child bride Janet (Armstrong) Ralph.  They are currently at a ground floor condo in Lynnfield to accommodate Ralph's wheelchair.  The good news is that while Ralph's portability has diminished, it hasn't affected his brain or his quick wit.  Janet has given us her LEHS memorabilia to use and a good chunk of it will appear below.

An added benefit to the Ralphs' new condo is that several of Ralph's classmates are in the same complex.  A few members of the class of '52 have expressed an interest in joining us at our 60th reunion and are on our current mailing list.  If you know anyone else with the same interest, please send their name and address to  


     Stuie gets smacked by Tootie (Pettigrew) Anderson at our 25th reunion       


National Grandparents Day

The more time the web manager spends at his local senior center, the more amazed he is at some of the sacrifices that grandparents have made for their families.  In tribute, he thought classmates might enjoy Memere's Eulogy written by his niece for her grandmother who was also his mother-in-law.  Click here at Memere's Eulogy to jump to that section.

Down Memory Lane pictures including Janet (Armstrong) Ralph's high school memorabilia and the Washington DC class trip have been moved to a separate Down Memory Lane page.  Click here for the Washington trip.  For some of Janet's memorabilia, click here


Signs of Fall

From the second floor bay window of our Salem website office, Fall brings the sight of stopped lines of traffic in the morning and afternoon.  While the web manager can't speak from the women's point of view, male drivers (in warmer weather) can pass the time admiring the latest college fashions female students are almost wearing.

An apology (sort of):  In the March update story on Salem State, I thanked Sylvania for their parting gift of a toxic dump where the Salem State baseball field is now located.  It turns out that Sylvania was just the last in a long line.  That area, originally known as the Old Creek Salt Marsh, was bought in 1926 by Standard Oil and developed for commercial use.  The first company to be built on the site in 1936 may sound familiar.  It was the Hygrade Incandescent Lamp Company, the first of a series of lamp companies that ended with Sylvania.

Sylvania was eventually required to cap the dump,  In talking about this with my two sons, it wasn't a big thrill to learn that my kids used to sneak under the dump fence and play tag in the big piles of broken incandescent lamps.


Recent Changes at Salem State

Several families of egrets, noticeably absent this summer probably because of the dormitory construction next to the salt marsh lands, returned in time to celebrate the opening of the dormitory shown in the March update.  The parents must have gone on a second honeymoon since the number of their children had more than doubled. 

 The egrets own the marsh lands and the cormorant in the picture is the site manager.  Short term visitors such as ducks pay the egrets by finding sources of food and then fleeing for their lives when the egrets come over to finish the feeding.  Swans from flax pond occasionally visit rent free...nobody messes with the swans.

The new dormitory has been named Marsh Hall, after the salt marsh and not after Dick Marsh from our class.  Dick by the way is alive and well, living in Maine and claims that he is staying out of trouble.

Salem State University:   It's official.  On July 28, 2010 the ceremony took place at the MA State House.  While older Salem residents grumble about the loss of tax revenue, the University has become a major resource for residents in the area.  State tuition is currently under $8,000 with bachelor and master's programs expanding.  Students can currently get a doctoral degree at Salem in cooperation with the University of Massachusetts and eventually should be able to do it all at Salem.


Not reproduced with permission, but the site manager just wanted to put in a plug for one of his favorite Boston Globe comic strips.  His comic preferences may have been slightly skewed by his spending the last 35 working years in Lynn high schools.

Update May, 2010


Dorothy (McCollin) Fuller 1936 - 2010


Dorothy (McCollin) Fuller passed away on April 4, 2010 in Brentwood, NH and William Sims, husband of Ruth (Sims) Hunt passed away on May 4, 2010 in West Dennis, MA.  Ruth and Bill are pictured on the right at our 25th reunion.  While local obituaries may no longer be available, you can try  using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

An email address is available for Ruth.  Write to  


Update March, 2010



With good weather and April just around our corner, what could be more appropriate than offerings from our Poet Laureate, James F. Wood.  Two more poems have been added from his collection:  7 Poems for a Pretty Lady.  Click here to view them.

Super Bowl 2011

For classmates who like to plan ahead and think they might be attending the 2011 Super Bowl, Joan (Cornwell) Brooks would like to hear from you.  She wrote recently to say "If anyone chooses to come to Texas in 2011 for the Super bowl game, please get in touch with me.  I am twenty minutes from the new Cowboy stadium."   

YouTube, Lynn, MA

Claire (McEntee) Hamilton sent the site manager some YouTube videos made in Lynn.  There are a couple of car trips and a couple of overhead videos shot from a remote-piloted drone.  Go to the YouTube site and search under our city and state.

Happy Anniversary

Dunkin Donuts started celebrating their 60th in February, 2010.  This was their first store in Quincy, MA where you could buy premium coffee for a dime a cup.  Today it claims the title of largest chain of coffee/baked goods restaurants in the world with some 6,500 shops in the U.S. and 2,600 internationally.  Sales for the past year reached $5.6 billion.

Our website's resident expert on antique cars, Ed Cummiskey, has identified the vehicles  (left to right) as a '50-'51 Buick, a '49 Chevy Fleetline, a '47 Plymouth 4DR Sedan and a '49 Plymouth 2DR Sedan.

The Dunkins in the North Shore area are the site manager's choice among fast food restaurants for his one daily cup of coffee...not that he knows anything about "real" coffee but he likes the taste and managed to survive to age 77 before having his first cup of Starbucks coffee courtesy of Shirley Carpenter and her sister Susi Paresi at our 60th reunion.


Happy Holy Days


Reunion Committee Bequests:  While religious, educational and charitable organizations are encouraging you to consider bequeathing their institutions, the Reunion Committee has chosen a different approach.  Since the statute of privacy limitations will expire on your office record card in 2013, the Reunion Committee, for a modest bequest, will work diligently on your behalf to make sure that your high school grades never appear on the pages of this website.


