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LEHS Class of 1954



Our class contact person is David Cohen and he can be reached at

He can also be reached at (978) 531-6071 and by writing at 1 Cortland Street, Peabody, MA 01960.


Committee Members:  Dave Cohen, John Arena, Ann (Richardson) Davis, George Durfee, Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Phillip Gallagher, William Hyde, Sandy (Lavine) Kanosky, Lucille (Quinlan) Kennedy, Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque, Jacob Segal and honorary member Carleton Varney.

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Your 65th Reunion is scheduled for Saturday, June 8, 2019 at the Continental Restaurant on Rte 1 in Saugus.  

The Lynn Item story of the closing of the Porthole Pub can be found in Dave Cohen's report on your 64th reunion.   


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Class of 1954 Video Library

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Reunion Group Pictures:  40th, 50th, 55th, 60th, 62nd, 63rd and 64th

Reunion Candid Pictures:  50th, 55th, 60th, 62nd, 63rd and 64th 

Class of 1953 Video Library - 50th reunion video

Full Video - 60th Reunion:

Part 1 - Hospitality Suite, DJ Dan Sky
Part 2 - Tony Pace Audience Skits
Part 3 - Tony Pace Imitations
Part 4 - Energizer Bunnies Dancing - 61st Mini-Reunion - 62nd Mini-Reunion - 63rd Fran Page Barbershop Quartet - 63rd Gary Getchell Part 1 - 63rd Gary Getchell Part 2 - Jack Abare 57th anniversary fun
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We are sorry to report the most recent additions to our deceased list:  Dallas Waitt Timmons, Robert Ovagimian, Barbara Matherson Bates, Francis Cooney, Dennis Revelotis, Thomas DeMontier, Ann Cowan Blevins, Marcia Curry, Charles Kaivas, Irving Hudson, William Carroll, Richard Jackson, William Keenan, Gene Hally, Susan Debbis, Susan Johnstone Briggs, Deborah Korbin Couris, Stanley Kaivas, Leonard Bradley, Richard Hunt, Stephen Sanfield, Marjorie Lewis Carey, Ruth Edwards Talcofsky, Judith Hodgkins Linkenhoker, Marilyn Matthews Steele, Thomas O'Leary, Marilyn Sapol Levy, Donald Sweetnam, Diane Gilbert Vanden Boom, Janis Jordan Norris, Elizabeth Cunningham McMahon, Bernard Rybinski, Ronald Blocker, Mary (McDonough) Mulligan, Alan Kaplan and Janet Pagano Amirault. 

Click here to see the complete In Memoriam listing.


Links to Recent Obituaries

Barbara Matherson Bates:  Barbara's information is available on the Lynn Item obituary site.
 Dennis Revelotis:    Dennis' information can be found on the Salem News obtiuary site.
Thomas DeMontier:
Marcia Curry:
Mary Carroll:
Charles Kaivas:    
Irving Hudson:                  
Deborah Kobrin Couris:
Stephen Sanfield:    
Marjorie Lewis Carey:
Judith Hodgkins:     

Item obituaries are no longer available for Marilyn Matthews, Marilyn Sapol Levey, Robert Seibel and Tommy O'Leary but it may be possible to find another source on  Click here to see how their site works: 

My thanks to Dave Cohen, Ann Davis, Jacob Segal, Marilyn Douglas, Paul Miga and Carole Norwood Canney for their help reporting recently deceased classmates.  If you hear of a recently deceased classmate or know of a classmate who is not on our In Memoriam listing, a quick email or call to Dave Cohen at or 978-531-6071 will be much appreciated.  The In Memoriam list can be reached by clicking here.

Thanks to all for your past and, unfortunately, your future help...Rick Donovan

Our website updates for both the class of '53 and '54 are normally announced with an occasional group email.  If you are not receiving them or do not wish to continue getting them, please write to Rick at

The website is always on the lookout for memorabilia and if your do not have a scanner, the website manager Rick Donovan will be pleased, delighted and happy to scan your material for you.   If interested, please write to him at or you can contact Dave Cohen (see his information at the top of this webpage). 

LEHS 1954 Reunion Website History:  For inquiring minds, you can click here.

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Two LEHS classmates who grew up knowing each other were featured in two stories about World War II in the May 25, 2014 issue of the Boston Sunday Globe.  They are Shirley (Ricker) Theis (LEHS '54) and Bob Rhodes (LEHS '53).

Bob, shown below kneeling beside the grave of Shirley's father Homer Ricker, is with a group of exchange students from North Andover High School.  Shirley's father was killed in the Battle of the Bulge and is buried at the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium.  The visit to the site was part of the exchange trip organized by Bob's niece Karen Ruecker who is a German-language teacher at North Andover High.

You can click here to read "Battles' Toll Echos With Young and Old" by Kathy McCabe in the May 25, 2014 Boston Sunday Globe.





You can click here to read Cathy McCabe's companion piece "Quest To Learn About A Father Lost In Battle" in the same issue of the Boston Sunday Globe.

Bob and Shirley knew each other from growing up in east Lynn near Flax Pond and they reconnected in the late '90s when Shirley's brother John contacted Bob's sister in Florida and Bob was instrumental in finding out more about their father's war service.  As some classmates may know already, Bob is a trustee of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.  It's a national nonprofit based in Virginia that works to promote the interests of Bulge veterans.  The group is currently organizing the 70th anniversary commemorating that battle which will be held this December.


Another Moving Story

In the course of searching for a YouTube video of Taps for a personal project, I came across both a beautiful piece of music and just as beautiful a story about the American soldiers buried with Homer Ricker.  The music is "Il Silenzo" (The Silence) and it was commissioned by the Dutch government in 1965 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of  the liberation of the Netherlands from German occupation.  The composers were Nino Rosso and Gugliemo Brezza.  The piece went on to popular success and for Liberation Day concerts, it is always the last formal work played.

In the course of reading more about Liberation Day I learned that most if not all American and Canadian soldiers buried in the Netherlands have been adopted by Dutch families who tend the grounds, decorate the graves and help relatives with information and visits.  It is a custom which started after the war and continues to be handed down to succeeding Dutch generations.  If you would like to know a little more about these families, you can click here for a good article on 

You can click on to hear "Il Silenzio" with Andre Rieu and the 13-year old Dutch trumpeter Melissa Venema.  To get a full screen picture for a YouTube video, click on the brackets at the bottom right-hand corner of the video.  To get out of Full Screen, click your Esc (Escape) key on the upper left-hand corner of your keyboard.

LEHS 1954 Website History From Rick Donovan:  Dennis Revelotis was the first person I knew from the class of '54 interested in getting something on the Internet for your class.  We both had looked at the user website option available at that time to customers of  The '53 class with the advice and guidance of its future webmaster went with its own website because it offered more options and more space than was available at Verizon.

As an interim option, I suggested to Dennis that the '54 class use some of the space on the '53 website until his class decided on the next step.  Dennis passed that offer on to Jayne (Kellett) Roy and the present arrangement came about when Jayne called some time in late 2008 or early 2009 to find out what would be required.  By that time the '53 website sponsors, the LEHS Leaky Lunch Club, had greatly increased the site's storage space on the Internet and the offer was still open. 

Over a period several months, Jane supplied the pictures and names you see for the two reunions and the six side trips first added to the site.  I contributed the wisecracks.  Since then Dave Cohen has supplied the more recent  reunion material and the deceased and missing lists.  Paul Miga has supplied the yearbook, the class pictures for the LEHS and EJHS graduations and numerous pictures from the 60th, 63rd and 64th reunion functions and Jim Abts donated over 100 pictures from the 62nd reunion.

Additional content has been donated by Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque ('54), Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings ('53), Fran (Sonny) Page ('53), Leon Blumberg ('43) and Muriel Randall Henderson ('54).  The LEHS classroom pictures are from Paul Miga.

Reunion or high school pictures and memorabilia are always welcome.  If you are interested in donating, write to me at ...Rick Donovan


Yearbook Update

Our anonymous donor "Lovely Day" otherwise known as Paul Miga has made a seriously large contribution to this web page, your complete class yearbook.  You must have Adobe Free Reader on your computer to view it and you should be familiar with the Adobe Tool Bar.  You can view the yearbook by clicking on Yearbook PDF File.

This is a condensed version of the yearbook which makes for faster downloading and Adobe has an excellent zoom feature which allows you to increase the size of the pictures and the text for easier viewing.  The zoom feature is part of a floating bar at the bottom of the screen.  It disappears occasionally but can be brought back by wiggling your cursor around the bottom of your screen.

Note:  A variety of industries and manufacturers now make their help manuals available in this format and usually at no cost.  The program is free and a knowledgeable friend or relative can set you up quickly.  Take good notes when he or she walks you through it and get his or her phone number...just in case.


Eastern Class Picture Update


Recent Addition:  Paul Miga has sent us an excellent copy of the 1951 Eastern Jr. High class picture.  Some of the delinquents can be seen below.  To see the full picture, click here.


                                       New Memorabilia

Among the memorabilia the website manager received recently from Fran (Sonny) Page were a couple of  Pickering 7th grade homeroom pictures for the classes of '53 and '54.  Fran is a major contributor to the '53 website and the pictures came from a collection of materials Miss Hamilton gave him when she retired.  Her collection also includes Pickering graduation programs going back to 1938.

Click here to jump to the LEHS '54 grade 7 pictures.



In Memoriam

"I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death.  They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make.  Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories.  We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love."                   Leo Buscaglia


Judith Adelman
Roger Alley
Rowen Applebee
Kathleen Athy
Donald Bacon
Helen Baldwin
Myrna Barke Storey
Kenneth Barr
Barbara Matherson Bates
Kenneth Bax
James Beauchamp
 Serentha Beede MacDonald
David Bethune
Ann Cowan Blevins
Ronald Blocker
Robert Boucher
Stephanie Bowler Hogan
Leonard Bradley
Paul Callis
Marjorie Carey
Mary Carroll
William Carroll
Bernard Carrozi
Marjorie Cary
Ralph Cash
Jean Chard Pierce
Louis Chatel
Katherine Chute Plouffe
Deborah Kobrin Couris
John Conway
Francis Cooney
David Cosgrove
Donald Courchaine
Claire Cunningham
Donald Cunningham
Elizabeth Cunningham McMahon
Jane Cunningham
Marcia Curry
Paul Darsney
Susan Debbis
Ann Desmond Minihane
Shirley Devine
Thomas DeMontier
Charles Donachie
Charles Dunbar
George Dupont
John Eagan
Joanne Earle Black
Ruth Edwards Talcofsky
Marcia Galante Donachie
Jon Galloway
Diane Gilbert Vanden Boom
Anne Greenlaw Phillips
Annette Green Riskin
Garth Grue
Eugene Hally
Bruce Hatch
Sara Jane Healy
Judith Hodgkins Linkenhoker
Shirley Hodson
Marshall Hoffman
Irving Hudson
Richard Hunt
Betty Hurwitz Goldman
Richard Jackson
Charles Johnson
Lawrence Johnson
Susan Johnstone Briggs
Janis Jordan Norris

Charles Kaivas
Stanley Kaivas
Alan Kaplan
Jayne Kellett Roy
Thomas Kelley

Judith Kiloran
Sidney Kimmel
Carolyn Larson DiValerio
June Learned Waugh
Ira Levine
Marjorie Lewis Carey
Sallyann Lewis Nutall
Judith Linkenhoker
Irene Mailoux Amico
Marilyn Matthews Steele
Stanley McCall
Mary McDonough Mulligan
Janet McGloin Fischera
Gloria Mitchell Small
Robert Mortimer
Loreen Nichols Dugas
Lloyd O'Brien
Patricia O'Day Cole
Thomas O'Leary
Katherine Oram
Robert Ovagimian
Cynthia McFarlane
Gertrude Osborne McGrath
Marguerite Osborne LaBonte
Carolyn O'Shea
Janet Pagano Amirault
Carol Parker Carter
Margaret Parks
Barbara Parsons McKenna
Rosemarie Pastore
Grant Patrazza
Joseph Pirone
Elizabeth Pettipas Huntley
Dennis Revelotis
Mary Richards Couturier
Ozro Rideout
Irene Robinson Lamb
Joan Rooney O'Loughlin
Barbara Rosehthal Kaplan
Bernard Rybinski
Marilyn Sapol Levy
Stephen Sanfield
Carl Shute
Maureen Siegal Ballace
Morton Silver
Geraldine Slingsby Carty
John Souvoulis
Allan Spaulding
Ruth Staples Witham
George Stilianos
Herbert Strainge
Walter Sutton
Donald Sweetnam
Barbara Tatham Johnson
Irene Tedesco Irvin
Peter Tobin
Richard Tobin
Joan Tullercash Cambece
Stuart Turkanis
   Dallas Waitt Timmons
Dorothy Wescott Cormier
Donna Witham Brewster
Paul Zipper


A Love Poem

In dreams I see us

Strolling down narrow streets,
Our bright laughter shattering the darkness,

Crouched Indian style beside rain pools
Held in hollows among green grassy hills,

Staring at dusty fields containing
long rows of withered corn and beans,

Plunging naked into mountain lakes
After switching one another
Until our racing blood sets ears to singing.

