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Other 5-Year Reunion Pictures

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10th Reunion - 1963 - Oxford Club



Jim and Delly Starratt, Elaine Brothers, May Porter, Nelson and June DeRoin


 Elaine and Dwight Brothers, Barbara MacLeod


Mona (Tedesco) Gard with friends.  The site manager would like to thank Dwight Brothers' press agent for donating these pictures.



30th Reunion - 1983 - Nahant Country Club

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Try your left click button once or twice to open and enlarge this picture.  If available at the top of your screen, your can try the Page Zoom option.





Balcony seating under the able management of Art Caldwell who drew on his experience as an usher at the Paramount Theater in Lynn.


Check in time followed by the happy hour






Chaos reigns supreme





Sheila Page wins for "luckiest husband" and Barbara (MacLeod) Small gets potted...
a potted plant that is


Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson fills in for the Item's One-Shot Harris; other recipients are Bill Croteau and Pat (Donnelly) Fabucci who gets a head start on happy hour.








A more sedate crowd in 1983 apparently as there were no pictures of line dancers; Sheila and Fran Page and June and Nelson DeRoin.  Below Elaine (McGrath) Brothers with Mona Tedesco's husband Don Gard.




30th Classmate Candids






Bob Anderson says "If we meet in the next life, remind me not to marry a cheerleader!"


35th Reunion - 1988 - Sheraton Tara


Left click to enlarge group picture




The shoulder on the left belongs to a travelling salesman who gave up trying to get some sleep and joined us for late-night pizza; Gary Getchell gets his nightly head polishing.


Lenny Fishman in his red and gray kick-ass jersey looks on as Bob Rhodes demonstrates a disabling technique from his advanced basic training days; two classmates try out for bit parts in the Boston Ballet's upcoming production of "Sleeping Beauty."



The gentleman on the left is the photographer.  Apparently, he has done this enough to know that he still has time for a pit stop and a visit to the bar before he's needed.





One of the website manager's favorite pictures.  He'd be looking too if he had a chance.




Jim Leonard proving that his hair is real or he's looking for his contacts.




40th Reunion - 1993 - King's Grant


Left click to enlarge group picture


Mona (Tedesco) Gard and Dwight Brothers


Don Gard and Delly Starratt


More of the "usual suspects"


Nelson Porter and Elaine (McGrath) Brothers...apparently none of the husbands and wives spent much time with each other at our 40th.  No wonder there weren't too many pictures.


On the other hand, apparently some husbands and wives did spend a few minutes together:  Pat and Vinnie Fabucci on the left with May and Nelson Porter on the right.


45th Reunion - 1998 - King's Grant


Left click to enlarge group picture


Many thanks to June (Scotty) DeRoin for donating her pictures from our 45th gathering.


Mary (Cook) and Bob Pigott, Mona and Don Gard


Nelson and May Porter, Elaine and Dwight (Dewey) Brothers


Jim and Delli Starratt, Arlene (Brunette) Wallace and husband


Vin and Pat Fabucci, June DeRoin



Shirley Starion, Joan Cornwell, Priscilla Hanson


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