Turnabout Is Fair Play:  Thanks to a benevolent weather pattern this winter, North Shore residents listened to raindrops in February while the site manager's grandnieces enjoyed an unplanned 3-day vacation in Maryland.  Their dad had a different view on the subject while their mom, a survivor of our '78 blizzard,  enjoyed cross-country skiing on city streets.

Where Were You In March, 1953:  Probably arriving at Lynn English wetter than usual.  For the past 57 years, that month was the wettest March in weather recorded history for the Boston area at 11" of rainfall.  The record was clobbered this month by a rainfall total of 14" which made it the second wettest month in Boston's weather history.  The worst month ever...August, 1955.  In addition to severe flooding, several bouts with violent winds this month has also contributed to major power outages.  Perhaps snow isn't such a bad idea after all.  At least it's not global warming.  We know because Fox News told us so

Springtime blossoms at the entrance to Salem State College's oldest structure.  It was also the site for some of the initiation hazing of incoming members from our class.  See below for some fuzzy but perhaps familiar faces.

The Little School That Could:  Salem State College, since its inception in 1854 as Salem Normal School, has been an affordable and accessible source of education for North Shore residents.  (No jokes please, those of us who attended have heard them all.)  It was Salem Teachers College when members our class arrived and became Salem State College a few years after we left and for which our STC class of 1957 takes full credit.

Currently the largest state college in MA, a factor often greeted with mixed emotions by Salem residents, its bid to become Salem State University was voted on favorably by the state's Joint Committee on Higher Education.  The State College University Status bill is now in the works at the State House. 

Go to for current information on programs and departments.   For more general information, Wikipedia has a very comprehensive entry on their site at   


Details on the facade of the college's oldest building

There were at least 12 members of our class that started their college careers at Salem Teachers College (STC) in the early years after high school.  If you know anyone else who should be on this list, drop us a note at    The STC 1957 yearbook lists 30 graduates with Lynn addresses.  For the entire school that year, Lynn residents made up about 20% of the student body. 

We know at least two of these classmates went on to receive doctoral degrees and become school superintendents...Dick Dussault and Jim (Dutch) Leonard.  Who would have thought that these two wise guys actually were.  Probably came as a big surprise to their teachers, guidance counselors and parole officers.  While Dr. Dussault went on to run a regional school system, Dr. Leonard had the ultimate "what goes around, comes around" by returning to become Lynn's superintendent of schools.


College Bound


  Claire Ajootian  -  Bob Barrasso  -  Keith Burke  -  Rick Donovan -  Sandy Drake  -  Dick Dussault 
      Dick Flynn  -  Tosca Forte  -  Al Grant   - Jim Leonard  -  Claire Maloney  -  Tom McEnaney
Unlike some of today's STC students who seem skilled at avoiding classes on Thursdays and Fridays, our days were filled with morning and afternoon classes for the entire week.  Commuting was the norm for area students while local Salem homeowners supplemented their income by renting under the table to non-commuters.  There weren't a lot chances to overdo the social life as many worked to pay for tuition or to help out at home.

At least 30 Korean and WW II veterans were in our class under the G. I. bill.  Most were married and a number of them had started families.  This led to an enlightening second education for male freshman.  Brown bag lunches were the norm and often eaten in cars owned by the vets, especially in the winter.  Those fresh out of high school would carry on about true love and finding the right girls until a vet would puncture their balloon with something along the lines of "At my age, the best experience is a good bowel movement."  


College Life

STC Sophomores were responsible for hazing freshmen who could be recognized on sight by their beanie caps and the fact that they looked like high school kids.  During the first four days of initiation week, most of the hazing took place at lunch time.  It seemed subdued however, probably because the veterans made it very clear that their hazing days had long since passed.  The Sophomores did make up for lost time on the last day of that week.

Dick Dussault, Keith Burke, Sandy Drake, Rick Donovan and Dick Flynn pose badly before starting the last day with dancing on the front lawn (same sex dancing only).  The lawn is at the junction of 1A and 114 in Salem.  As far as we know, we didn't cause any accidents but we probably gave a lot of drivers something to talk about.


Dick Flynn and Keith Burke; Jim Leonard from the 1957 baseball team picture


There were a few serious dress-up times.  This may be the Junior Prom with Sandy Drake and Ed Moran of Swampscott scoring points with faculty members.



Our Junior Class Treasurer, Dick Dussault and our Junior Class Vice-President, Chet Lee who also did past duty as Rick Donovan's babysitter.



Get away from your parents and it's instant party time.  Claire Ajootian gets a little winter sun while Tom McEnaney stands tall with Kappa Delta Phi members.



There may have been a few arguments about which guy looked best in a dress but Dick Dussault won feet down as best in a bathing suit.  Al Grant, our class brain trust, carried the banner for best dressed bow tie person.


Claire Maloney front and center with other members of the Senior Business Education Council


Tosca Forte front and center with the Deans' Aides


Better dressed versions of Dick Dussault, Keith Burke, Claire Adjootian, Rick Donovan and Sandy Drake.  The older "gentlemen" are part of the veterans' group that provided our second education about the realities of life.

Click To Enlarge

This is the only picture in our college yearbook of the initiation week's Friday night  banquet.  Amazingly enough, most of us are in it.  Amazingly enough as well, the psychology works.  The following Monday we all felt that our high school days were behind us, that we belonged and had become an integral part of the college student body.

Salem State Construction

The college has taken over the former Sylvania Lighting plant on Loring Avenue and made it their central campus.  It currently houses the Bertolon School of Business and is increasing on-campus living space with its fifth set of dorms.  Click on the images below for a larger view.

There are some advantages to a city campus.  The building on the far left is a liquor store and to its right is the Salem Diner which comes highly recommended by Art Caldwell, Bob Rhodes and Rick Donovan.  To the diner's right is the former Atwood and Morrilll property.  Thanks to loan from a well-to-do graduate, the college owns the property and it will be torn down to become a temporary parking lot for the growing body of dormitory students.