You are short, tall, full-bodied; thin and even though
your hair, your eyes; your flesh itself changes shape and color

I will know you and love you all in any place or any time.

 James Wood, Lynn English Class of 1953


Missing Classmates:  If you have any information about missing classmates such as mailing address, phone, email or married name, please contact Dave Cohen at 1 Cortland Street, Peabody, MA 01960.  He can also be reached at (978) 531-6071 or at

Gail Anderson Molloy  
Louise L. Babine
Harold B. Brown
William Bryson
Bradley Campbell
Patricia E. Carter
Robert D. Clay
Sandra Coleman Poss
Dorothy Cooper Buchanan
Lewis F. Cross
Maureen E. Dorion
Patricia Ellis Beary
Rita Y. Ferber
Elizabeth B. Flynn
Carol L. Fox                 Jacqueline Garvey Delesky Shirley Gilmour                     Janet Goon Lou
Lucia C. Goodreau
Frances V. Greenlaw
Norma Hicks
Alice M. Jones
Nancy E. Kent Clinton
Mary Kiernan Carroll
Mary Lebreve Maclean
Richard Lee
Gwendolyn A. MacMillan
David M. Matthews
Marcia A. McAskill Crown
Dolores J. McManus Fischer
Alfred C. Miller                           Anna M. Morse Buxton        Marilyn Muchnikof Leafer Norman Muller                          Arthur E. Murphy

Frances P. O'Leary
Sandra J. Osborne Wright
Elaine Owram
Ralph S. Pardy
William E. Parsons
Claire J. Patrizi Reynolds
Joan E. Peach Fitzgerald
Richard W. Perry
Helen Pickering Domey
Rose-Claire Ryan
Robert A. Scott
Louise Serino Thorpe
Claire Sherys Hatch
Ronald A. Siegal
Miriam Spierer Wasserman Nancy C. Stevenson              Paul M. Stokes

Gerald M. Surette
Barbara Tandy LaBranche
Beverly A. Tatum Orr
Josephine M. Terruso Moran
Clifford O. Thompson
Herbert Tufts
Harold E. Vient
Joan F. Warden
Donald W. Watson
Joan M. Watson
Eleanor I. White Nestor
Cynthia T. Williams Brobaker
Mark Winship
Barbara A. Woodworth Flynn
Barbara C. Zucaro

Recent Correction


Carolyn (Greenlaw) McCarthy, who got to visit Hawaii before returning to her NH home for the winter, reported that the appearance of her name on the class deceased list was "a bit premature" and she was looking forward to seeing classmates and friends in 2014.


Recognize any of the inmates in this lineup?  Paul Miga was kind enough to send us an excellent scanned copy of your original class picture.  Click on 1954 Class Picture to jump to that section of your webpage.  

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Class Yearbook   (Need Adobe Free Reader to open this file)


Other Stuff:  click on any link below to jump to that set of pictures


Reunion Group Photographs

1954 Class Picture

1951 Eastern Jr. Class Picture

Down Memory Lane Pictures

Poem:  I Remember Lynn

50th and 55th Pictures


Class Gatherings:  click on any link below to jump to that set of pictures:



Pictures from the 64th Reunion

Picures from the 63rd Reunion

Pictures from the 62nd Reunion

Pictures from the 60th Reunion

Carleton Varney's Hillandale Farm

Mackinac Island Grand Hotel, 2002

Fort Lauderdale Get-Together, 2005

Naples Luncheon, 2008

Mt. Washington, 2003

Florida Luncheon, 2007


1954 Class Picture Contributed by Paul Miga


Left click once to enlarge a group picture; a second click may enlarge it further on some cmputers.


1951 Eastern Jr. Class Picture Contributed by Paul Miga


Class Yearbook Donated by Paul Miga  (Your computer must have Adobe Free Reader to access the yearbook.  See details below)



For classmates who have Adobe Free Reader on their computer and know how to use the Adobe Tool Bar, a condensed version of your yearbook is available now by clicking on Yearbook PDF File. The reduced size makes for faster downloading and Adobe does an excellent job of enlarging pictures and text for easier viewing.

To get the free reader, click on or if you are not comfortable with downloading, get a knowledgeable friend or a grandchild to help.  Having the reader available on your computer can also be very helpful as many companies are making their user manuals available for free with this program and in recent years, a growing number of websites have helpful reports that can be downloaded as PDF files.


Down Memory Lane


The original poem "I Remember Lynn" has been used over the years in various and sundry ways usually without the author's name.  The website manager had some pleasant emails and phone conversations recently with its author Leon Blumberg from the LEHS Class of 1943.


I Remember Lynn by Leon Blumberg, LEHS Class of 1943
(The original from which all other versions descended)


Lynn  is our home town
Quite a city in it's day.
If you didn't make shoes or slippers
The G. E. provided your pay.

From City Hall to Market Square
The Commons on a summer night
The fountains dancing in color
And a band concert, what a sight.

Bessie Rolfe, Magranes and Goddards
Wonderful stores to shop
Burrows and Sanborn and Rogers
We knew them from bottom to top.

The Warner and the Paramount
The Waldorf and Olympia too.
Six acts of vaudeville at the Capitol
Plus a movie, cartoon and the news.

Street cars climbing Highland Circuit
The view from High Rock Tower.
Going to Boston on the Narrow Gauge.
It must have taken hours.

Whalen & Joyce, Manning & Cole
Classical and English High
Cobbet & Eastern, Pickering & Breed
We'll remember until we die.

Hanover Circle and Surfside Road
Ocean Street with all the swells
Broad & Lewis, Union & Market
And the dump with all the smells.

The Balloon Lady on the 4th of July.
The parades that made us proud.
The fireworks exploding at Manning Bowl
To the delight and roar of the crowd.

The smell of coffee at J. B Blood's
The Item and the Telegram News.
Choosing penny candy at the Red & Gray
And going to Musinsky's for shoes.

The Boston & Maine crossing Central Square
Over Hovey's and the Dover Smoker.
Huntt's and Hennessey's and Connolly's for fudge
Then Stilliano's for a chocolate mocha.

I remember the beaches, I remember the woods
I remember Lynn Shore Drive.
I remember the day we graduated.
It's remarkable we're still alive.

It's been a few years fellow students
Since we passed each other in Lynn.
But we'll always be proud we came from
Old Lynn, that City of Sin.


Pickering Gr. 7 Class Picture courtesy of Miss Hamilton by way of Fran Page, Class of '53.  Left-click to enlarge; it may be possible to enlarge it further with a second left-click.


Pictures submitted by Paul Miga.  The guilty parties include Paul, Dick Perry, Skip Bradley, Jim Liberty, Miss Jean O'Brien, Instructor and Dave Cosgrove.


Inmates include Paul Cassidy, Mr. ?, Rose Pastore, Paul Miga and Phil Joyce.



These English High students served as waitresses at the luncheon held during the the annual conference of the MA Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation at the East Lynn high school on Friday.  Front row, left to right:  Wanda Bartlett, Catherine Oran, Barbara MacLeod, Jackie Baklini, Pat Wescott , June Sadivia, Harriett Brown, Janet Hunter and Connie Dow.  Second row, left to right:  Joanne Peach, Lorraine Foss, Carole Norwood, Pat O'Connor, Myrna Stathis, Dianne Gilbert, Nancy Tayntor, supervisor of cafeterias; Joanne Pettigrew, Donna Witham, Roberta Plotinick, Marilyn Brown Lillyan Bernstein, Judy Deacon, Judy Killoran and Nancy Taylor.


Thanks to 1953's Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings for the memory lane donation


Classmates are encouraged to email digital camera pictures that they think others might be interested in to the website manager at   

If you are cleaning out your version of Fibber McGee's closet, the website manager would be happy to take a try at scanning any of your high school memorabilia before it is discarded.  Click here to find the manager's street and email address.

Or you can contact Dave Cohen by phone or postal mail.  His contact information is at the top of this website and he will make arrangements to have the website manager Rick Donovan contact you.

Help is always appreciated with missing or incorrect names as well as with links that are not working correctly on your website.  You can send this information directly to the website manager at

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Reunion Large Group Pictures


Five large group pictures are currently available in this section.  The 63rd is misbehaving like the the hound I am currently dog sitting.  Left click on the other  group pictures to enlarge them...enlargement sizes may vary between different  computers.  


 Some good news.  Dave Cohen can see your class videos again along with other YouTube videos now that he has invested in a factory rebuilt newer computer.  Dave's very old computer was donated to and much to his surprise gratefully accepted by the Smithsonian Museum.

I asked our site's tech support guru Andy Harding (781-710-7556) about rebuilds and he recommended them especially for those in our age group who do not need all the bells and whistles.  Another plus is that there is a significant savings as opposed to buying a new computer. 


64th and 63rd group pictures cannot be enlarged


64th Group Picture


            None of the classmates were willing to part with their chairs so the floored are Philip Gallagher and David Cohen

1st Row:  L - R;  Ann Richardson Davis, Muriel Randall Henderson, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Arlene Sandler Stahl, Joan Boghosian Lavoie, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Sandra Poole Whitney, Patricia Cocozella Curtis, Donna Witham Mayo, Marcia Ryback Manz, Shirley Warden Hardwick and Barbara Doucette Amenta

2nd Row:  L - R;  Sandra Curley Abbott, Ann Deluca Cote, Shirley Ricker Theis, Mary Grady McGowan, Gloria Tammaro Lemieux, Barbara Matheson Bates, Marion Fox Parianos, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, Kenneth Cutler, William Hyde,      Edward Mageary

3rd Row:  L - R:  Mary Jane Eagan English, Paul Miga, Jacob Segal, Carleton Varney, Robert Ovagimian, Gregor Garian, Antone Goggin, David Jackson, Robert Ashton, George Durfee, Mario Carrabba, John Arena            


63rd Group Picture

1st Row:  L - R; Robert Ovagimian, Ruth Moore Coyne, Mary Jane Dort Silvia, Judy Edmunds Johnston, Gail Anderson Barrett, June Gibson Hinds, Jane Gibson Murphy, Muriel Randall Henderson, Carole Norwood Canney, Ruth Powell Hanlon, Frances Moriarty Martel, Judy Hor Rosenmeier, Judith Dixon Caselli, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, and John Arena

2nd Row:  L - R; Lester Ernst, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, William Hyde, Barbara Matheson Bates, Shirley Ricker Theis, Sandra Curley Abbott, David Cohen, Gloria Tammaro Lemieux, Ruth Corton Hartman, Ann Richardson Davis, Mary Jane Eagan English, Mark Cohen, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy and Philip Gallagher

3rd Row:  L - R; Lee Brown, Gordon Doak, James DeFelice, Mario Carrabba, George Durfee, Robert Ashton, Paul Miga, Gregory Garian, Anthony Goggin and Edward Mageary
Left click on the reunion group pictures below outlined in blue to enlarge them.   For incorrect or misspelled names, please let Dave Cohen know at

62nd Group Picture

1st Row:  L - R; Patricia Cocozella Curtis, Sandra Poole Whitney, Barbara Doucette Amenta, Leonard Perry, Gail Illingsworth, Gloria Tammaro Lemieux, Joan Boghosian Lavoie, Jean Pickwell Masella and Ruth Moore Coyne, June Gibson Murphy, Jane Gibson Hinds, Nancy Walsh, Ann Deluca Cote, Muriel Randall Henderson and Katherine Hurley Wiltshire. 

2nd Row:  L - R; Mary Jane Dort Silvia, Donna Witham Mayo, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Ann Depasquale Eagan, Joanne Santoliquido, Betty Ann Barry Carroll, Alex Hart Wildey, Shirely Ricker Theis, and Sandra Curley Abbot, Mary Jane Eagan English, Ann Richardson Davis, Sophia Maravelias Revelotis, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, Barbara Matherson Bates, Frances Moriarty Martel and Paul Burke. 

3rd Row:  L - R; Lee Brown, Philip Gallagher, Carleton Varney, Edward Mageary, George Durfee (skip 8 2nd row heads) Dennis Revelotis, William Downey and Mark Cohen.

4th Row:  L - R; Mario Carrabba, William Carroll, Anthony Goggin, Gregory Garian, John Arena and Dave Cohen. 

Attending but not included in this picture are Betty Chaggaris Eliopoulos and Lester Ernst.


