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62nd Mini-Reunion


A very special thanks to Art Caldwell, Jerry Colpitts, Terry Downey and Lou Mangifesti who were unable to attend but generously made donations to the reunion committee which were used to help defray the increased cost of renting the Winter Island function hall this year.



After years of trying, Fran (Sonny) Page was able to get his barbershop quartet, the Essex County 4, together for our 62nd reunion.  In addition, Gary Getchell gave us a bunch of belly laughs from his days as a stand up down Maine humorist. 


 I'm sorry to report that my Cannon camera which I used for our homemade videos could not stand the quality of my work any longer and committed suicide by jumping off the top of my 4' tripod shortly before Gary started his routine.  To make matters worse, not only did I forget that my cell phone which has video was in my car...I never thought to borrow one from a classmate. 

If any attendees have some cell phone video of Gary's performance they would like to share, please contact me at .


In addition to hardware problems, our editing software is having trouble synchronizing its audio track with the video track.  You can click on to view the video in its current state while the hunt is on for replacement editing software.


Gary is nothing if not prepared.  His "down Maine" presentation was a special one for us but I believe he still does the occasional Comedy Club gig and this past Christmas he narrated and acted out "The Night Before Christmas" as part of the Down-East Brass Quartet's Christmas concerts around the state of Maine.

Tootie (Pettigrew) Anderson and Bob Rhodes get caught up.


Reunion Treasurer June (Scotty) DeRoin with Al and Joan Halfry



Joan McSweeney and Bob Anderson; Bob Rhodes and Helen Ready



Jack Abare and Vinnie Fabucci; Karl Mascott, Joe Wescott and Walt Pohle on the right


May Porter, Frank Donahue,Gary Getchell;  in the background Joan McRobbie and Doris Murphy



Fran Page, Joan McSweeney and Bob Anderson "discuss" the value of having a woman for president; on the right, Sheila Page, Joan and Joe Wescott and what's left of Walt Pohle's hair



Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco trying to sweet-talk Huntly Smith into voting for Mrs. Clinton



Bob Anderson on the left; Geraldine Sherber, Loretta Pohle; Huntley Smith and Dot Savio



 Elaine Brothers, Alice O'Brien, Joan McRobbie; Joe Wescott, Loretta and  Walt Pohle, Tootie Anderson enjoying the music or waiting for the punch line of one of Gary Getchell's down Maine stories



Al Halfry swipes the best parts of his wife Joan's salad;  Joan McSweeney recruiting voting support from Jim Starratt


Our class sommelier Huntley Smith departs from his usual well known wineries to experiment with an Old Moon Zinfandel from Trader Joe's and an imported wine Cotes du Venteux Rose, 2013 from the LaVielle Ferme Winery in Rhone, France. 

While Trader Joe's still has its "two buck chuck" (now over $3.00), it is earning a good reputation for its off-label selections from less well known wineries.  The Ferme 2013 is no longer available but the 2014 is still on the market.


Some more pictures from our staff photographer "One Shot Harris" alias Jim Starratt























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