To the right is a 525-bed residence and dining facility under construction.  Current  residences house 1,500 undergraduates.  On top of that are 6,200 undergrad commuters.  In all, the college has five campuses over 112 acres.  Important fact:  if you have a male relative interested in attending, women outnumber men 62% to 38%.

The view from behind the dorms pictured above.  How many dormitory students can claim their residence is 20 yards from the Atlantic Ocean?  Unfortunately, or fortunately maybe, this only happens at flood tides.  Global warming anyone?

The tidal waters entering the central campus above also continue on to the college's southern campus, the former St. Chritienne Academy site.  While the three main campuses are in walking distance of each other, a transportation system is in place that connects all five campuses and the Salem rail station.  Not like the old days when us old-timers had to walk lots of miles in all sorts of weather and uphill both ways.
A more typical look of the tidal land behind the central campus.  The mound on the right side of the picture above is part of a going away present from Sylvania, a toxic dump of broken florescent lights.  The college has resealed the dump and turned it into an attractive artificial turf baseball field.  Depending on the tides however, foul balls may have a short life span.

Virtual Vietnam Memorial Wall

Ed Cummiskey sent us a link to a remarkable internet site.  It is a collection of thousands of Vietnam veterans' pictures, tributes and war records.  It can be found at and can be searched by name, by state and by home of record within each state.  (Photo courtesy of the Soldiers Support Project)
Snippets from the Inbox:  (Normally stolen from Art Caldwell, Jerry Colpitts, Bill  Croteau, Ed Cummiskey, Lee D'Agnese and Carl Goodwin)






This is a detail from the world's largest model railroad.  Search the internet on "Miniatur Wonderlund" for more information.








Update January, 2010


Janice (Hall) Wyman  1936 - 2010

You may be able to find Janis' obituary using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.
Our reunion committee is sorry to report that in addition to Janice, two classmates, Mona (Gard) Tedesco and Gerry Ishkanian, lost their spouses on the same weekend.

Bad news comes in bunches:  Ed Cummiskey's daughter, Lisa Stobel of Buford, GA, has passed away at age 45 after a 30-year battle with Crohns's disease.

Addresses for the surviving classmates can be obtained by writing to our website email at  

Pros And Cons Of Our Recent State Senate Election:  The letters below are from the letters to the editor section of the January 26th 2010 edition of the Boston Globe.
Anarchy in the Bay State:  "The election of Scott Brown suggest one thing:  An unknown quantity of malcontents called independents are slowly taking over the voting booths.  These voters have no loyalty, and many are constantly enraged.  They switch parties like underwear and are always in a state of flux.  They're usually uninformed and find any kind of governance menacing.  They use the voting booth like a weapon for self-indulgence and with little consideration for the good of the whole.  They like their role as spoilers and care little about the repercussions.  These are America's insurgents who care nothing about democracy.  They're determined to make the United States ungovernable.  Welcome to the new age of anarchy."  Anthony J. Franscino
Massachusetts a swing state for change:  "I know how Martha Coakley's supporters must feel:  disappointed, frustrated, angry and sad.  Losing an election is painful and I've been there many times. Scott Brown's upset victory was good news for us all.  When politicians feel secure, they listen to each other and not to their constituents.  And when one party has complete control, its leaders can even ignore the voices of their own rank and file.  This is the problem in Washington that Brown's election was meant to solve.

As a swing state, Massachusetts will gain influence in national elections.  Presidential candidates won't just stop here to raise money, or because they can't get a direct flight to New Hampshire.  And if we can make our local and state elections more competitive, we can all enjoy the benefits of representative democracy."  David K. Stone

Summary of New Credit Cards Rules


Update December, 2009


Margaret (De Les Dernier) Ventura  1935 - 2009

You may be able to find Margaret's Oklahoma obituary using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.
Christmas Thoughts:  From Leo Buscaglia's Seven Stories of Christmas Love:  The Christmas That Almost Wasn't which talks about his hospital experience at Christmas time after his first heart attack. 

"I am more aware now than ever of my mortality.  At some time, still unknown, I might not be as fortunate as I was in 1982.  But it is useless to dwell on that.  Rather, I will accept the challenge it suggests to make the rest of my life a Christmas celebration.  I still have years ahead of me for giving, sharing, caring, accepting, loving.  I want to live this allotted time in a holiday spirit.  What better way to live?  For I feel instinctively that it is only this which can give life meaning and offer us our only touch with immortality.".


Some of the 5,000 wreaths donated to Arlington National Cemetery every year since 1992 by the Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington, Maine.  Owner Merrill Worcester provides the wreaths and covers the trucking expenses.  Most years, groups of Maine school kids take an educational trip to D.C. to help with this event.


Reunion Committee at Play:  Members and mates enjoying the hospitality of Jack and Lona Abare.  Click on Committee Pictures.
Our High School Class Picture:  The website manager has been honing his ability to stitch parts of a big picture together.  You can check out his handiwork by clicking on LEHS 1953 Class Picture.  Left click on the picture to enlarge it one or more times.
More 1953 55th Reunion Pictures:  Our thanks to Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings for her donations to our collection.  Click on 55th Reunion pictures for viewing.
Class of 1954 55th Reunion:  The class held it's reunion not far from the website's back yard at the Salem Waterfront Hotel.  Many of their reunion pictures have been posted to our site and can be seen by clicking on Class of 1954.

Gazebo Man:  The Saga Continues



When the going gets tough, Gary Getchell calls in a fellow "construction hound", his cousin from Rockport, MA.  He says "we make the best two-person 135-year-old construction team they've ever seen."



Gary will be staining cedar shingles during the winter to use on the roof next spring.  Lights have been added for the holidays with more Christmas decorations to follow.  To see earlier pictures of his gazebo, click here.

