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This page is most likely incomplete.  Please notify the semi-senile Site Manager at of any errors or omissions.

Site Sponsor:  LEHS Leaky Lunch Club

No matter how badly the day had begun or was going to end, lunch with friends was a saving grace.  This site is dedicated to friends and classmates no longer with us especially club members Bob Howard, Dave Hicks and Louie Mangifesti.

Bob Howard was the first club member to boldly go where none of us had yet to go by stealing the bright and beautiful class of '54's Nancy Stevenson out from under our collective noses, marrying her, leaving Lynn and eventually landing in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

The surviving reprobates are Bill Croteau and Rick Donovan


Site Manager:  Rick Donovan

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Site Creator and original Webmaster:  Sean Donovan 

This site would not have survived without Sean's endless patience and ongoing support.  Now I know how some of those secretaries and teachers in the Lynn School System felt when I introduced them to the wonderful worlds of punched cards and computer terminals.

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For the LEHS '54 Reunions:  Jayne (Kellett) Roy, Jim Abts and Paul Miga. 

Classmates' pictures appear on our site with the assumed permission of the classmates.  Please write to us at if you wish to have a picture or text removed.

Videographers: Gary Getchell, Rick Donovan
Senior Photographer James Starratt
Memorabilia Donors: Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson, Art Caldwell, Ed Cummiskey, Charles Donnelly, Gary Getchell, Fran Page, Janet (Armstrong) Ralph, Bob Rhodes
Contributing Artists: Carl Goodwin, Clayton Curtis,
Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette
Contributing Writers: Jim Wood, Mary A. Comer, Starr Piwowarski,
Leon Blumberg  (50th Memory Booklet contributors are listed on our 50th Memory Booklet page)
In Box Contributors: Janet (Armstrong) Ralph, June (Scotty) DeRoin, Bill Croteau, Ed Cummiskey, Art Caldwell, Lee D'Agnese, Carl Goodwin, Lee (Cliff) Ryan
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Site Database:  Fran Page and Rick Donovan

After an evening enjoying the extensive wine cellar offerings of Delly and Jim Starratt, Fran and I found that we had somehow volunteered for this project.  Thankfully for me, Fran was able to use his optical scanner expertise to turn June (Scotty) DeRoin's master list plus all of the research for our 50th reunion from Bob Rhodes, Art Prentiss, Ron Natalie, Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson and Art Caldwell into an extensive Excel spreadsheet. 

With English High's permission, I collected dates of birth from our office record cards and added them to the spreadsheet...yes I did check my own grades and may have checked a few others but I'm sworn to secrecy.  (Only one office record card was missing.  His name must go unmentioned but he did serve as the Lynn Superintendent of Schools for a while.) 

Each classmate was checked against the public databases for the latest address and telephone information.  Fran then prepared the calling lists for committee members.



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