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Jump to Cookie's Comments for the inside report on Florida, 2009


2009 Venice, Florida  (Pictures by Jim Starratt)

2007 Florida (Pictures by Fran Page)


Guess Who!


Gary Getchell entertains with some of his stand-up comedy routines...


...while classmates appreciate the punch lines.



Lona Abare, Gail Fournier, Delly Starratt, Mitzi McAskill (must be "twofer" time)


Nancy and Marilyn Douglas, Elaine Brothers


Nancy and Vinnie Sweetland; must be happy hour or Vinnie is making up for the time lost when he was unable to attend our 55th


Mary (Cookie) Pigott, Liz Strautman, Madelyn Petersen


Nancy, Elaine and Dwight/Dewey/Call Me Anything But Late For Happy Hour Brothers


Jack Abare tries to sell Gail Fournier some stocks


Gary and Judy Getchell, Delly Starratt


Living proof that seniors are never late for supper


Ron and Madelyn Petersen, Ron Cunningham and Anne Auger


Gail Fournier, Gail Gaffey, Mary Pigott, Frank Fournier


The Sweetland, the Pohles and the Wescotts while Bob Pigott steps in to give Vinnie a probably well-deserved knuckle appetizer


Gail Fournier, Gail Gaffey, Frank Fournier


The four horsemen of the golfing apocalypse:  Shank, Skull, Slice and Duck Hook otherwise known as Joe Wescott, Walt Pohle, Art Nelson and Dwight Brothers.  The site manager would like Art Nelson to know he's only kidding; especially since he heard about Art's boxing skills.


Liz Strautman, Mary Pigott, Mitzi McAskill


Gail and Tom Gaffey and Art Nelson seem to be in doubt about Dewey's story of the alligator that ate his golf ball.


Uncle Vinnie wants you at our next reunion


Four girls who never met a dance floor they didn't like


In the background, the creator of the golfing phrase "Why me, God?" warms up with Liz Strautman for his next golf match


The dancers spoke highly of DJ Mark Anthony


"You mess with my friend Marilyn, you mess with me!"


Like most seniors, these girls are happy to be anywhere


Gail Gaffey and Richard (Swivel Hips) Gaudaitis


On the left, new kids on the block (only in their 60's) Ron and Madelyn Petersen


Every day is a shopping day no matter where these girls are.


Samples of street-side scenery...


...while the Godfather thinks about having his stockbroker's legs broken...again.


Jack, Lona and Vinnie just after being accosted by a hat salesman


Local fishermen stake out their favorite spots.


Additional Pictures Florida, 2009







While this site would not be possible without our Webmaster, Sean Donovan, it would not be worth looking at without our photographers.

Earlier this year I bought my first digital camera and took my first class in digital photography.  As my instructor congratulated the class on joining the digital photography era, he reminded us that we were not digital photographers yet, just digital camera owners.

Looking at my work over the past six months and comparing it to Jim Starratt's Florida pictures makes me realize how tough it is to get the picture I want.

We tease Jim (on the left with wife Delly) and call him One-Shot Harris.  Then I look at the quality of his work and feel badly about it.  But then I realize he's smart, good-looking, talented, funny, married well and still has all his hair...great pictures, One-Shot.


"Photography is a way of touching, of loving.  What you have caught...is captured forever...it remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything."

Aaron Siskind


Cookie's Comments:  Mary (Cook) Pigott ran the Venice, FL reunion and deserves considerable credit for keeping this cantankerous, crotchety crew in line and heading in the right direction.  Here's her report:

"Let me start by saying that we have a really unique class.  I would like to say a special thanks to Arthur Nelson, who helped me make some good decisions.  Thank you, Arthur.  The reunion has come and gone, but I think we all had a great time.  We did get lucky with the weather as it has been a very cold winter down here.  But on Wednesday, it was 73 with full sun.

Attendees included:  Gail and Tom Gaffey, Joe and Joan Wescott, Nancy and Vinnie Sweetland, Mitzi McAskill and Richard Gaudaitis (better known as "Swivel Hips"), Gail and Frank Fournier, Ronnie and Madelyn Petersen, Liz Strautman and Arthur Nelson, Ron Cunningham and Anne Auger, Delly and Jim Starratt, Mary and Bob Pigott, Elaine and Dwight Brothers, Nancy and Marilyn Cox (we saw them on the avenue checking out real estate), Loretta and Walter Pohle, Gary and Judy Getchell and Lona and Jack Abare.

It was so nice to see everyone again.  We began with a cookout near the pool.  We played a game of trivia about the city of Lynn while Nancy Sweetland made sure no one cheated (if that's possible).  Winners were Elaine and Dwight Brothers and Gail and Tom Gaffey (go figure, former city workers).  Their prizes will be delivered soon.  Runners up were the rest of the players.

Then Gary Getchell did his stand-up comedy routine and we were rolling on the floor (sorry, on the deck).  If you ever go to Maine, you must make time to see him.

 We have some great pictures to share with you all and as usual, Jim Starratt (One-Shot Harris) was on the top of the action.  Ronnie Cunningham has not seen anyone from the class for at least 25 years but we all remembered him.  That was a real pleasure and he will be back next year.

The music was absolutely wonderful.  Everyone danced, even Walter Pohle.  He does a mean waltz.  The next morning we met for breakfast at the hotel and some proceeded to their next destination while others took a stroll down on the island.  Of course, we just happened to find a bar that overlooked the avenue.   We also went to the jetty to see the fishermen and watch the boats come and go.  It was a lovely day and the water was a beautiful emerald green.

Then off to Mary and Bob's for a cocktail or two.  Next, we went to dinner at Rosebud's and I believe that there were no complaints about the meal.  Back to the hotel and everyone headed out the next day.Thank you all for making Venice a great success.  If anyone has any suggestions for the next reunion, you can send email to LEHS1953@comcast.net or write to the website office at 197 Loring Avenue, Salem, MA 01970.

PS:  Word of the day:  Liquidity (it's when the elderly find out their IRA is cut in half and they wet their pants).

PPS:  City of Lynn Trivia:  Where was the Lynn Lions Club Organized?  (Hunt's cafeteria on the arcade in Central Square)."


2007, Florida (Pictures by Fran "Sonny" Page)


Holiday Inn South



From the left:  the Natalies, the Isenharts and the Wescotts






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