60th Group Picture

Floored at the reunion:  Left to Right: Carol Thomas Forester, Muriel Randall Henderson, Ann Richardson David, Judy Edmonds Johnston, David Cohen, Philip Gallagher, Paul Miga and Joan Gallugi Macri

1st Row:  L - R; Fran Moriarty Martel, Katherine Hurley Wiltshire, Patricia Wescott Hyde, Dee Dee Enstrom Cook, Carole Norwood Canney, Joan Boghosian Lavoie, Jane Gibson Hinds, June Gibson Murphy and Donna Witham Mayo

2nd Row:  L - R; Nancy Pagano Kutz, Ann Deluca Cote, Constance Visvis Harrington, Thomas O'Leary, Marcia Rybak Manz, Marion Fox Parianos, Patricia Cocozella Curtis, Sandra Poole Whitney, Ruth Corton, Hartman, Gloria Tammaro Lemieux, Jean Pickwell Masella, Shirley Warden Wheeler Hardwick, Barbara Lord Strugnell, Dolores Crowe Carter, and Sophia Maravelias Revelotis

3rd Row:  L - R; Dave Gosse, Elmer Williams, Mary Jane Eagan English, John Arena, Judith Dixon Caselli, Mary Grady McGowan, Sandra Curley Abbott, Shirley Ricker Theis, Lois Cook Storey, Helen Pickering Domey, Carole Greenlaw McCarthy, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, Elaine Madell Powers, Betty Ann Barry Carroll, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy and Marilyn Sadol Levy

Top Row:  L - R; Harvey Fishman, William Hyde, George Durfee, Edward Mageary, Lee Brown, Bruce Cook, Tom Demontier, Mario Carrabba, William Carroll, David Jackson, Carleton Varney and Dennis Revelotis

Attending but not included in the picture are Dorothy Cooper Buchanan, Mary Jane Dort Silva, Barbara Doucette Amenta, Evelyn Evitts Lesch, Ruth Moore Coyne and Dallas Waitt Timmonds.


                  50th Group Picture                                                                          55th Group Picture                               



 40th Group Picture


Click on the above pictures to see the larger versions...enlargements may vary depending on the computer.

  Pictures below cannot be enlarged.








Pictures from Past Reunions



Sorry to report that this candid picture from the 25th reunion is the only one the webmaster has from reunions other than the 50th, 55th and 60th.  If you have pictures in your memory draw from the older reunions that you would like to share, they can be scanned and sent to him at

If you have the pictures but not the scanner, the webmaster would be happy to do the scanning for you.  Click here for his postal address.  Names of those in the pictures would be much appreciated.


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1954 64th Reunion

Ordering the group picture:  The 8x20 group photo costs $25 and is available from Geskus Photography Inc.  Their phone number is (603) 988-3874 and their address is 10 Whitaker Way Seabrook, NH 03874.  The expected delivery is 7 to 10 days. 

Ordering the reunion video:  The video cost is $25 and is available from Beyond Pictures Video Group.  The contact person is Ara Gelenian and their phone number is (508) 415-9018.  Their mailing address is 631 Ware Street, Mansfield, MA 02067.  Please Note:  the mini-preview option for the video is not available at this time.  Possible reasons are the web site's aging software, the web manager's dying brain cells, software to prevent illegal copying or a combination of all three. 

A warmer summer is not helping my computer and a mini-air conditioner had been ordered for the web manager's computer office but was stolen off his front porch (not a joke) and the supplier, an Amazon merchant, is sending a free replacement.  I offered to pay extra to have FedEx call in advance or put the package on the back porch or even just ring my doorbell but was told that FedEx does not offer these services and why should they since they are getting paid for a second shipment.  Beside that they are too busy.  A website reported that FedEx delivered 13 million packages a day in 2017.  ( Source at )


Dave Cohen's Report on the 64th Reunion


Yes! We did it again. Our 64th was, once again, a huge success. You, all the classmates, made this happen by your reliable support and attendance.  Don’t forget the non-graduates such as the spouses, relatives, friends, and significant others who gave our reunion additional class.

We are proud of Carleton Varney, a genius extraordinaire, the President of the Dorothy Draper and Company, Inc, the oldest decorator company in America, number one interior decorator in the world and s prolific author.   Every year of our reunions, Mr. Carleton gives all the classmates a unique gift.  This year, the classmates who were present, received his latest surprise, a beautifully written and pictured book, Van Johnson’s Hollywood, A Family Album, written by Carleton, Evie Johnson, Van’s wife, and Van’s daughter, Schuyler.  This book is about Carleton’s relationship with the kings and queens of Hollywood who were Carleton’s clients-certainly, a who’s who.  I am a movie buff and almost cried when I finished the book because there were no more magical pages to read.  Accompanying Carleton was a friendly Brinsley Matthews, the vice president of Carleton’s company.

This year the reunion committee voted not to have a disc jockey with the reason that the music was “too loud” and we would not be able to easily converse.  Those few who wanted a disc jockey were the Fred Astaire's and Ginger Rogers of our class--you can’t please everyone.

The fun began at 1:00pm with the ubiquitous meet-and-greet with soul satisfying hors d’oeuvres.  The group picture was taken at 2:00pm by the new photographer, Geskus, who even supplied the white benches.  When the picture was taken, I tried to capture my youth by sitting in front, on the hard, unforgiving floor next to “Sleepy” Gallagher.  This was a major mistake for all the king’s horses and all the king’s men had to lift me up off the floor (In eighteen years I’ll be one-hundred).  The always delicious hot buffet was self-served at 2:15 with the meet-and-greet lines approaching the food trays.

3:15 PM had our very capable master of ceremonies, George Durfee, expound his words of wisdom with his timely humor and his tribute to Jane Kellett Roy who had devoted her life to the earlier reunions.  George then handed me the mike.

I introduced the guest of honor, Ms Mary Ishkanian.  Mary just turned ninety and began her teaching career at LEHS in 1953 and taught Speech and Drama and was instrumental in directing the November 1953 senior class play, “You Can’t Take it With You.”  I proudly walked to Mary’s table and pinned  a corsage containing a soft peach/pink rose called Oceania.  I called to the podium two classmates who never have missed a reunion and pinned the same deserving corsage--Mary Jane Eagan English and Gloria Tammaro Lemieux. 

 Usually, we give recognition to the classmate who has travelled the farthest.  Last year James Defelice was the recipient.  This “fireman” travelled 2900 miles each way from Calgary, Canada and received an extravagant jar of Marshmallow Fluff with spoon for being a first timer.  This year we did something different.  We gave out a uniquely expensive gift to the 2,000 mile club.  Those who had travelled over 2,000 miles each way--Kenneth Cutler, Shirley Warden Wheeler-Hardwick, and Ann Richardson Davis--you guessed it--Twinkies.  Another award was given to the classmate who travelled the shortest distance, Barbara Doucette Amenta who came 2,500 feet and received another Twinkie.

Everyone knows that Carleton has contributed in so many different ways to the success of our reunions.  In 2016, our class, with Carleton’s permission, initiated the annual “Carleton Varney Award” given to the LEHS classmate who has also, contributed to the success of our reunions.  John Arena was the first recipient and last year Sandra Lavine Kanosky and “Sleepy” Gallagher were the recipients.  Who would receive this year’s honor?  I had Carleton come to the podium and he talked about what was going on in his life and about his latest book.  While the three past winners and Carleton were at the podium, I asked Carleton to read the special plaque with the name of this year’s winner:

Lynn English High School

Class of 1954

Presents the

Carleton Varney Award



For Your Extraordinary Dedication

to the Success of Our Class Reunions

June 9, 2018                   Reunion Committee

Carole was surprised.  As everyone knows by now, she does not like to receive attention.  Carleton then pinned the same peach/pink rose corsage on Carole.  Then, completely unexpected, John Arena read another plaque naming me as another recipient of this year’s Carleton Varney Award.  Our awards are proudly displayed in an area of importance on our mantle above the fireplace.  I presented Carleton with a rare playbill of the senior class play ”You Can’t Take it With You.”

Next, I asked classmates to volunteer a brief three minute story that was either funny or had a happy ending.  To break the invisible ice, I began with my story about the most bizarre phone call I ever received.  Kenneth Cutler and Paul Miga followed with their "three" minute stories and the stories ended with the contributions of “Sleepy” Gallagher and Mary Jane Eagan English. All the story tellers received a Twinkie.  

As most of you know by now, the popular, fifty-one year old Porthole Pub will be closing.  The Porthole has hosted reunions for our 30th, 35th, 60th, 62nd, 63rd and 64th.  A great time was held by all.  Next year, for our 65th, the Continental Restaurant, Rte 1 North in Saugus will be our destination with a cozy private room upstairs and an adjoining parking lot. Please enter the date on your calendar:  Saturday, June 8th, 2019, 1:00-5:00pm.  After eating there several times, I guarantee the food will be delicious (wait until you taste the bean dip).  There are both stairs and an elevator at your disposal. If you change your address, phone, or email, please contact me at 1 Cortland Street, Peabody, MA  01960, (978) 531-6071. 

I would like to thank the following people, in no particular order, for being instrumental in making our latest reunion great:

 --My wife, Carole (class of 1957) for her support, sage advice, and tolerating me
 --Carleton Varney-The book
 --Brinsley Matthews-Carleton’s VP with his positive, good cheer
--Caitlin-Carleton’s secretary for her expert communication
 --George Durfee-professional master of ceremonies
--Paul Miga-Excellent photography
--Rick Donovan for his computer support of our 1954 reunion website
 --Mary Ishkanian-Our gracious guest of honor
 --Jerry Ishkanian-Mary’s younger brother who drove Mary home
--Kenneth Cutler-Authored several books on display
--“Sleepy” Gallagher-Supplied transportation for those who needed a ride
--Sandra Lavine Kanosky and “Sleepy" Gallagher-What it’s like to feel their age (“I can’t poop”)
 --Gloria Tammaro Lemieux and Ron Small Taking Mary Ishkanian to the reunion and never missing a reunion
--Mary Jane Eagan English-Name tags and never missing a reunion
--The 2,000 mile club-Kenneth Cutler, Ann Richardson Davis, and Shirley Warden Wheeler- Hardwick
--Patricia Cocozella Curtis-Eloquently defending Mr Farnum
--All the non-classmates-You gave our reunion extra class
--Bob Gaudet-The friendly owner of the Porthole Pub
--Kristin Colella-Our excellent and dependable maitre d'
-The hand-picked reunion committee-Dave Cohen, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Jacob Segal, Ann Richardson Davis,
----George Durfee, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Phillip Gallagher, Mary Jane Eagan English, William Hyde,
----Marilyn Douglas Levesque, John Arena and Carleton Varney (honorary member)


Reprint of the Lynn Item article by Thomas Grillo on the closing of the Porthole Pub


LYNN — The Porthole Restaurant, the legendary eating place on the Lynnway, is set to dish its last plate of fried pickles, haddock Rockefeller, and prime rib.  “It’s been a beautiful run, but the time has come,” said Robert Gaudet, as he choked back tears. “I’m tired, I just want to relax.”  On Thursday, the 69-year-old owner sold the restaurant and the 50,460-square-foot waterfront lot to Patrick McGrath for $1.4 million.

The developer and owner of the Lynnway Mart Indoor Mall & Flea Market, said he plans to demolish the pub and build 55 luxury condominiums that will offer sweeping ocean and city views. While details have not been finalized, McGrath said the steel and glass complex will include underground parking and an outdoor swimming pool. The 1,300-square foot two-bedroom condos are expected to be priced from $600,000 to $1 million. A groundbreaking could happen in late 2019, he said.

Gaudet, a Nahant native, said he’s not sure when the Porthole will close, but expects it will be in the next few months.  “I don’t have it all figured out yet,” he said. “I am so emotionally drained and have not been able to sleep for weeks because of the pressure of knowing it will change the lives of my 60 employees.”

The Porthole’s history commenced in 1967, when his brother, Jay, bought the Blue Dolphin at Washington Street and the Lynnway for $32,000 and changed the name to the Porthole.  A few years later, the family expanded the restaurant when they bought the building next door.  “The nautical-themed restaurant was cute, but on a windy day it could have blown away,” Gaudet said.  It was taken by eminent domain in the late 1970s to make way for North Shore Community College and they moved to their current spot on the water in 1981.

Among Gaudet’s many memories include hundreds of couples who met at his pub, dated, and got married.  “I’ll be somewhere and when I mention the Porthole they’ll say ‘I met my husband or wife there,'” he said.  Over the years, developers have offered to buy the waterfront parcel. There were pitches from a hotel operator and restaurateurs, but McGrath seemed to be the best choice, he said.  “In some ways, I didn’t want to sell, but it was inevitable because running a restaurant is a hard clock to wind,” he said. “I just don’t want to spend the rest of my life doing that.”