With the first snowstorm not that far away, it's time for another Getchell tradition:  the conversion of an innocent pickup truck into the snow plow from hell.  He says " week's projects (include) reattaching the plow to the front of my truck and the sand/salt spreader to the rear bumper...adding 'sand tubes' over the truck's back axles (which) causes them to skid less in the snow.  My truck's plow weighs 800 pounds and the sand, when loaded, goes about 500!  So I add another 500 to 600 pounds in the truck's bed to balance it off.  The things that make my truck a bit tighter in the cab are the units on the seat that control the plow and the sander.  However, unless my butt expands exponentially in the next few years, I can comfortably squeeze in around them."

Recent Death:  The death of an important person went almost unnoticed recently.  Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote " The Hokey Pokey", died peacefully at age 93.  The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin.
Snippets from the Inbox:  (Normally stolen from Art Caldwell, Jerry Colpitts, Bill  Croteau, Ed Cummiskey, Lee D'Agnese and Carl Goodwin)




Reflections for the Day:  "How fragile is our hold on silence."  (Chet Raymo)  "Everyone's health may depend more on the health of society and the healing of nations than on the conquest of disease."  (Norman Cousins) (From Reflection For The Day, Boston Globe, (c) 2009 and reproduced with the kind permission of Tom Fitzpatrick)
Quotes:  "It has been demonstrated in every epoch of history that if you want profits you must rule and to rule, you must blunt the edge of the citizenry"  Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV from Dune:  House Corrino by B. Herbert and K. Anderson

" I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take something for it...  I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other... I was just thinking that women should put pictures of missing husbands on beer cans....  When people see a cat's litter box, they always say, 'Oh, you have a cat.'  Just once I want to say, 'No, it's for company!'... Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office?  What are we supposed to do...write to these men?  Why don't the just put their pictures on the postage stamps so the mailmen could look for them while they deliver the mail?  Or better yet, arrest them when they are taking the pictures."  (borrowed from a Bill Croteau email)


Recent Research:  From Harper's Magazine, January, 2010:  "It was found that the last European ice age descended on the continent in a matter of months and that the snows of Kilimanjaro were disappearing.  Scientists who set out in a submarine searching for the Loch Ness monster found instead hundreds of thousands of golf balls.  White American women are four times likelier than African-American women to have restless legs.  Doctors found that some American children are prevented from playing outside because their parents dress them too fancily.  Newborns cry in their mother tongue.

Female U.S. veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom were found less likely than male veterans to report experiencing pain.  It was determined that head injuries make torture survivors more depressed, that torture hobbles the memory rather than jogs it, and that the more the tortured suffer, the more guilty they are perceived to be.  Citrus-scented Windex encourages ethical behavior."


Never To Forget


Update August, 2009

More 2009 Florida Pictures:  Click on Additional 2009 Pictures to jump to the additions.  Click on Off-Year Reunions to see all Florida pictures.
Memories of Lynn:  Tootie (Pettigrew) Anderson sent us a copy of an article printed in the Lynn Item and written by Tech student Peter Bollen.  You can find it by clicking on Lynn History.  It's listed at the top of that page.


Our Class Equivalent of the Energizer Bunny

Not one to let a few good summer days in Maine go unused, Gary Getchell is building his own gazebo by making all 700 parts in his machine shop.



A closer look at some of the many wooden parts.


Reason number 17 for having grandchildren.  Grandson Danny makes the mistake of volunteering to help.


Danny gets to try his hand with a serious hammer drill but accidentally embeds it in the brand new cement deck.



Danny avoids "hammer thumb"; Gary gets a applauded for being on the level.

Am I Having A Good Day Or What?  On Wednesday, July 29th, the site manager was amazed to learn that FedEx was holding a bank draft for him worth $800,000 from a friend in Nigeria, and that I had also won 1,000,000 pounds from UK Chevron, and 750,000 pounds from BMW.  Can't wait to collect the loot and buy my winter home in St. Bart's.  In the meantime though, I'll keep playing my weekly lottery.  You never can tell, this could be a real hot streak.

In other news, the MA department of Consumer Affairs has warned of an increase in the rate of scams occurring in the state.  In Lowell recently, a couple posing as members of the President's Medicare Fraudulent Team were able to get a senior couples' social security numbers and drivers' license numbers.  Another scam is a phone call, email or text message from a bank employee asking for personal information.  As with the scams from the IRS, these organizations do not collect information in this manner.

A relatively new scam (no pun intended) is the distress call from a grandchild who is in trouble, needs money but doesn't want the parents to know about it.  Other red flags for situations like this are calls from outside the country, callers with unfamiliar voices, being vague, getting personal details wrong or not giving their name.  As with all possible scams, authorities recommend never giving account numbers over the phone.  In the grandchild case they suggest asking for verification of the identity of the caller or calling a trusted family member to verify the grandchild's phone number.

A recent email to our site claimed to be from the Verizon Customer site telling us that our account was inactive and would be deleted unless we sent them our user name, password and date of birth.  A check of the user forums on the Verizon customer support site indicated that Verizon is experiencing an increase in phishing scams:  scams in which evil people fish for customer information by pretending to be the actual company.  Verizon stated that it never asks for customer information by email.

From the InBox:

Contributed by Ed Cummiskey:  it's sunset at the North Pole on May 11, 2009 with the moon at its closest point.


Contributed by Bill Croteau:  "The Wisdom of the Retiree:  I've often been asked, what do you old folks do now that you're retired?  Well...I'm fortunate to have a few friends who have chemical engineering backgrounds, and one of the things we enjoy most is turning beer, wine, bourbon and martinis into urine.  And we're pretty damn good at it!"

OLD IS WHEN:  Your sweetie says, let's go upstairs and make love and you answer, pick one; I can't do both.  OLD IS WHEN:  a sexy neighbor catches your fancy and your pacemaker open the garage door.  OLD IS WHEN:  you don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don't have to go along.  OLD IS WHEN:  getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot.  OLD IS WHEN:  you are not sure these are jokes.


Decided to stay in your present home or condo?  Looking for some remodeling ideas for your master bath and bedroom?  Here are some suggestions from Ed Cummiskey.

