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Our class database is currently at 391 classmates and friends.  Of the 369 classmates listed in our yearbook, 162 are deceased which represents 44% of our class.  The information for the groups listed below may not be accurate as the reunion committee has not done any classmate surveys since our 60th reunion. 

Any corrections you can pass along to our website will be much appreciated.  Write to us at

Searching for friends or classmates on the Internet:  All of the good Internet search programs that were free in the past are now pay as you go.  However, the website while not a speedy search site does not charge for searches of public databases.  To try their name search click on .  Another free website is which also searches listed phone numbers.
Your contact information will not appear on our website but is available to other classmates unless you request otherwise.  The website manager will normally call or email active classmates before releasing any information.  To access the database, write to us at


Classmates and friends with Facebook Pages

Jack Abare
Stan Ashman
Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings
Muriel (Cameron) Sakellson
Gerry Colpitts
Joan (Cornwell) Brooks
Mary (Cook) Pigott
William Croteau
Nancy (Douglas) Cox
William Frisone
Gary Getchell
Brad Gosselin
Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette
Carol (Kenneally) Gardner
James Leonard
Elaine (McGrath) Brothers
Ronald Natalie
Francis Page
Joanne (Petigrew) Anderson
Allen Roland
Delores (Levesque) Starratt
Adele (Terenzoni) Dentremont
Vivian Varney
Joseph Wescott
James Wood
Nancy (Whitmore) Mustaccio is an excellent site for considering all the options available for your Facebook site before somebody else has to worry about it.


Classmates and friends with valid email addresses

James Abare
David Addis
Elaine Adrien Foglietta
Lena Ahern Phillips
Jeanne Anderson Derrah
Janet Armstrong Ralph
Stanley Ashman
Jean Baker Riley
Jackie Baklini Casey
Muriel Baltimore Rudzinsky
Wanda Bartlett Cummings
Leona Beland Pichette
Fred Best
Arthur Boland
Ted Bradbury
Edward Briggs
Dwight Brothers
Lawrence Buchanan
Muriel Cameron Sakellson
Shirley Carpenter Isenhart
Evelyn Carlson Paine
Thomas Cashman
Michael Ciarletta
Leona (Cleaves) Ames
Lee Cliff Ryan
Gerald Colpitts
Joan Conway Raney
Mary Cook Pigott
Joan Cornwell Brooks
Louise Covey Carr
William Croteau
Edward Cummiskey
Ronald Cunningham
Clayton Curtis
Carmella DeAngelis Bubar
Margaret DeAngelis Lorton
Patricia Donnelly Fabucci
Rickard Donovan
Nancy Douglas Cox
John Duffy
Richard Durland
Eleanor Dushuttle Chamberlain
Richard Dussault
Ronald Fitzgerald
Tosca Forte Pugh
William Frisone
Richard Gannon
Gary Getchell
Pauline Gillon Campbell
William Goldman
David Gosse
Bradley Gosselin
Carole Greenlaw McCarthy
Alfred Grant
Elroy Halfrey
Dorothy Hansen Doucette
Wendell Hardy
Melvin Hellinger
Doris Hersey
Joseph Himmelstein
Ruth Hunt Sims
Virginia Hurd Campbell
Betty Hyatt Shaw
Gerald Ishkanian
Barbara Kellett Kane
Edithann Kelley Sutton
Carol Kenneally Gardner
Barbara Killam DeFlumeri
Judith Kjellgren Murphy
Phyllis Kramer Shurdut
James Leonard
Delores Levesque Starratt
Jacob Liberles
June MacDavitt Cummings
Richard Marsh
Karl Mascott
Eileen McCarthy
Elaine McGrath Brothers
Stephanie McGrath McNaughton
Nancy McPhee Sabins
Charles McWha
Patricia Mellyn Mancinelli
Carole Murphy Lueders
Jean Nash Howard
Ronald Natalie
Arthur Nelson
Ronald Newburg
Catherine Nicolson Foster
Alice O'Brien
William O'Day
Ronald Pagano
Francis Page
Richard Parent
Joanne Pettigrew Anderson
Richard Pickering
May Porter
Jeanne Potischman Goldberg
Helen Ready Walsh
Robert Rhodes
Allen Roland
Janet Rowen LeBrasseur
Joyce Seaman Bailey
June Scotty DeRoin
Clayton Simons
Herbert Slate
Huntley Smith
Joyce (Smith) Hall
Louis Sotis
Nancy Stickel Kramer
Nancy Sweetland
Adele Terenzoni D'Entremont
Vivian Varney
Eleanor Vegnani Cornell
Nancy Whitmore Musacchio
Robert Whitney
James Wood
Joseph Wescott

Past active classmates not updated in recent years

Albert Badger
Bernardine (Baumgarten)
Shirley A. (Brackett)  Grace
Thomas Brewer
Paul Carey
Ronald Croft
Mildred (Darsney) Carter
Donald Famulari
Rosemary (Gould) Hoar
John Greeley
Joseph Himmelstein
Arthur Johnson
Lawrence Kennedy
Sandra (LaCrosse) Gentile
John Leach
Lorraine (Lower) Bona
June (MacDavitt) Cummings
Barbara (MacLeod) Small
Harriet (Madell) Klickstein
William Mailloux
Louis Mangifesti
Richard Marsh
Eileen McCarthy
Elaine (McCoy) Lambert
Marilyn (Monteith) Mercer
Jean (Nash) Howard
Carol (Pitcher) Faill
Ruth (Scott) Adams
Vickie (Segal) Dubinsky
Constance (Shannon) Gibson
Edward Shapiro
Dwight Small
George Smith
Patricia (Smith) Wheaton
Nancy (Stickel) Kramer
Mary (Sullivan) Bolduc
Louis Thistle
Anthony Voci
Edna (Webster) Blanton



Chain Email Honor Roll


Arthur Caldwell



Edward Cummiskey

Rickard Donovan



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