Gaudet called the restaurant business a funny industry.  “If business is very good, you’re afraid to take time off, and if business is slow, you’re afraid to take time off. So you’re basically afraid of everything.”  He may have accidentally invented fried pickles.  Gaudet recalled getting a large shipment of the wrong kind of pickles. While waiting for them to be returned, he attended a 25th anniversary party and one of the hors d’oeuvre was fried zucchini.  “The next morning, I battered the pickles and fried them,” he said. “The rest is history.”

On retirement, the Nahant native said he’s not sure what he will do.  “I could do a 100 things,” he said. “I’ll figure it out.”  Starting Tuesday, the Porthole will be open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch only and for all scheduled functions through June.  Gaudet suggests customers redeem their gift cards.

The website manager later received this additional information from a source that identified itself as "Deep Tonsils"...Two additional properties on the Lynnway are scheduled for the same conversion as the Porthole property.  They are West Lynn Creamery and the building next to the Walmart at 780 Lynnway which  was used in the past to house the All Star Lanes Ten Pin Bowling Center.

1954 64th Reunion Pictures


The website manager would like to thank Paul Miga for the hundreds of pictures that he has donated to this website over the years.  He would also like to thank Dave Cohen for providing all the names and quotations to go with the 64th reunion pictures.  For corrections or improvements, please notify Dave at


No. 1   The Porthole ..."good bye"    The Lynn Item story on the closing is directly above this picture.


No. 2   Skip and Arlene Mageary ... "poker face"


No. 3    Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Jack Kennedy ... "smile - you're on candid camera"


No. 4   Skip and Arlene Mageary ... "that's better"   


No. 5   Brinsley Matthews, Jack Stahl, Sandy Sears, Gary, Ron Small, Laurel Cutler .. "picture taking of the group picture"


No. 6   Carole and David Cohen followed by Arlene and Jack Stahl, Antone Goggin, Sandra Curley Abbott, Shirley Ricker Theis and Gudrun Ashton ... "chow hounds"


No. 7    Arlene and Jack Stahl, , Antone Goggin, Gregory Garian, Ann Garian, Shirley Ricker Theis, Ron Small, Bill and Sally Ann Hyde and Laurel Cutler in background ... "what's that?"


No. 8    Sandra Curley Abbott, Shirley Ricker Theis, Gloria Tammaro Lemieux, Ron Small, Gudrun Ashton and Ann DeLuca Cote ..."I'll have what she's having"


No. 9    Rita Carrabba, Sally Ann and Bill Hyde, Mario Carrabba, Muriel Randall Henderson, Laurel Cutler ..."oh boy!"


No. 10    Carole and David Cohen ... "Is this mike working?"


No. 11    David Cohen, Mary Ishkanian - Sandra Curley Abbott, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, Laurel Cutler, Robert and Gudrun Ashton in background ... "May I pin this corsage on you?"


No. 12   David Cohen, Mary Ishkanian, Arlene Stahl, Sandra Curley Abbott, Robert Whitney, Philip Gallagner and Marilyn Douglas Levesque in background ... "success"


No.  13   Mary Jane Eagan English, Dave Cohen ... "pinned"


No. 14   Dave Cohen, Gloria Tammaro Lemieux ..."proud"


No. 15   Mary Jane Eagan English, Dave Cohen, Gloria Temmaro Lemieux ... "never missed a reunion"


No.  16  Robert Qvagimian, David Jackson, Mario Carrabba ... "who are they smiling at?"


No. 17   Ann Durfee, Kenneth Cutler, Mary Grady McGowan, Sandra Poole Whitney, Barbara Matherson Bates, Shirley Warden Wheeler-Hardwick ... "one too many?"


No. 18  Clayton Curtis, Laurel Cutler, Kenneth Cutler, Mary Grady McGowan and Barbara Matherson Bates ... "You're fired!"


No. 19   Jacob Segal, Rosemarie and John Arena, Marilyn Segal and Sandra Curley Abbott ... "The Arenas' in deep thought."


No. 20   Sandra Lavine Kanosky, David Cohen ... "that's quite a stare"


No. 21   Ann Deluca Cote ..."smile and the whole world smiles with you"


No. 22   Sandra Lavine Kanosky and Philip Gallagher ... "the golden years can kiss my ass!"


No. 23   Brinsley Matthews, Carleton Varney, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy and Jack Kennedy ... "contentment"


No. 24   Sandy Lavine Kanosky, Philip Gallagher ... "variations of a smile"


No. 25   Carleton Varney ... " This is my latest book"


No. 26   John and Rosemarie Arena, Carole Cohen, Sandy Levine Kanosky, Carleton Varney, Shirley Ricker Theis, Sandra Curley Abbott ..."Carleton pinning a corsage on Carole Cohen - This year's co-winner of the Carleton Varney Award"


No. 27   John and Rosemarie Arena, Sandy Lavine Kanosky, Philip Gallagher, Carleton Varney ... "Carleton introducing past winners of the Carleton Varney award"


No. 28   Dave Cohen and John Arena ... "The reunion committee presents Dave Cohen as another recipient of this year's Carleton Varney award"


No. 29   Sandy Levine Kanosky, Kenneth Cutler, Rosemarie Arena ... "the 'three' minute speech"


No. 30   Philip Gallagher ... "telling a funny story with a serious face"


No.31   Sandra Poole Whitney and Robert Whitney ... "you could hear a pin drop"


No. 32   Patricia Cocozella Curtis ... "defending Mr. Farnum"


No. 33   Mario Carrabba ... "quiet contemplation"


No. 34   Ann Durfee ... "peek-a-boo, I see you"


No. 35   Antone Goggin, Marilyn Segal ... "I'm having a great time"


No. 36   Laurel Cutler, Muriel Randall Henderson ."what do you think?" 


No. 37  Rita Carrabba ... "I'm ready for the next reunion."


No. 38  Dave Cohen ... "Momentarily at a loss for words....not really"


 1954 63rd Reunion Pictures

All of Paul Miga's pictures are on your website now and comments and classmate names have been added added.  Pictures and wisecracks remain on the website at the forbearance of individual classmates.  To have changes made, email Rick Donovan at  Click here to jump to the start of these pictures.  Click here  to jump to the 63rd Group Picture. 

In the meantime, the group picture is available from Bailey's Studio in Revere.  Cost is $25.00 and their phone number is 781-284-6394.  The reunion video is available from the Beyond Pictures Video Group in Mansfield, MA.  Cost is $30.00 and their phone number is 508-415-9018.

Dave Cohen's State of the 63rd Reunion Address

As I begin to compose and write my report of our once again fabulous reunion, my left fingers are sticky from eating several spoonfuls of Marshmallow Fluff compliments of Mary Jane Eagan English.  However, equally amazing is what I have wrapped around my right wrist, a Carleton Varney personally designed unisex bracelet which symbolizes the unforgettable years we had at Lynn English High School (see Carleton's letter below). 

Each reunion is different.  Marilyn Douglas Levesque reminded me that this 63'rd was something special.  Maybe it was because of our age.  Maybe it was because of Carleton's symbolic gift.  Maybe it was because of the exceptional quality of all our classmates.  I'm referring to the love and closeness we had for each could feel it.

There were many high points at this reunion and one of mine was having my darling and supportive wife, Carole at my side.  She accompanied me to our 60th and 62nd and was very comfortable because she had build up a friendship with all my classmates.  The reunion began at 1:00 pm with a total of 58 people, forty of whom were classmates.  We originally had a total of 75 people sign up but the normal aches and pains took its toll. 
Delicious hors d'ouevres were served from 1:15 to 2:00pm.  I could not help but notice the way they were served at earlier reunions as opposed to this one.  At our much earlier reunions, when we were young and "gay," everyone would be standing up with a class of wine in one hand while the hostesses would walk around and hand serve these goodies with a napkin.  This reunion most of us would be happily seated while the hostesses would walk around the tables and put them in our plates. 

Betty Bailey, our regular group photographer, successfully rounded up all our classmates for our annual picture while the Porthole staff got their fabulous hot buffet ready.  On the funny side, while consuming the hot buffet, the people sitting closest to the huge speakers said the music was too loud and would I tell the disc jockey to lower the volume, which I did.  A few minutes latter, the people sitting farthest from the speakers could not hear the music and would I tell the disc jockey to increase the volume which I did.  Fortunately , our disc jockey was able to find the magic setting and everyone lived happily every after.

At 3:30, George Durfee, our once again master of ceremonies extraordinaire
began by thanking everyone for attending and paid tribute to Jane Kellett Roy who devoted her life to past reunions up to our 55th at the Salem Waterfront Hotel.  I enjoyed George's non-threatening personal style and his use of timely humor.  I began with my signature statement:  "The class of 1954 was, and still is, the greatest!"  Carleton had called me the day before the reunion and asked me to read a letter he had composed for the reunion. 

"Dear David...Happily we are celebrating our 63rd reunion together and while I regretfully cannot be with you I am enjoying your company in spirit.  I have extended this spirit of love and unity with this gift to each of you.  A unisex bracelet that you will find in the blue box.  Please wear it knowing that the magnet connects us all together as one. 

We fortunately enjoyed an education at a great school in the time when caring about each other was the norm and for this I am grateful.  They say that all we end up within life are memories, and happy memories are what I have of our high school years together. 

I shall always be grateful for the memories of you that I carry with me.

Love, Carleton"

Carleton emphasized that he is feeling okay; however, because of the demands as President of the Dorothy Draper Company and his grueling new book signing tour, he is unable to attend.  The above letter demonstrates what we all know about Carleton - Mr. Varney is a classy guy, one one of the main reasons the class of 1954 was the greatest.

You know that my style of chairing our reunions is to make many, many phone calls, especially to those who are ill and to treat everyone with dignity.   All of those who were ill and could not attend had the same request:  say hello to all who could attend.  I kept my promise by naming the following classmates:  Mike Amico, Bill Carroll, Patricia Cocozella Curtis, Josephine Cole Hayduk, Frances Cooney, Evelyn Evitts Lesch, Dolores Foti Sousa, Gail Illingworth Pierson, Richard Jackson, Charles Kaivas, Connie Kangis Georgaklis, Katherine Kelly, Nancy Kelly Regan, Barbara Lord Strugnell, Catherine Nahan Crehan, Charles McClone, Leonard Perry, Sandra Poole Whitney, Donald Sabins, Fred Schlegel and Dallas Waitt Timmons. 

You may remember Mary Ishkanian who was our special guest at our 60th and 62nd reunions.  Mary today is 89 and too ill to attend our 63rd but I want her to know the entire class of 1954 wish you the very best.

I tried to add humor by asking the audience some questions that Mary Jane Eagan English and I devised.  The answer to these questions had to be someone in the room.  Attendees were asked to raise their hand if they knew the answer and the winners received a jar of Marshmallow Fluff.  The questions included: 

1.  Name a cheerleader who was voted sweetheart of LEHS?   (Marilyn Douglas Levesque) 
2.  Who was Miss Personality?    (Judy Hor Rosenmeier) 
3.  Who was the most popular boy and Mr. Personality?    (Philip "Sleepy" Gallagher)
4.  The actor who was in both the junior and senior dramas?    (John Arena)
5.  Those who have never missed a reunion?    (Gloria Tammaro Lemieus and Mary Jane Eagan English)
6.  First timers to a reunion?     (Robert Ovagimian and Jimmy DeFelice) 
7.  Who travelled the farthest?    (Jimmy Defelice at 2,900 miles from Alberta, Canada) 

Another highlight was the presentation of the Carleton Varney award.  Because Carleton has contributed in so many ways to the success of our reunions, an award was established in his name at our 62nd reunion.  John Arena was the unanimous choice as the first winner and I asked John to present the award for this reunion.  His presentation was elegant  and two winners were named:  Phil Gallagher and Sandra Lavine Kanosky. 

My final act was to invite classmates to pick up their gift from Carleton.  The remains of another memorable afternoon was spent meeting, greeting, kissing, hugging, dancing and saying good-by. 

Final  Thoughts:

 1.  Yes I will continue to chair our reunions annually with the same reliable committee members:  John Arena, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, George Durfee, Mary Jane Eagan English, Philip Gallagher, William Hyde, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Ann Richardson Davis, Jacob Segal and honorary member Carleton Varney.

 2.  Next reunion is Saturday June 9, 2018 1:00 to 5:00pm at the Porthole Pub  Don't forget to mark your calendar or address book now.  Pertinent information will be sent out next February.

 3.  Important:  If you change your phone, email or postal mailing address, please contact me at 1 Cortland Street, Peabody MA 01960, (978) 531-6071 or use my email at

 Special Thanks:

To Paul Miga for again taking valuable pictures for our website and to Bill Hyde who agreed to be Paul's backup,
To "Sleepy" for supplying transportation for some of our classmates and for the initialed soccer ball,
To George Durfee as master of ceremonies and designing the class banner,
To Jacob Segal for supplying the hors d'ouevres for our voracious attendees,
To Mary Jane Eagan English for supplying the Marshmallow Fluff and the name tags,
To Jimmy DeFelice for travelling over 2,900 miles to be here with us,
To Steve Spinelli for being the disc jockey and playing some Cole Porter for Carole and me,
To Our photography and video partners:  Betty Bailey and Ara Gelenian,
To Rick Donovan, class of LEHS '53 and our website manager,
To Non-classmates for attending and giving our reunion extra class and
To Fellow Classmates.  You are the reason that I can say the class of 1954 was, and still is, the greatest!