Weather Update: After a long stretch of rain, the North Shore area was attacked by a bout of beautiful weather recently.  This led to a large number of pedestrian accidents in Salem, MA, the home of our website.  Tourists and natives alike kept colliding with each other as they gawked at the sky or fell over curbstones, pets and small children.  Apparently the jet stream finally realized it was over New England and not old England and moved back to its traditional summer path.  Either that or it was feeling sorry for our tourist industry.

The site manager's overheated relatives in southern CA took matters into their own hands and headed off towards the northern part of the state to find a fog bank they could sit in for a week or two.


Update May, 2009

2009 Winter Reunion:  The first batch of pictures from Jim Starratt with some additions from Gary Getchell are up and available at a new page:  Off-Year Reunions.  Fran Page's Florida 2007 pictures have been moved here as well, and we are on the lookout for any pictures from our other Florida reunions.  Pictures can be sent to the site at 
New Writing:  Click on A Letter From The Crucible for a moving letter written by Jim Wood on dealing with his wife's passing.


Letters to the Editor:  Several classmates have asked the site to reprint two letters written to the Lynn Item.  The first is Dr. Terry Downey's open letter to the Class of 2003 on the occasion of our 50th reunion and the second is "Memories of Lynn" by Peter Bollen.  You can read both articles by clicking on Lynn History.  The locations of the two articles can be found at the top of that webpage.
From the InBox:  "Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting" from Bill Croteau

"The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have" from Carl Goodwin



Update February, 2009


Joyce (Caldwell) Cully 1936 - 2009


Ann (Thorner) Holmes 1935 - 2008

Lynn Item obituaries are no longer available, but you may be able to find one for Joyce and Ann in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here


Sandra (LaCrosse) Gentile:  Sally Burke from the class of '57 and a cousin of Sandy, spotted her name on our memorial page and wrote to tell us that Sandy is living in California and enjoying the company of eight grandchildren although not necessarily all at the same time. 

The site manager called Sandy to offer his apology and had a great chat with her.  Despite the recent loss of her husband and an on-going battle with several parts of her body, she is fortunate that most of her children and grandchildren are living not far from her.                          

55th Reunion Group Picture:  Thanks to Fran Page and Senior Researcher Emeritus Art Caldwell, we have two large pictures available.  The first is the official photo and the second has been meticulously annotated by Art who may be sending us a bill for new glasses.  Click on Our 55th Reunion to see both pictures.

Thanks to Ed Cummiskey we have added a large group picture of our 35th reunion.  Still missing are group pictures for 1963 to 1978, the 10th through the 25th reunion.

Classy Writing:  Three poems have been added, all by Californians.  Two by our Class Poet Laureate Jim Wood and in a brash display of nepotism, one by Starr Piwowarski, the site manager's grandniece.  Click on Classy Writing.

Speaking of nepotism, Dottie (Hansen) Doucette's nephew has greatly expanded her website.  Friends can check it out at Dottie's Art Gallery 

Manager's Mix:  (Note:  This webpage was updated in April, 2015 and some of the material mentioned in this section may be changed or no longer available.)

The Manager's page has information on a little-used state tax credit for low and moderate income seniors who pay property taxes or rent.  There is also a reminder on  new federal housing tax credits for homeowners who do not itemize deductions and for first-time homeowners.

For MA residents having trouble obtaining health insurance there is information on the state's Health Safety Net.  This program may also be of help to residents in any income group having trouble paying their medical bills.  For residents who do not qualify for the Health Safety Net but have trouble obtaining the state-required health insurance, this same site has other insurance sources that may be of help.

There are also links to a February, 2009 Boston Globe article on negotiating your health bills and to Project Access which has helps residents during the past two years with a medical debt resolution program.

The MA online consumer sites are reporting a large increase in tax refund, health insurance and stimulus grant scams.  You should think long and hard about answering any email request for sensitive data such as social security numbers, checking accounts and debit or credit card numbers.  The IRS, for instance, does not initiate any email communications with taxpayers.  The Manager's Mix page will lead you to MA Consumer Sites and these sites can provide you with information and contact persons  to help determine if you are getting scammed.

Just a couple of weeks ago, all the contacts in one of our classmate's address book were contacted by the "classmate" with a passionate plea to help in a difficult financial situation.  There are ways to fight this and to protect your friends.  .

Darwin Awards:  You may have been fortunate to receive an email listing in the past of the annual winners of the Darwin Award.  The awards are given to those people who improve the human gene pool by removing themselves from it.  It has its own web site located at and the site creator, Wendy Northcutt, has published five books to date reporting and trying to verify these incredible stories.

Recently, the site manager's son gave him the latest collection: "The Darwin Awards Next Revolution (Chlorinating the Gene Pool).  Now whenever his senior moments start to come depressingly close together, the reading of a few of these stories provides instant relief.


Credit Due:  The Site Manager has lost another marble and misplaced a list of the names of classmates and friends who have sent him pictures and emails that appear on our web site.  If you see something of yours on the site and your name is not credited, please write him at   

You Know You Are From Massachusetts if..."you know how to pronounce Gloucester..."  Submitted by Ed Cummiskey.  Click on From Mass. to read the rest.

Our Economy in a Picture and a Word


Photo submitted by Ed Cummiskey who rebuilds planes in his spare time.  He assures us he wasn't responsible for anything to do with this plane.

"Rules do not take the place of character."  (Alan Greenspan)  This from the man who  refused to implement regulations to enforce a law passed by Congress to prohibit subprime mortgage lending.
"Those of us who have looked to the self-interest of lending institutions to protect shareholders' equity, myself included, are in a state of shocked disbelief." (Alan Greenspan)  Maybe he should have said "shocked, shocked."
"Moist (Von Lipwig) grinned as the discussion wobbled back and forth.  Whole new theories of money were growing here, like mushrooms, in the dark and based on bullshit."  From "Making Money" by Terry Pratchett

In Honor of Valentine's Day


A tough New England winter but we could be living in Ontario


or you could be in Alaska at the Fairbanks Ice Festival. (Sent by Carl Goodwin)

Artist Paul Smith:  Ed Cummiskey acquainted the site manager with this amazing person in a 2008 email.  Born with severe cerebral palsy and never formally educated, Paul Smith  created some beautiful pictures over the years with his typewriter.  He passed away in June of 2007, but you can read about his life and view his works by clicking on this site: or by watching this inspiring YouTube video:


Our Holiday Inn Reunion:  All of the Holiday Inns in our area are going though major overhauls and Peabody should be a good place to stay in the next few years.  Prices are reasonable, a good buffet breakfast and Carrabba's Italian restaurant is only a few steps away for a good evening meal, a neat pool and exercise room and the class took over the lobby for informal gatherings when the hospitality suite was closed.