1954 63rd Reunion Pictures



Looking towards Boston from the Porthole's outside dining area


June Gibson Murphy, Judith Dixon and Jane Gibson Hinds:  Meet and greet starts in the parking lot.


And sometimes with pictures that bring back a smile or six.


Jack Kennedy, Lucile Quinlan and Mary Jane Eagan


Carole Norwood Canney and son Michael; Phil Gallagher looking for volunteers for a pickup soccer game.


Ann Durfee and Shirley Ricker Theis...not a political discussion I hope.


Gordon Doak, Judith Hor and Judy Dixon


Phil Gallagher and John Arena chat while Rosemarie Arena attacks some fresh fruit.


Mary Jane Eagan and George Durfee


First timer Bob Ovagimian and "most distance" Jim DeFelice get reacquainted.


Carole Norwood Canney, son Michael and Ann Richardson Davis


Judith Hor Rosenmeier and Sandra Lavine Kanosky


This is either the fish that got away or the size of Jimmy DeFelice's airplane seat.


Sally Ann Hyde and Rita Carrabba


Marilyn Douglas Levesque and Judith Dixon Caselli


Lee and Carole Brown: why is there never an award for best looking beard?


Writing a check for the next reunion are Muriel Randall Henderson and Ann Richardson Davis.


Ed Mageary behaving himself briefly so Paul Miga can get a good picture of him and his wife Arlene.


The Kennedys Jack and Lucille autograph Dave Cohen's soccer ball.


Marilyn Douglas Levesque and Judith Dixon Caselli listening intently to Jane Gibson.


Bob and Gudrun Ashton just recently returned from the 46th of their numerous visits to exotic destinations.


Amazingly enough Judith Dixon, Carole Cohen and Judith Hor were also the first three people in line at the 62nd reunion.


Ever the gentleman, Phil Gallagher finds that itchy spot between Carole Cohen's shoulder blades.


After flying 2,900 miles, Jim DeFelice has to arm wrestle Dave for his "most distance travelled" prize.


Jim also got a prize spoon as well.  Unfortunately, it was confiscated at Logan Airport.


Carole Norwood Canney and Fran Moriarty Martel


Gloria Tammaro Lemieux launches into a raunchy joke that friend Ron Small has already heard.


Judy Edmunds Johnston gets ready to pass the next Fluff prize to the Marshmallo Lady Mary Jane Eagan English. Dave Cohen believes it's Gail Anderson Barrett in the foreground.


Phil Gallagher reacts to his winning the Carlton Varney Award.


Phil turns over the podium to his co-winner of the Carleton Varney Award Sandra Lavine Kanosky


John Arena and Sandra Lavine Kanosky


All the current holders of the Carleton Varney Award


Ruth Corton helps Gloria Tammaro with her gift from Carleton Varney.



Disc Jockey Steve Spinelli and some of his "star wars" equipment.



Gloria Tammaro Lemieux and Ruth Powell Hanlon



John Arena introducing the Carleton Varney Award winners.  On the right Phil is either doing his "Uncle Sam Wants You" impersonation or he's Mr. Fransen getting ready for one of his famous games of Slaughter Ball.



Marilyn Douglas admires her prize while Mary Jane Eagan English who provided the prizes gets ready to hand out the next one.  Feel free to tease Jane as the "Marshmallo Lady" at your own risk.  The company is still in its original building and nearing its 100th birthday  



Barbara Matheson Bates and Host Dave Cohen



Jim DeFelice and Ken Hartman



Dave Cohen "hamming it up" for Paul Miga; Robert Ovagimian



Ruth Corton Hartman and Marilyn Douglas Levesque



Mark Cohen and D. J. Steve Spinelli



John Arena; Marilyn Douglas Levesque taking a quick nap.



Mario Carrabba, Judy Edmunds Johnston and  friend Ken



Shirley Ricker Theis and Carole Cohen admire Carole's soccer ball gift.  The really early birds Dave and Carole Cohen.



Ruth Moore Coyne and Mary Jane Dort Silvia; Anne and Antone Goggin


Late Additions


June and Jane Gibson


Barbara Matheson Bates, Gordon Doak and Mark Cohen


George Durfee and Dave Cohen touch bases before launching the official program.


A lucky classmate gets a serious hug from Judy Edmunds judging by the steamed up classes of a nearby classmate.



George Durfee wrapping up the presentations and Bob Ashton and his stylish spouse Gudrun.  Bob told me recently that Gudrun's first name in Norwegian literally means "Don't step on my toes."


62nd Reunion Update Status  (100%)


Many  thanks to Jim Abts, a friend of Dave Cohen, who has donated over 100 pictures from the 62nd reunion to your website.  When not partying with Dave, Jim is a professional architectural and aerial photographer and can be reached at or 978-314-3067. 

Jim's candid pictures appear below and you can see your 62nd group picture by clicking here.  To read Dave Cohen's 62nd Reunion Report, click here and to read comments from classmates, click here.

You can see a smaller version of the reunion video by clicking on this link: Your own full-sized video can be ordered from Ara Gelenian.  The cost is $30 and he can be reached at 508-415-9017.

Your own class picture can be ordered from Bailey's Studio, 90 American Legion Highway, Revere, MA 02151.  Their phone number is 781-284-6394 and the cost of the picture is $30. 

Classmates with active email addresses who are listed as contacts on will be notified when the work is completed.  If you have not gotten occasional notices from this email address and would like to be added, please click on it now and let me know. 

Thanks to Mary Jane Eagan English's excellent name tags, and with help from Dave, I've been able to match most of classmates' names to their pictures.  Help with errors and omissions on this website will be appreciated as my ferocious typing skills earned over three years at LEHS have diminished.  Even worse, a lot of misspellings are valid words so they don't get caught by my spell checking software. 

My favorite typing story:  A friend, '54 grad Bob Ashton, is sent to Ft. Dix in NJ with his three years of typing skills from LEHS.  He tells them he can do 100 words a minute and gets a job at their main headquarters with every weekend off.  I get to Ft. Dix the next year and tell them I can do 80 words a minute.  They sent me to typing school.


1954 62nd Reunion Pictures








Sandra Poole Whitney and husband Robert; Leonard Perry gets distracted by Ann Richardson Davis so his wife Marguerite gets to find her own name tag.  On the plus side, he is carrying her mini duffel bag.


Early Birds not only get the best tables, they get to check out incoming classmates as well.  Left to right:  Betty Ann Barry Carroll, Ann Richardson Davis and Ann Durfee. 


Bill Carroll may have found something unexpected in his drink.  His wife Betty Ann Barry chatting with Frances Moriarty Martel.  Ed Mageary unsuccessfully pointing out something to Betty Ann.


Mary Jane Eagan English, Carleton Varney, Ann Richardson Davis and Sandra Lavine Kanosky


Frances Moriarty Martel with Jean Pickwell Masella and husband Donald.


Ann Richardson Davis with Donna Witham Mayo


Mary Jane Eagan English, Bill Carroll, Betty Ann Barry Carroll and Carleton Varney.  Dave Cohen has nicknamed him "Mr. Color" after the name of one of Carleton's published books.


Paul Burke, Bill Carroll and Lucille Quinlan Kennedy


Murial Randall Henderson, Frances Moriarty Martel and first-timer Paul Burke catching up after 62 years.


Gail Illingworth Pierson, Katherine Hurley Wilshire and Joanne Santoliquido


While Betty Ann Carroll and Anne DeLuca Cote kill some time in the lunch line, Bill Carroll and Bill Downey congratulate Marilyn Douglas Levesque on her Sh-Boom performance.


Joanne Santoliquido with the Carrolls, Betty Ann and Bill


Alex Hart Wildey finally pays for her 55th reunion as Dave Cohen holds up the proof.  Behind them Jane Gibson Hinds and George Durfee continue the Rock-Paper-Scissors game they started at the group picture session.


Early birds get the best tables.  Jane Gibson Hinds chats with Pat Cocozella Curtis and her husband Clayton.  He is an LEHS '53 grad and an internationally recognized artist.  You can see some of his work on the Classy Art webpage that is part of the LEHS' 53 website.



Mary Jane Eagan, Betty Ann Barry and the three amigos aka George Durfee, Dave and Carole Cohen



June Gibson Murphy and Jane Gibson Hinds; Jane with Sandra Poole Whitney and husband Robert


First reunion timer Paul Burke checks in with Dave Cohen.



George Durfee, Carole Cohen, Ann Durfee and Sandra Lavine Kanosky; Gregory Garian must be dieting while Alex Hart Wildey makes sure to leave room for the buffet.


Anton Goggin and the eternal appetizer dilemma:  too many choices, too small a plate and no doggy bags.



Posing for the photographer:  Mary Jane Dort Silvia, Barbara Doucette Amenta and Ruth Moore Coyne;  on the right Dennis Revelotis with his wife Sophia Maravelias greeting Mario Carrabba.


Not sure if Ed Mageary and Mary Jane English are dancing or just having fun...maybe both?



George Durfee and Phil Gallagher check out Carlton Varney's reunion cake (see Dave Cohen's reunion report about the "cake incident."  Nancy Walsh and Sandy Lavine Kanosky talking politics?


Cake safely delivered Carleton has time for a group selfie with Mary Jane English, Ann Davis and Sandra Kanosky.


John Arena, William Carroll and Jack Kennedy alias Captain Kirk



June Gibson Murphy had just asked Jack Kennedy what he would do if Donald Trump became president so  Marguerite Perry cheered him up by talking about Hillary.



Jane and June Gibson then cornered Bill Carroll to see how he felt about electing the first female president.  On the right Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Ann Richardson Davis and Mary Jane Eagan English.



George Durfee with the Perrys:  Marguerite and Leonard; Jean Pickwell Masella and husband Donald


Shirley Ricker Theis chats with Carole Cohen.



Carleton and Dave got a few minutes to catch up from last year and Alex Hart Wildley brought her copy of the high school class picture.  If you missed it, click here to see that picture on your webpage.


June Gibson Murphy and Jane Gibson Hinds chatting with the Masellas.


Betty Ann Barry and Bill Caroll, a yawning Sleepy "Phil" Gallagher and Alex Hart Wildley


A table-hopping Dave Cohen with with Pat Cocozella Curtis and her husband Clayton.



Mark Cohen, Mario Carrabba and Paul Burke; The Carrolls Betty Ann and William


Ann Richardson, Lucille Quinlan, Jack Kennedy, Rosemarie Arena, John Arena, Mark Cohen and Paul Burke.


Carleton never gets too far without a hug.  In this case it's Mary Jane English, Sandra Kanosky and Ann Davis



Jane Gibson Hinds and Ann Richardson Davis; Mary Jane Eagan English and Phil Gallagher talking golf.  Still active in the sport, he plays in a winter semi-pro team golf league for the Mayfair Cleaners in Florida.



DJ Steve Spinelli pretending indifference but ready to spring to the head of the appetizer line.  Carlton Varney's birthday cake for the class personally delivered from Newport, RI.



As a special gift, Dave Cohen prepared a folder for each guest entitled "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About All Of Your Classmates But Were Afraid To Ask."  A list of credit scores is available for a small charge.



Dave Cohen on his way to a serious hug from John Arena's wife Rosemarie while Carlton's hug count hits 23.



While Ed Mageary and Dave get caught up, the Porthole staff gets the buffet ready.



June Gibson Murphy with  Mary Jane Eagan English and  Betty Ann Barry Carroll with Lucille Quinlan Kennedy



Gail Illingworth Pierson with Gloria Tammaro Lemieux and Anne DeLuca Cote with Ann Richardson Davis


The class picture photographer commended the group for not fighting over the chairs.


Classmates on the right play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who gets the last chair


Almost ready except for Mary Jane Eagan standing in front of Dave Cohen and busy punching someone.




DJ Stephen Spinelli setting up the dancing play list (guess who will also be first in the buffett line).


Anthony Goggin, Gloria Tammaro Lemieux and her friend Ron Small.  Many thanks to Gloria and Ron for handling the transportation for guest of honor Mary Ishkanian.


Shirley Ricker Theis; Sandra Curley Abbott checking out the meats available with the Cohens not far behind.


Dave Cohen made sure his favorite meat was in the buffett (ham).  To quote Dave "'s good to be the king."


Dave's title for this picture was "Please sir, may I have more?"    Sandra Poole Whitney waits patiently while her husband trails far behind working out his allotted calorie intake.  Alex Hart Wildley on the left checking out buffet items before getting in line.  Help with the name of the gentleman in the front will be appreciated.


You can't miss the stunning scarf so it must be Mrs. Sandra Lavine Kanosky.


Mary Ishkanian sets a good example by asking for some green beans; Mario Carrabba and the Gibson Girls bringing up the rear.  Dave is not sure who the person is in line next to Mary...maybe it's the Porthole cashier?


Bob Whitney seems impaled on the horns of a dilemma or he's wearing the wrong glasses.  Pat Cocozella's husband Clayton Curtis demonstrates his ambidextrousness.


Rank hath its privileges; most of Dave's table is already into dessert.



Before emcee George Durfee introduces Dave for the awards program, Dave takes advantage of his prerogatives to make sure his wife Carole's music requests are delivered to DJ Steve Spinelli.


Dave's title for this picture was "Dave Cohen mesmerizing his audience."


In a surprise skit, Sandra Lavine Kanosky reading "We'll Always Remember Lynn" was interrupted by Dave for a  more timely poem and she did the "The Golden Years" instead.  The full poem is in Dave's reunion report.  The original class poem "I Remember Lynn" by Leon Blumberg, LEHS '43, is on your website and you can see it here.



As Sandra finished reading the punch line for "The Golden Years", DJ David Spinelli started playing "Sh-Boom" and in to the room popped Phil Gallagher, alias Mr. Spock, and Marilyn Douglas Levesque to dance to the song.


Unfortunately, as Phil twirled Marilyn in, George Durfee got an accidental elbow in his ear.



The website manager could use all of that hair but at least he still remembers when a Boston radio station played Sh-Boom for an entire day.  Dave Cohen introducing the members of the reunion committee.


Reunion committee members John Arena, Mary Jane Eagan English, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy and George Durfee.


Dave noted Carleton Varney's many contributions to the LEHS '54 reunions and invited Carleton say a few words.


Carleton certainly had everyone's attention as he spoke about the importance of cherishing our roots.  His comments are part of your reunion video which can be found at this link:


Dave surprised John Arena by announcing that an award had been established in honor of Carleton to recognize other classmates' contributions and John was the first recipient.





John Arena, after Indian wrestling with Dave for the microphone, gets to say a few words while Lenny Perry beats the air conditioning with the most appropriate sweater at the reunion.



First time reunion attendee Paul Burke responds to Dave's question:  "What took you so long?"  Katherine Hurley Wiltshire surprised everyone by flying in from Hong Kong.  (Not really, it was from Surprise, Arizona.)



Guest of honor Mary Ishkanian also got to say a few words and received some presents created by Dave Cohen and James DeFelice.  Below a round of applause for Mary and some of the classmates who appeared in her junior and senior plays


Former fledgling actors:  Phil Gallagher, Mary Jane Eagan English, Betty Chaggaris Eliopoulos, Carleton Varney, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, John Arena, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Ann Richardson Davis and Sandra Pool Whitney with Mary Ishkanian front and center.



Carole and David Cohen

"The world stands out on either side no wider than the heart is wide;
Above the world is stretched the sky, no higher than the soul is high."

From "Renascence" by Edna St. Vincent Millay


62nd Reunion Report from Dave Cohen


Three words that describe our 62nd reunion at the Porthole Pub are camaraderie, excitement and fun.  Would our 62nd be as good as our ambitious 60th reunion?  The answer is a resounding yes.

Approximately seventy classmates and spouses and friends showed up.  I say approximately because some classmates came late and some classmates couldn’t attend because of sudden illness.  Most of us fought through our aches and pains.

I cannot forget the mantra about our reunion two years ago.  “David, this is the best reunion we ever had; thank you and your reunion committee for your hard work.”  The challenge was to repeat the tradition of great reunions.  The secret is advance planning by my extraordinary reunion committee.  Following is the timetable of events and what happened at each event:

1:00 - 5:00pm

1:15 - Meet and greet, hors d’ouevres

The idea is to mingle, re-acquaint, and converse while coming into the room and enjoying the hors d’ouevres.  Most of us accomplished this goal while a few relaxed at the round tables with friends.  I must tell you about the giant cake incident.  Carleton Varney gave us a tall, white, engraved cake which traveled in the back seat of a car from Newport to a table at the Porthole for all to see, admire and eventually consume.  Suddenly, this delicacy began to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa with a 16 degree tilt.  Fast thinking had this extravaganza placed in the refrigerator until ready for dessert.  George Durfee, our master of ceremonies extraordinaire, had us share a moment of silence to those who have passed away including Jayne Kellett Roy who had devoted her life to many past reunions.

 2:00 - Group picture

Ten minutes earlier a loud and clear announcement was made that a group picture was to be taken and that every single classmate would be included.  Two years ago at our 60th, five classmates did not participate in the group picture:  “I wasn’t told.  I was in the bathroom.  I didn’t look so good.”  This time, no excuses.  After scrambling around different areas of the Porthole, it was decided to take the picture, against the wall.  A bench was supplied for those in the back row. Thank you, John Arena, for helping my body to climb up the bench and down the bench. Voila, smile.

2:15 - The delicious, hot buffet

The menu two years ago was so successful that we duplicated it this time.  Personally, the ham was my favorite.

 3:15 - Hilarious surprises-The Con

George Durfee introduced Sandra Lavine Kanosky.  “Sandra Lavine Kanosky will, once again, read the poem, “We’ll Always Remember Lynn.”  Before I tell you what happened, let’s go back three months earlier.  Carole, my wife of fifty-five years, and I visited a costume store and purchased a pink, poodle skirt and flip wig (a la fifties) for the talented dancer, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, and an Elvis Presley wig and long, hanging gold neck chain with attached gold guitar for, you guessed it, “Sleepy” Gallagher.  The night before the reunion, Marilyn, Sleepy, and I met at the home of Sandy Lavine Kanosky to rehearse a dance to the tune of the hit song of 1954, Sh-Boom.  

Back at the reunion, twenty seconds after Sandy started to read the poem, “We’ll Always Remember Lynn,” I continued the con.  Visibly, in the middle of the floor, I exclaimed, “STOP! Dear Sandy, thank you for, once again, reading the poem, "We’ll Always Remember Lynn"; however, we are seventy-nine and eighty years old.  We have aches and pains.  Can’t you read something more appropriate to our age?”  Adding to the drama, an unsuspecting woman in the audience shouted, "let her finish the poem."  This added to the con.  Sandy, as rehearsed, looked perplexed, surprised and confused.  She then began to read the poem “The Golden Years":

          “The Golden Years”

          I Cannot See
          I Cannot Pee
          I Cannot Chew
          I Cannot Screw
          My Memory Shrinks
          My Hearing Stinks
          No Sense Of Smell
          I Look Like Hell
          My Body Is Drooping
          I Have Trouble Pooping
         The Golden Years Have Come At Last
         The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass !

Exactly when Sandy finished the last line, the excellent disc jockey, Stephen Spinelli, played Sh-Boom and Marilyn and Sleepy burst through the swinging door entrance to the room, in costume, and danced to Sh-Boom.  The rehearsal the night before paid off.  They danced and danced from the back to the front of the room. They were so great.  They were so elegant.  They were so spontaneous. They were Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Thank you.

 3:20 - Awards

I thanked everyone in the room.  “You have made our reunions a huge success by contributing in so many different ways including attending our reunions.”  I then called up the reunion committee members for being instrumental to the success of our reunions:

 John Arena, Dave Cohen, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, George Durfee, Mary Jane Eagan English,
 Philip Gallagher, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Ann Richardson Davis.
 William Hyde and Jacob Segal were unable to attend the reunion.


One question classmates ask me before every reunion, more than any other question, is Carleton coming?  There are two reasons:  1) Carleton is the number one interior decorator in the world, President of the Dorothy Draper Co, and prolific author.  2) Carleton has contributed in so many ways to the success of our reunions.  I then called Carleton up to say a few words.  His sage comments were the importance of our roots and we should cherish them.

“There is one classmate who, also, has contributed in so many ways that has raised the quality or our reunions. John Arena, would you come up to the microphone.”  I read and presented John a Brazilian rosewood plaque with an English bulldog on top: 

                     Class of 1954

                      Presents the
            Carleton  Varney  Award

                    JOHN  J  ARENA

     For  Your  Extraordinary  Dedication
To  the  Success  of  Our  Class  Reunions

 June 11, 2016   Dave Cohen   Reunion Chair

I called up two first timers to say a few words, Paul Burke and William Downey, and I called up the classmate who had traveled the farthest, Katherine Hurley Wiltshire from Surprise, Arizona.

I like to keep in touch with our graduates via phone and to find out how they are doing.  Some have attended reunions. Some have never attended reunions.  I spoke to fourteen classmates who are very ill.  Everyone I spoke to asked me to say the same thing at our reunion:  "say hello to everyone."  I kept that promise by naming these fourteen people.

I called up our guest of honor.  This eighty-eight year old woman was twenty-four when she taught the course, Speech & Drama, in 1953 and was instrumental in directing the junior and senior dramas.  I am not sure of the names of these plays however, "Little Woman" and "You Can’t Take it With You" come to my mind.  What an honor to have  beautiful Mary Ishkanian as our guest (Her brother Jerry Ishkanian was president of the class of 1953).
Mary, in addition to being an artist, is a movie buff.  Her favorite actor is Orson Welles and her favorite actress is Shirley Temple.  I presented her with a framed plate block of twenty-four stamps of Shirley Temple.  James DeFelice mailed me a letter with pictures of these famous actors to give to Mary.  I then called up the classmates who were at this reunion and were in one or more of her dramas:  John
Arena, Mary Jane Eagan English, Philip Gallagher, Frances Moriarty Martel, Sandra Poole Whitney and Carleton Varney.  I must admit that both Mary and I struggled to hold back our emotions. 

Continuous camaraderie, excitement, and fun kept, all but a few, at our reunion until 5:00pm.  Some of our energetic “girls” and Sleepy danced to the more lively music of 1954: Jane Gibson Hinds, June Gibson Murphy, Shirley Ricker Theis, Sandra Curley Abbott, and Fred Astaire.  Mary Jane Eagan English and Ann Richardson Davis were seen reminiscing at the Porthole bar until 8:00pm.  I apologize if I have left out any names.

Would you like me to list the songs that the disc jockey played?  Following are the top 30 singles of 1954.  What’s your favorite?

Little Things Mean A Lot......Kitty Kallen
Wanted......Perry Como
Hey There......Rosemary Clooney
Sh-Boom......The Crew Cuts
Make Love To Me...... Jo Stafford
Oh! My Pa-Pa......Eddie Fisher
Oh Baby Mine I Get So Lonely......The Four Knights
Three Coins In The Fountain......The Four Aces
Secret Love......Doris Day
Hernando's Hideaway......Archie Bleyer
Young At Heart......Frank Sinatra
This Ole House......Rosemary Clooney
I Need You Now......Eddie Fisher
Cross Over The Bridge......Patti Page
The Little Shoemaker......The Gaylords
That's Amore......Dean Martin
The Happy Wanderer......Frank Weir
Answer Me, My Love......Nat King Cole
Stranger In Paradise......Tony Bennett
If I Give My Heart To You......Doris Day
If You Love Me......Kay Starr
Skokiaan......Ralph Marterie
Hold My Hand......Don Cornell
Changing Partners......Patti Page
Papa Loves Mambo......Perry Como
Shake, Rattle and Roll......Bill Haley and the Comets
Rags to Riches......Tony Bennett
In The Chapel In The Moonlight......Kitty Kallen
Stranger In Paradise......The Four Aces
Here......Tony Martin

The NEXT reunion will be Saturday, June 10, 2017, 1:00-5:00pm, The Porthole Pub



62nd Reunion Classmate Comments

Dolores Crowe Carter:  David, Thank you for the update on the reunion.  Sorry we missed it but family comes first and a graduation for our grandson was important.  It sounds like it was another great reunion and hope to make the next one.  Classmate of a great class, Dolores

Carole Norwood Canney:  Dear David, Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending me the program for the 62nd reunion.  I would have spent the big bucks to fly up for the weekend for this event as I love seeing old friends and reliving our high school years.  My son and family were here for the week from Vermont and they planned their trip several months in advance.  I have the date for next year and will mark it on my calendar for 2017.  God willing I'll make it!  Tomorrow I hit the big birthday!  I can tell you knowing we are the same age.  Take care of yourself and hello to your lovely wife, Carole.  Fondly, Carole

Edward Rando:  Hi Dave, This brief memo is to thank you for providing me with an excellent write-up of our "super 62nd class reunion."  I'm so pleased that all had a super reunion.  Thank you again for your write-up, so enjoyable to read and picture the joy that all had in coming together.  Bravo to you and all that worked with you, and took part in putting together an outstanding reunion.  I'm proud of the time we had together as classmates.  It's to be cherished.  God bless you David.  Best Always, Ed

Elaine Madell Powers:  Dear David, Thanks for your wonderful report of the reunion.  There was not a "stone unturned!"  I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word (Almost like being there).  The music was "right up my alley"   and, had I been there, I most certainly would have worn out my dancing shoes!! I really appreciate your phone call and mailing out the write-up.  With all good wishes to you and Carole.  Elaine

Mary Ishkanian:  Dear David,  I want to thank you for a memorable reunion-class of '54.  I can imagine all the work entailed!  Your are a "true blue" reunion chair.  Each morning I awake to a Curly Top Shirley Temple.  What a joy; I love it.  You were so kind and thoughtful and you were vey kind in your remarks about me in your news letter.  I was delighted to share the table with Sandy Kanosky.  She is a beautiful, classy lady.  I'm getting off a letter to Jimmy DeFelice for sharing his movie memorabilia with me.  Well done, David.  Hope you are taking a well-deserved break.  My best to you and Carole.  Love, Mary

Ann Richardson Davis:  Hello David, Many thanks for all your hard work in organizing our 62nd reunion.  It was a wonderful night and what a turnout!  Your telephone contacts made the difference.  The group picture has arrived and is excellent.  Now I can match names with faces!  I have the picture dry mounted and hanging with English and Pickering photos.  I call it my Rogues' Gallery.  I hope you will feel some progress with your back pain.  You looked terrific at the June 11th event!  My best, Ann

1954 60th Reunion Pictures

Dave Cohen's 60th Reunion Report can be found by clicking here.  There are two videos available for the 60th reunion:  click on for the pre-reunion party at the Porthole Pub.  For the reunion at the Holiday Inn, click on To see the 60th group picture, click here.