Management and all of the staff went out of their way to respond to our needs and requests.  It was a little hectic while we were there with one floor being shut down for refurbishing and a completed floor opening up at the same time, but it didn't seem to stop any of us from enjoying our stay.

The quality of the food was a lot better than our 50th but there were delays in getting meals to the tables which affected the quality and disappointed some classmates.  We did dodge one bullet:  not long after our reunion, asbestos floor tiles were found while refurbishing a bathroom and the hotel had to be evacuated for several days to check for other tiles and test air quality. 

25 Most Misspelled Words:  From Bill Croteau, this is an opportunity to test yourself and gain a new appreciation for Spell Checker.  To take the test, click on this site:
You Tube Soldiers' Tribute:  Jerry Colpitts sent us this video tribute by 15-year old Lizzie Palmer which is rapidly growing in popularity.  Click on Soldiers' Tribute



Update 11/27/08

Happy Thanksgiving:  The last of the 55th pictures received has been posted to our site and can be seen on our 55th Reunion Page.  Hope your Thanksgiving (leftovers, hangovers and all) was better than expected.  Many, many thanks to our crack crew of photographers Art Caldwell, Shirley Carpenter, Jim Starratt, Mary Lou Sullivan and Ellie Vegnani for their generous support.

Update 11/16/08


Class Gift 1953:  A check for $6,500 was presented to Principal Andy Fila recently.  One teacher from each eligible department will be responsible for purchases made and the disbursements will be monitored by the school accountant.  The eligible departments for this year's gift are Art, Band, Music, Drama and the Jr. ROTC. 

Delly (Levesque) Starratt has also provided the school accountant with a list of those donations earmarked for specific equipment or departments.  To see a list of all who contributed, click on Class Gift Donors.  To see how your money was spent, click here.


Updated 10/16/08

More Pictures:  Pictures have been added to the Class of 1954's page covering the class visit to Carleton Varney's home in Stanfordville, NY.  Click here to jump to the 1954 reunion page.

Art Caldwell's pictures from the 55th reunion have been added.  Click here to jump to the 55th Reunion Pictures page.


Updated 10/1/08

Gary Getchell's Gift to the 55th reunion was a DVD of his video of our 50th reunion.  The DVDs were prepared on a commercial-grade Sony DVD writer and are designed to run on home DVD players.  They may not work on your PC.  For a possible solution to getting DVDs to run on your PC, click on this link, PC DVD Problems.
Art Prize Winners:  There were seven winners in all:  Alice O'Brien chose Carl Goodwin's watercolor, June (Scotty) DeRoin picked Dottie (Hansen) Doucette's oil painting and Lena (Phillips) Ahern received Clayton Curtis' woodcut print.  Alice O'Brien won again when she heard that Carl's acrylic mural version of her watercolor scene recently sold for $4,000.  

The site manager received Carl's preliminary sketch of the watercolor.  Ray Saulnier was actually drawn as the second name.  When called in Maine for his prize choice, he said he had been unable to attend because of family health problems and asked that his prize be drawn again (he sounds like a winner to us).

The biggest winner of all is our school and the teachers and students in the class gift programs.  To see how your money was spent, click here.


Hurricane Ike:  Len Fishman's report sounded like a description of some recent political conventions.  Len said "Thanks for inquiring.  Just a lot wind, no damage."  A notable improvement over he and his wife Wilma's experience with Katrina.  (See our Comments page.)

Elaine (Adrien) Foglietta reported by way of Art Prentiss:  "Thank you for your concern.  We finally have electricity (9/21), although many still do not have it.  We were lucky not to have had fallen trees on our property as many of our neighbors did.  It was a scary storm as are most hurricanes and we have experienced several."


        Our Thanks To All Who Have Contributed To Our Class Gift  


James Abare
Elaine (Adrien) Foglietta
Lena (Ahern) Phillips
Jeanne (Anderson) Derrah
Janet (Armstrong) Ralph
Jacqueline (Baklini) Casey
Muriel (Baltimore) Rudzinsky
Paul Belliveau
Patrick Brady
Dwight Brothers
Arlene Wallace
Lawrence Buchanan
Arthur Caldwell
Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart
Shirley (Collins) Starion
Gerald Colpits
Mary (Cook) Pigott
Joan (Cornwell) Brooks
William Croteau
Edward Cummiskey
Clayton Curtis
Patricia (Donnelly) Fabucci
Charles Donnelly
Rickard Donovan
Nancy (Douglas) Cox
Paul English
Lenard Fishman
Emmanuel Frangos
Richard Gannon
Gary Getchell
Carl Goodwin
Joan (Hanscom) Durkee
Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette
Donald Hudson
Gerald Ishkanian
Edithann (Kelley) Sutton
Barbara (Killam) DeFlumeri
James Leonard
Delores (Levesque) Starratt
Jacob Liberles
Louis Mangifesti
Karl Mascott
Elaine (McGrath) Brothers
Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco
Carole (Murphy) Lueders
Ronald Natalie
Ronald Newburg
Alice O'Brien
William O'Day
Francis Page
Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson
Carol (Pitcher) Faill
Walter Pohle
May Porter
Arthur Prentiss
Eileen (Reed) Morris
Arnold Salvucci
Raymond Saulnier
June (Scotty) DeRoin
Geraldine (Sherber) Lockard
Clayton Simons
Herbert Slate
Huntley Smith
Nancy (Stickel) Kramer
Mary (Sullivan) Bolduc
Vincent Sweetland
Janet (Thompson) Van Amburg
Ann (Thorner) Holmes
Vivian (Varney) Guyler
Eleanor (Vegnani) Cornell
Margaret (Ventura) De Les Dernier
Joseph Wescott
Joanne (White) Gaudet
Janice (Wyman) Hall