Many thanks to Paul Miga who contributed about 110 pictures of the functions that made up our 60th gathering. 

f you have some digital pictures of your own you would like to share, they can be forwarded to website manager Rick Donovan from the much older LEHS '53 class at

Ordering Group Pictures and Reunion Videos:  A color copy of our 60th class picture is available for $25.00 from Bailey's Studio of Photography.  Their address is 90 American Legion Highway, Revere, MA 02151.  The phone number is 781-284-6394.

The reunion videos of the Porthole Pub and Holiday Inn functions are available for $30.00 from the Beyond Pictures Video Group, 631 Ware St., Mansfield, MA 02078 and their phone number is 508-415-901


Porthole Pub Meet and Greet









Lynn History Museum


If you would like to know more about the Lynn Museum and Historical Society, you can check them out on their website at























Holiday Inn




Left click to enlarge the above picture...some computers may allow a second enlargement



























What to do with leftover fuzzy pictures?  Turn them into Andy Warhol imitations and sell them to classmates...profits to be divided equally between the photographer and the website manager












Dave Cohen titled this picture Dress Rehearsal.  It was taken by Sandy Lavine Kanosky as he and Phil Gallagher  practiced their balloon lady skit for the reunion at her home.


60th Reunion Report by Dave Cohen


My phone keeps on singing.  My mailbox is overflowing.  My email is working overtime.  The mantra is the same.  "Dave, this is the best reunion we ever had.  Thank you and your committee for all the hard work in making this possible."  Why the accolades?  I invite you to come back with me to the summer of 2012.

Jayne Kellett Roy had devoted her life to chairing all the previous reunions.  When she suddenly died, I waited for another classmate to take the reins.  I knew that the first step was to select a reliable committee:  those who had been on a previous committee, attended recent reunions or expressed an interest in helping with the reunion.  Today, I tell everyone that the main criteria was that they had to be alive. 

The first of five reunion committee meetings was held at my home September, 2012.  The first order of business was to select the chair, me.  I'm not saying I was roped into this position; however, this unanimous decision reminded me of the time I was in the Army.  The man in charge said all volunteers take one step forward.  Everyone but me took one step backward.

Sitting around a large table, I asked everyone to discuss what we liked and disliked about past reunions.  The answers were not surprising:  too cliquey, expensive, not fun, difficult to find and not in Lynn.  We wanted the opposite.  The main goal was to have as many people attend as possible.  I set a target of over 100 people and a decision was reached to have the reunion June 13 and 14 as these dates fell after graduation and before the July 4th holiday.

Eventually the committee decided on three events:  informal gatherings for Friday night and Saturday morning and the banquet on Saturday night.  At this time the location of 181 classmates was unknown.  With no information available from Jayne Roy’s estate, the committee began the arduous task of locating missing classmates. 

The second meeting was held two months later at the home of Sandy Lavine Kanosky.  I proudly began the meeting with prices and locations thinking I had done a good job and was promptly shot down.  Too expensive and too difficult to find was the unanimous reply.  I must admit that our committee was correct.

In the following months negotiations were held with the Porthole Pub (location for our 30th and 35th reunion) for an informal meet and greet buffet on Friday evening, the Lynn Museum with a tour and light refreshments from Christopher’s Café Saturday morning and our gala event at the Holiday Inn Saturday evening with Russ McQueen, an excellent DJ that we had at our 50th and 55th reunions.

The remaining three meetings were at my home and at the fifth and final meeting in April,  2014, we reviewed what we had discussed at the previous meetings with the emphasis on fun.  In that spirit, committee members were encouraged to help “break the ice” and mix with classmates to make the evening more comfortable for everyone.  

A last-minute attraction at the Porthole was a standup comic, Bob Seibel.  He is from "blue collar" Lynn and moved to "snobby Newburyport":  ("In Newburyport we call them cull de sacs; in Lynn we call them dead ends.”)  My thanks to Phil Gallagher, the Balloon Lady, for telling me to hire Mr. Seibel.  The guided tour Saturday morning at the Lynn Museum was a nostalgic extravaganza with pictures and displays of what Lynn used to look like in the forties and fifties.

The Saturday night gala included many awards given for a job well done.  Every committee member was individually thanked for going above and beyond the call of duty.  In special recognition to Sandra Curley Abbott for her continuous support and knowing she loves plants, she received a miniature Bonsai tree plant.  Special recognition was given to Carleton Varney for his multi-generosity at past and present reunions.  Compliments of James DeFelice, I presented Carleton a picture of him and James dated 1938 when they were two years old.  I did see a tear come out of Carleton's eye.

I must mention Paul Miga who graciously and professionally took numerous pictures at all three events.  Several days before the reunion, Paul called me and said "Dave, what are we having for dessert?"  I told him chocolate mousse, followed by silence on his end.  "Dave, I want Boston cream pie."  "Paul, this will cause a riot, everyone will want Boston cream pie."  Finally, Paul agreed but I was going to have the last laugh.  Before calling up the committee members, Paul was asked to come up.  I put on a very tall white chef's hat with a white towel neatly draped on my forearm and walked over to Paul carrying a round, sterling silver covered tray.  I had the audience count to three, lifted the cover and dramatically presented Paul with a miniature Boston cream pie.

There was one final award left.  In front of everyone, I slowly walked over to Carole, my darling and supportive wife of 53 years, knelt down and kissed her.  "Carole, I love you.  Thank you for putting up with me for the last two years.”  Like Carleton, a tear came out of my eye.

After our unforgettable reunion and when the classmates who attended had time to reflect, I asked several of them, "What was your high point?"  Here are some of the answers:

John Arena - "Everything at the Porthole Pub."

Marilyn Douglas Levesque - "Sleepy who had volunteered to tell us about a moment of greatness in his life.  His answer was 'when I got my diploma.'"

Gloria Tammaro Lemieux - "Seeing, once again, my classmates."

Sandra Curley Abbott - "Everything."

Sandra Lavine Kanosky - "When Sleepy and David came over to my house Friday and we rehearsed  Sleepy playing the role of the "Balloon Lady" wearing a wig and a  bright colored red dress with sneakers and white socks."

Sleepy Gallagher - "The end of the Saturday night event at the Holiday Inn.  Russ McQueen called everyone to the dance floor, had us form a large circle, holding hands and had everyone sing "God Bless America" and "God Bless the USA."

Dave Cohen – “Walking over to Carole and saying “I love you.”

We all agreed that the bottom line was, once again, seeing and reacquainting with fellow classmates that we have not seen between five and sixty years.

The success of our 60th reunion could not have been accomplished without the support, in every conceivable way, of the class of 1954.  Thank you George Durfee for once again doing a professional job as a very capable master of ceremonies and designing the name tags.  Thank you Rick Donovan from the class of 1953 for your website expertise.  Thank you Mary Ishkanian for making our reunion a classy event.  Many thanks to our classmates for supplying needed transportation.  Thank you to the spouses and significant others who are not 1954 classmates but also contributed a touch of class.

Thank You LEHS '54 Reunion Committee:  John Arena, Dave Cohen, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, George Durfee, Mary Jane Eagan English, Philip Gallagher, William Hyde, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Ann Richardson Davis, Marilyn Sapol Levy and Jacob Segal.  A victory celebration party for the committee was held two months after the reunion at the home of Sandy Lavine Kanosky. 

As of this report, October 23, 2014, from a class of 363, 105 are deceased and 60 have missing information.  The next reunion is planned for June, 2016.  If you attended our 60th reunion and your address, phone number or email address has changed since then, please call me at 978-531-6071 or write to me at

If you were not at the 60th reunion but would like to be kept up to date for our next gathering, please email or call me with your current contact information or write to me at 1 Cortland Street, Peabody, MA 01960.

More details will be forthcoming in class email updates and on our website.  I hope to see you in two years and I wish everyone the very best including those who wanted to but could not attend because of illness or other reasons.

Yes, our class of 1954 was, and still is, the BEST!

Ordering Group Picture and Reunion Videos:  A color copy of our 60th class picture is available for $25.00 from Bailey's Studio of Photography.  Their address is 90 American Legion Highway, Revere, MA 02151.  The phone number is 781-284-6394.

The reunion videos of the Porthole Pub and Holiday Inn functions are available for $30.00 from the Beyond Pictures Video Group, 631 Ware St., Mansfield, MA 02078 and their phone number is 508-415-901.


Special bonus section to help Red Sox fans though the 2014 post-season play


Many thanks to Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque for alerting us to Carlton's article in the Item.



Pictures from Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque's secret video.  No indication at this time on Marilyn's asking price to destroy the incriminating evidence.










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1954 55th Reunion Pictures




Location of the rowdy Friday night dinner


The O'Briens, the McGowans, the Hartmans and Betty Ann (Barry) Carroll enjoying the Salem Trolley and catching up on the history they slept through in Social Studies.


Jayne and Lloyd O'Brien, the Carters and the Kutzs


Pat Hyde, Fran (Moriarty) Martel, Gloria (Tammaro) Lemeiux and friend Ron, Mary Jane (Eagan) English and Muriel (Randall) Henderson


The Durfees, the Hanlons, Tom DeMontier, the Bishops; sitting at the back of the class as usual are Phil Gallagher and Frank Strugnell


Left:  Jim Carter, Nancy (Pagano) Kutz and hubby, Fran (Moriarty) Martel, Gloria (Tammaro) Lemieux and Ron.  Right:  Bill Carroll, George Durfee, Dan Hanlon, Ann (Richardson) Davis and Tom DeMontier.


Barbara (Lord) Strugnell and friends


Gloria Lemieux and her friend Ron, Lloyd O'Brien and Jayne Roy, George Durfee


Continuing on:  Ann Durfee, Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Tom DeMontier


These pictures are either of breakfast and a continuation of the Friday night party or Saturday lunch.  With these party animals, you never know.


Jayne (Kellett) Roy, Carleton Varney, Ruth Hartman and Ann Davis


Jayne's lost and found collection from the previous reunions; Phil looking for his golf clubs and Ann Davis bribing the DJ to play her favorites.


Ed Rando, Sandra (Lavine) Kanosky, Bruce Cook, Frank and Barbara Strugnell, Pat Cook, Tom and Marcia O'Leary, Ruth (Moore) Coyne, Ann (DeLuca) Eagan


Helen (Pickering) Domey, Bill and Betty Ann (Barry) Carroll, Delores (Crowe) Carter on the left and Ed Rando and Jayne (Kellett) Roy



Phil Gallagher, Ann Durfee, Lloyd O'Brien; George Durfee chats with Jayne Roy as she gets ready to greet attendees and commend them for their wit, humor, good taste and determined longevity.


Phil Gallagher and Muriel (Randall) Henderson were voted the couple most likely by reunion attendees


Ruth (Corton) Hartman and Bruce Cook chatting with Jayne (Kellett) Roy.  Jayne needed mechanical assistance after cheerleading practice went awry.


Mary Jane (Eagan) English and Kay (Mahan) Crehan (Mary Jane is an honorary member of the Class of 1953...either that or she stayed back in '53 and was let out in '54 with time off for good behavior)


Nancy (Kelly) Regan chats with Ara, the reunion photographer


DJ Russ McQueen practices his Johnny Towne impression while testing his gear.


Ann and Ed Rando, Marilyn (Sapol) Levy, Mary (Kiernan) Carroll and Gail (Illingworth) Pierson


Mary (Richards) Couturier, Carleton Varney, Phil Gallagher


Seated:  Jane (Dort) Silvia, Marie (LeBreaux) MacLean, Ruth Moore.  Standing:  Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Sandra (Poole) Whitney, Pat (Wescott) Hyde and Barbara (Lord) Strugnell


Lucille (Quinlan) Kennedy, Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Josephine (Cole) Hayduk, Ann (Richardson) Davis


Marcia and Tom O'Leary with DJ Russ McQueen; Bruce and Pat Cook


Lucille Quinlan and Jack Kennedy; the lovebirds in the dark corner are Bob and Gudrun Ashton


DJ Russ McQueen and Nancy (Kent) Regan; Bruce and Pat Cook


Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Pat (Wescott) Hyde, Ruth (Moore) Coyne, Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque


Helen (Pickering) Domey, Barbara (Lord) Strugnell, Jane (Dort) Sylvia, Lucille (Quinlan)Kennedy


MC George Durfee, Marilyn (Sapol) Levy, Jayne (Kellett) Roy asking classmates to bow their heads for a few moments to reflect on their misspent youth.


Muriel (Randall) Henderson and Ann (Richardson) Davis...Best Buds (non-liquid) Bruce Cook and Tom O'Leary


Apparently dancing is all in the wrists as demonstrated by Pat Cook along with  Ann (DeLuca) Egan, Nancy (Kelly) Regan and Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque.  The mystery wrists on the left...Mary Jane English.


Delores (Crowe) and Jim Carter, Muriel (Randall) Henderson, Kay (Mahan) Crehan, Nancy (Kelly) Regan, Ann and Ed Rando


Ruth (Moore) Coyne, Ann (DeLuca) Egan, Marie (LeBreaux) MacLean, Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque, Ruth (Corton) Hartman, Mary Jane (Eagan) English and Phil (Sleepy) Gallagher


Ruth (Corton) Hartman and Muriel (Randall) Henderson


Barbara (Lord) Strugnell and Delores (Crowe) Carter with a choice glass of Merlot from the Duckhorn Vinyards, St. Helena, CA.  Delores knows her wine as this vintage was one of the  top Merlot choices of "Wine & Spirits Best of 2006".


Jayne (Kellett) Roy and Lloyd O'Brien ready to call it a night and a very successful 55th reunion.

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1954 50th Reunion Pictures



Jayne Kellett and Delores Crowe reluctantly tell a couple of classmates that their checks bounced.


L-R:  Rosemary and John Arena, Lucille (Quinlan) Kennedy, Arlene and Skip Mageary


L-R:  Mary (Grady) McGowan's back and her husband Bobs arms, Ken and Ruth (Corton) Hartman, Barbara (Parsons) McKenna, and one head belongs to Ann Durfee


L-R:  Beth and Elmer (Tom) Williams, Gundrun and Bob Ashton, Don and Judy  (Edmunds) Johnston, Marge (Lejune) Carlson and the late Ann (Desmond) Minihane


Harvey Fishman on the far right; after that we're in trouble and help is appreciated


John Arena gives Jayne Roy a lovely tree for her 50th reunion efforts


Miss Agnew and John Arena on the left; Lloyd O'Brien, Jayne Roy and Carleton Varney on the right; Jane Inglis sings the national anthem


Phil Gallagher, Frank Strugnell, Lloyd O'Brien and Jimmy Carter.  Seriously, would anyone buy a used bank from these guys.



L-R:  Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque, Gail (Comfort) Bliesner, Josephine (Cole) Hayduk, ??, Judy (Edmunds) Johnston.  In front:  Tony Goggin, Edmund Rando, Lloyd O'Brien, David Gosse and George Durfee.  In back:  Michael Amico (left) and Phil Gallagher in the white shirt and trying to calculate his current golf handicap.


Personal class gift to Principal Andy Fila;  Jane Inglis and Carleton Varney


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Pictures from Past Trips


Carleton Varney's Hillandale Farm

Mackinac Island Grand Hotel, 2002

Fort Lauderdale Get-Together, 2005

Naples Luncheon, 2008

Mt. Washington, 2003

Florida Luncheon, 2007


Carleton Varney's Hillandale Farm


Mario and Rita Carrabba at the Friday night party


Ann and Ed Rando with Marjorie (Lewis) Carey



John Arena, Jayne (Kellett) Roy, Mary (Grady) McGowan, Ruth (Powell) Hanlon


Lloyd O'Brien, Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Elleanor (Connolly) Alvarez


Kay (Mahon) Crehan, Bob McGowan, Mary (Grady) McGowan


Ken Hartman, Elleanor (Connolly) Alvarez, Barbara (Parsons) McKenna, Ruth (Corton) Hartman, Jayne (Kellett) Roy, Mary Jane (Eagan) English


Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque, Elaine (Madell) Powers, Barbara (Lord) Strugnell, Dolores(Crowe) Carter


Trolley Tour with Jayne (Kellett) Roy, Marjorie (Lewis) Carey, Mary Jane (Eagan) English and Bill Carroll apparently trying to bite Mary Jane's ear


Diana (Phelan) Dunham and Dick Smith.  The Friday night party was a little too successful and bus transportation was required to get to Hillandale Farm


The party took place on Carleton Varney's front lawn.  The actual house is tornado and hurricane proof and buried completely underground.  The silver dot above the tent is an aerial surveillance drone to make sure partygoers do not get lost on the way to the Porta-Potties, the small white objects on the left of the picture.


Fresh air and food; Jayne (Kellett) Roy and Mary (Grady) McGowan


Barbara (Parsons) McKenna, Marjorie (Lewis) Carey, Mary (Richards) Couturier on the left; George Couturier and Lloyd O'Brien on the right


A new Olympic sport:  Vintage Cheerleading; top row:  Elaine (Madell) Powers, Josephine (Cole) Hayduk, Bettyann (Barry) Carroll, Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque, in front:  Barbara (Lord) Strugnell, Pat (Wescott) Hyde and Jack Kennedy debating on whether or not to save his eardrum and find another seat


In fair weather, the house is raised above ground to recharge its solar batteries; classmates had an opportunity to see the inside before Carleton put the house away for the night


Sally Hyde, George Durfee, Lloyd O'Brien


Mary Jane English, Ann (DiPasquale) Cote, Carleton Varney, Ruth (Corton) Hartman and Elaine (Madell) Powers


Tom O'Leary and Bruce Cook;  typical American dinning room, circa September, 2008


An intent audience patiently waiting for the group below trying to remember all the words to "Roll On You Bulldogs"


Elleanor (Connolly) Alavarez, Jayne (Kellett) Roy, Ed Rando, Elmer Williams, Lloyd O'Brien, Mario Carrabba, George Durfee, Bill Hyde (hidden in the original picture but part of the guilty party)



Diana (Phelan) Dunham, Ann (DeLuca) Cote, Sandra (Hyde) Wildey


Elleanor (Connolly) Alvarez thanked Carleton for his generosity and Carleton thanked Jayne for organizing the visit with a box of chocolates and the deed to his private home at Eden Rock in St. Bart's


John Arena comes to the rescue as he leads a group of classmates to safety after they lost their way to the Porta-Potties


Sadly, despite the best efforts of the aerial surveillance drone, many classmates were not as fortunate.

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Mackinac Island Grand Hotel, 2002


In 2002, several members of the class took out equity loans and visited one of the premier historic hotels in the world.  Because of Carleton Varney's work in a massive remodeling project for the hotel and his long-time friendship with hotel owner Dan Musser, the group was treated "like royalty."   Goodies included a free cocktail party Friday night, a visit and a cocktail party at the owner's home Saturday night and a private dining room for their Saturday night meal along with special entertainment.

You can see some of Carleton's work by clicking on and checking out the Rooms & Rates page.  While you are on this page, check out the Named Rooms section for the rooms designed by Carleton for several Presidents' wives.

If you think you would like to visit the hotel, you can check out a thorough review at Mackinac Grand Hotel.


At 400 yards, the Grand Hotel has the official world's longest front porch.


Jayne (Kellett) Roy, Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Ruth (Corton) Hartman, Lloyd O'Brien, Carol (Thomas) Forster, Marilyn (Douglas) Levesque, Francis (Moriarty) Martel, Marilyn (Matthews) Steele


Ruth (Corton) Hartman, Carol (Thomas) Forester, Lloyd O'Brien, George and Mary (Richards) Couturier


No cars are allowed on the island, but their idea of a taxi does seem extreme.


On rainy days various sections of the 400-yard front porch are reserved for tennis, basketball, touch football games and  practice sessions for local roller derby teams.


Lloyd O'Brien, Jayne (Kellett) Roy, Ruth (Corton) Hartman, Ann Durfee and Mary (Richards) Couturier


Elleanor (Connolly) Alvarez, Lloyd O'Brien, Jayne (Kellett) Roy:  top row:  George Durfee, Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Mary (Grady) McGowan, Ruth (Corton) Hartman, Marilyn (Matthews) Steele, and Ruth (Powell) Hanlon


Horse-drawn carriages are the only transportation vehicles allowed on Mackinac Island (which is pronounced Mackinaw by the way, so you won't sound like a tourist when you get there).  The season runs from May to October.  We are happy to report that at last count, the humans are leading the horses 600 to 500.




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Fort Lauderdale Get-Together, 2005


Rosemary and John Arena, Lloyd O'Brien, Fran Moriarty Martel and Sandy Lavine Kanosky


Phil Gallagher, Jack Richards, Ed and Ann Rando


Sandy Hart Wildey, Phil Gallagher, Pat Wescott Hyde, Martha and Mike Amico, Judy Dixon Caselli and some local resident looking for a free meal


Nancy Douglas, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, Elaine Madell Powers, Mr. and Mrs. Gail Comfort Bliesner

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Naples Luncheon, 2008


Sitting:  Betty Chaggaris Eliopoulos, Ann DePasquale Eagan, Pat Wescott Hyde, Judy Edmonds Johnston, Jayne Kellett Roy, Kay Hurley Wiltshire, Fran Moriarty Martel;  Standing:  Marge LeJune Carlson, Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Carole Norwood Canney, Betty Ann Barry Carroll, Ann Richardson Davis; Back Row:  Judy Dixon Casselli, Phil Gallagher, Ed Rando, Gail Comfort Bliesner, Sandy Hart Wildey, Elaine Madell Powers, Ed Mageary, Lloyd O'Brien, Bill Carroll, John Arena


Pat Wescott Hyde, Carole Norwood Canney, Ann Richardson Davis; Standing:  Kay Hurley Wiltshire and Fran Moriarty Martel


Lucille Quinlan Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, Phil Gallagher, Arlene Mageary; Standing:  Betty Ann Barry Carroll, Bill Carroll and Ed Mageary


Judy Edmunds Johnston, Phil Gallagher, Marge LeJune Carlson, Ed and Ann Rando, Llloyd O'Brien


Marge LeJune Carlson, Jayne Kellett Roy, Lloyd O'Brien; Judy Edmunds Johnston, Phil Gallagher, Ann Rando

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Mt. Washington, 2003


Delores Crowe Carter caught trying to grab a souvenir



Sorry to say, we do not know who the classmate is doing rock pushups


Ken Hartman, Mary Grady McGowan and husband Bob, Ann Durfee


L - R:  Lloyd O'Brien, Ken Hartman, George Durfee, Bob Forster and Jim Corton


Standing Muriel Randall Henderson and Mike Amico; seated,  Carol Thomas Forster, Jayne Kellett Roy, Ruth Corton Hartman and Ann Durfee


Classmates line up for admission to The Cave, a prohibition-era speakeasy with stone walls and a scary entrance along with a cocktail lounge, restaurant and entertainment


Lloyd O'Brien and Carol Thomas waiting for the Cog Railway train; Muriel Randall Henderson doing her impression of the Lynn Item's One-Shot Harris


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Florida Luncheon, 2007


Another roundup of the usual suspects:  Sitting:  Ann DeLuca Cote, Sandra Lavine Kanosky, Jayne Kellett Roy, Elaine Madell Powers, Marilyn Douglas Levesque, and Ann Richardson Davis.  Standing:  Lloyd O'Brien, Ed Rando, Betty Barry Carroll, Bill Carroll, Mary Jane Eagan English, Phil Gallagher, Judy Dixon Caselli, John Arena and Kevin Powers


John Arena, Paul Gallagher and Sandy Lavine Kanosky


Elaine Madell Powers and Marilyn Douglas Levesque


Sandra Lavine Kanosky and John Arena


Diana Phelan Dunham and Sandra Lavine Kanosky


Bill Carroll, John Arena and Phil Gallagher


Betty and Bill Carroll


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