Updated 8/30/08


Classmates attending the 55th reunion include:


Jack Abare
Janet Armstrong
Jackie Baklini
Wanda Bartlett
Paul Belliveau
Pat Brady
Larry Buchanan
Art Caldwell
Shirley Carptenter
Mike Ciarletta
Shirley Collins
Mary Cook
Bill Croteau
Ed Cummiskey
Clayton Curtis
Charles Donnelly
Pat Donnelly
Rick Donovan
Paul English
Dick Gannon
Gary Getchell
Carl Goodwin
Dotty Hansen
Donald Hudson
Ginny Hurd
Jerry Ishkanian
Edie Kelley
Carol Kenneally

Delly Levesque
Angie Kuchulis
Jacob Liberles
Louis Mangifesti
Karl Mascott
Joan McRobbie
Joan McSweeney
Pat Mellyn
Carole Murphy
Ron Natalie
Alice O'Brien
William O'Day
Fran Page
Tootie Pettigrew
May Porter
Art Prentiss
Eileen Reed
Bob Rhodes
June Scotty
Herb Slate
Mary Lou Sullivan
Vin Sweetland
Huntley Smith
Janet Thompson
Ann Thorner
Eleanor Vegnani
Margaret Ventura
Joe Wescott
Bob Whitney

From the Dali Lama:  "Live a good, honorable life.  Then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time."



Updated 7/25/08

Point of View:  "The hometowns we carry around in our heads bear little resemblance to the official Chamber of Commerce versions.  Instead they're built up from regrets and memories, frozen childhood snapshots and fervid adolescent longings.  Sometimes all it takes is sunlight on a street corner, or a smell of the wind, and we're on the express train back." 

(From the opening paragraph of Boston Globe movie critic Ty Burr's recent review of the movie Winnipeg.)

Classy Writing:  Jim Wood gave us permission to reproduce his poem from our 50th Memory Booklet and also sent a few more along as well.  We have added a writing section to the Classy Art page and hope that some of you will be encouraged by Jim's efforts to contribute as well.

Editor's Note:  Writers now have their own Classy Writing page which can be found by clicking here.  While it has poetry and free verse, it is always open to a good story or an interesting memory.  If preferred, the author's name does not have to appear with the published contribution.

First Look:  Carl Goodwin's water-color has arrived safely at our web site office.  You can read more about the details of the picture and the history of the Warren Gold Rush by clicking on Prize Details

Warren, Idaho - Gold Discovered - 1860

New and Old Birthday Quizzes:  The site manager miswrote, mistyped, miss-selected (pick one) when he created our first birthday quiz and selected Jim Wood as the oldest living member of our class.  He has offered his abject apologies to Jim and now offers his profound apologies to the older six classmates who were originally overlooked for the worthy title of "First Among Equals."  By way of further apology, a new quiz was created for them and you can see the results of both quizzes by clicking on this link to birthday quizzes.  

Bookmarks:  To make it easier (in theory) for you to skip around the site, we have started adding bookmarks at the top of the individual web pages.  Clicking on a highlighted bookmark should (in theory) pop you down to that section of the page.

New and Improved:  The site has added additional storage space allowing us to unsquish the smaller pictures in the 25th reunion group pictures thus restoring them to their original size and  pristine beauty.


Updated 5/15/08  


Carol (Greenlaw) Thibodeau  1934 - 2008



An obituary may be available at the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

Sports Nirvana:  Spring...a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love and a free cup of iced coffee at Dunkin' Donuts when the Red Sox win a home game.  How sweet that coffee must have been for Red Sox fans after Jon Lester's recent no-hitter at Fenway.  But the sweetest cup of all is for New England sports fans our age who have heard and seen the highs and lows of the past 7 decades and are on the edge of seeing  four different New England professional sports teams in a row in their championship finals.

Lynn Web Sites:  If you have not seen them yet, the City and the School Department have classy new web sites for you to peruse (thank you, Miss Comer).  In addition, there is a new web site for the fine arts department where you may even see a relative listed among the teachers' names. The sites are:

     City of Lynn -
     Lynn School Department -

Memorial Day:  Ed Cummiskey sent the class the web site of the Managed Care Blues Band who have put together a very moving tribute to veterans.  Click on the highlighted name of the band to get to the site.  At the site in the left-hand column are two versions of their tribute song:  one for WW 2 and Korean veterans an one for Vietnam vets.  

The English High Jr. ROTC will be performing at dozens of events during the Memorial Day weekend.  These students have earned considerable credit for themselves and a lot of goodwill for the school with their support of veterans at the local and state level.

They were the  winners of the 2006 National Drill Team Championships and you can find a brief history of the program by clicking on LEHS Jr. ROTC History.

Speaking of veterans, we almost lost one of our own.  Bob (Dusty) Rhodes got an unexpected look at Walter Reed Hospital from the inside out thanks to a "mild" heart attack.  A career officer in the Army and one of the founding fathers of our reunion database, Bob is at home developing a strategic plan to get to his upcoming 50th reunion at West Point without giving himself another heart attack.  If you would like his contact information, drop us a line at 

Your Boston Dialect:  Years ago, IBM regularly sponsored two yearly national conferences on educational and governmental systems.  By the time Lynn decided to send me as the school system computer manager along with the city programmer, they missed the New York conference and had to send us to Monterey, CA.  What a shame!

We turned out to be the only Easterners in a crowd of about 500 participants so there was a lot of good-natured give and take about our "Boston" accents.  They were right about some of my words, for instance pronouncing idea as "ideer".  We were able to kid them about their vaunted weather as in was cool  and rainy while we were there.

The site manager's niece, a transplanted Lynner now in CA has sent us a test to let you sample your speech patterns (it's not a joke).  Try your hand at the Dialect Quiz

Food For Thought:  Excerpted from the Findings page of the April, 2008 issue of Harper's Magazine:  "An Italian urologist found that wearing high heels may improve a women's sex life" (as well man's outlook on life); "Italian doctors found high testosterone levels in lovestruck women and low testosterone levels in lovestruck men" (Marriage, anyone?); "Scientists hope to vibrate viruses to death" (Logically this means that people who ride the "T" must be the healthiest in the world.)  Note: the Editor has taken the high road here and refuses to speculate on how scientists could make such small vibrators.

"Two studies concluded that biofuels are worse for global warming than conventional  petroleum fuels; one of the studies calculated that harvesting grass for fuel creates 93 times more carbon emissions than are saved by the production of cleaner fuel" (The good news:  corn farmers average income is up 86% over last year according to a recent TV news broadcast); "Some scientists feared that the sun may have entered a Maunder Minimum, which could lead to a period of global cooling lasting as long as a century" (Maybe global warming isn't such a bad idea after all); "Researchers established that 4 percent of the earth's oceans remain undamaged by human activity" (That much?...let's not tell the cruise industry).

"German researchers found that mice developed a more a human metabolism when fed a diet of burgers and fries from McDonald's" (Finally, I can justify my bacon, egg and cheese biscuit at Mickey D's); "A survey determined that children universally dislike clown wallpaper and find it 'frightening' and 'unknowable'" (Oh well, it may not be too late to save your great-grandchildren); "Engineers were said to be at greater risk of becoming terrorists" (Volunteers will be needed at the reunion banquet to strip-search these classmates); "The world's dirt was disappearing faster than ever before" (Not at my house since my wife passed away).  

Sayings:  "I despise making the most of one's time.  Half the pleasure of life consist of the opportunities one has neglected."   Oliver Wendell Holmes (From Reflection For The Day, Boston Globe, (c) 2008 and reproduced with the kind permission of Tom Fitzpatrick)

"The ideal spouse is one who continues to see you as you think you are."  (Author Unknown)


Recently Reported Deceased Members:



Faye (Jamieson) Dunlop                      Sandra (Knower) Roy   

"Now she is gone
Like a flight of wild birds
And the things that were words before
Are more than words."

Dorothy Aldis


It may be possible to find an obituary using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

Updated:  3/17/08

Happy St. Patrick's Day...The red and gray was in the local political news lately.  A vote was taken in Peabody on the choice of corned beef for their St. Patrick's Day luncheon.  The grays won and of course the opposition was red-faced about it.  The Site Manager's wife always took the diplomatic route by cooking a Daisy ham with the corned beef.


"Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened."
From the book "Moving Pictures" by Terry Prachett

You know your old when "your tax bill this year is higher that your
year's pay for your first good job." Stolen from Jim Leonard

"Every day you beat your own record of consecutive days you've stayed
alive." Recent email


Updated:  12/8/07

 "Beautiful memories recalled have a way of re-creating the original glow and warmth surrounding them. I feel them still, writing these thoughts, even after fifty years. I can settle back and yield to the feeling of love we radiated during that holiday, a love that will never die as long as there is one of us to remember.

      'Happy Hanukkah, cari amici.'

      'Merry Christmas, neighbor.  Mazel tov!'"

From the short story Two Festivals of Light by Leo Buscaglia
in his collection of Seven Stories of Christmas Love.

Bragging Rights:  Ed Cummiskey sent us a copy of a recent Lynn Item news article on a study just published in U.S. News and World Report.  In it English, Classical and Manchester Junior Senior High School were the only schools in Essex County to be cited in a national ranking of 18,000 public high schools in 40 states.  In total, 1,591 schools shared gold, silver and bronze medal honors.  Massachusetts  was named as the best overall state for a high school education.  For more details on the study, go to:


Updated:  11/23/07

Thanksgiving:  Bad News:  Classical 48  English 7.  Good News with apologies to Patrick McDonnell and his "Mutts" comic strip:

"No longer forward nor behind
I look in hope or fear;
But, grateful, take the good I find,
The best of now and here."

John Greenleaf Whittier

Hall of Fame:  William Bruce Stevens who passed away in 2006 has been inducted into the LEHS Hall of Fame for 2007.

Let's Say Thanks Update:  In the course of its 5-year history, the Xerox site Let's Say Thanks sent over 30 million cards to wounded soldiers.  That program has been discontinued and they are now working with  Click on this link to see the new programs and services offered.    

Discontinued Wounded Soldiers Site:  Bob Rhodes wrote to say: "I have received about 15 emails this week concerning an address that is being passed around the Internet to send a Christmas card to "Any wounded Soldier." The information is incorrect. The "Any Soldier" or "Recovering American Soldier" mail program was discontinued in 2001 due to safety concerns for our soldiers. Unless a letter has a specific name it will not be delivered." 

(Editor's Note:  A huge list of ways to support our troops is connected to the Military.Com website can be found here.)

"A recent ABC news program gave a report card for various Military and Veteran's Charity Organizations. Many of them got failing grades. One that got an A+ and that I am personally familiar with is the Fisher House. The Fisher Foundation has built countless homes on military posts to provide a "home away from home" for families of wounded or sick soldiers.

Among other things, their website has a link to the "Hero Miles" program that takes donated miles and provides airline tickets for families and friends to visit recovering soldiers. You don't have to donate an entire ticket worth of miles.

I would encourage people to donate those miscellaneous miles from airlines you don't regularly use. I have personally gone to this site and donated miles and know that it is a working program used by the Fisher Organization." 

For more information, go to



Recently Reported Deceased Members:


                       Barbara (Raymond) Dodge                 John McKillop

"Love gives life meaning
in a look, in a breath
but never so truly
or deeply as death."

Dorothy Aldis


It may be possible to find an obituary using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

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