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61st Mini-Reunion


New Pictures are always welcome.  Corrections for misspelled names, missing names or misplaced humor are always appreciated.

Individual pictures of classmates remain on the site with their permission.  To have a picture removed, please write to the website manger.

To contact classmates, write to the website manager for their latest available information.

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Video:  A short video for the 61st picnic is listed below and all of the videos for the 60th reunion have been re-edited to reduce their original shakiness.

LEHS '54:  The list below includes two videos from their 60th reunion.  Their webpage is in the middle of a rebuilding but the links on the left side of their page are live.  There is a 60th group picture available with names and over 100 pictures from their three events donated by Paul Miga. names are available for the still pictures yet.


Current Website Video Library

Class of 1953: - 61st Mini-Reunion

Full Video - 60th Reunion:

Part 1 - Hospitality Suite, DJ Dan Sky
Part 2 - Tony Pace Audience Skits
Part 3 - Tony Pace Imitations
Part 4 - Energizer Bunnies Dancing - 50th reunion video - Jack Abare 57th anniversary fun

Class of 1954: - 55th Reunion Skit "Teachers We Had" - 60th Reunion:  Porthole Pub with comedian Bob Seibel - 60th Reunion:  Holiday Inn Banquet

Public Video

Candlepins For Cash with Bill Croteau.  Click on


Photography:  As in past reunions, the bulk of the good pictures belong to Jim Starratt.  Fran (Sonny) Page, Rick Donovan and Al Halfrey chipped in a few pictures as well.  Photos are noted with the taker's name so that you will know who to punch in the nose at the next gathering.


Winter Island, Salem, MA and the destination for our 61st mini-picnic of September 4, 2014.  Taken apparently before school was out and the campgrounds in full swing.  The small white building in the center of the picture is the island's function hall.  (Courtesy Winter Island Website)

Jim Starratt thought we were long overdue for a reusable reunion banner so he designed one and got the materials.  His wife Delores Levesque stitched it together.  (Warning to artists in our class: she is on the lookout for someone to add a couple of bulldog pictures.)  (J. Starratt)

Shirley Collins, June Scotty, Rose Woodrome, May Porter and Eileen Reed; It's in the reunion bylaws and in the genes.  No matter how big the meal is, you still get snacks.  (J. Starratt)


Left to right:  June Scotty, Rose Woodrome, May Porter, Geraldine (Sherber) Locker, Jackie Baklini and Rick Donovan proving that the early birds get the best snacks.  (J. Starratt)


From left to right:  Judy Kjellgren, May Porter, Frank Donahue, Sheila Page, Shirley Collins and it may be Rose Woodrome's earring.  Special thanks to the ladies at this table for taking a few minutes out of the reunion to go over the pictures Judy donated to our Down Memory Lane page to make sure the names were correct.  You can check out Judy's memory pictures here(F. Page)

Left to right: Pat Donnelly standing, Alice O'Brien, Doris Murphy, Nancy Douglas Cox; the heads belong to Ruth Hunt, Janet Armstrong and Joan McSweeney.  (F. Page)


Eileen Reed, May Porter, Nancy (Whitmore) Musacchio, her daugher Dawn and Nancy's sister Jane  (J. Starratt)


Some more early birds...anchoring seats in the back are Geraldine Sherber, Dorothy Savio and Huntley Smith; in the foreground Paul English and Joe Wescott  (J. Starratt)


That corner got more popular as Jerry Ishkanian, Mary Jane English and Delly Levesque joined in  (J. Starratt)


The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.  On the left Nancy (Whitmore) Musacchio, her sister Jane and Nancy's daughter Dawn D'auria who wears her father Anthony's name tag.  Her father was unable to about his being well represented.  (J. Starratt)


Art Boland wasn't on hand because he was committed to working at Mass. General this day but there was a doctor in the house.  By the window is Rick Donovan bugging Terry Downey about his sister's health problem.  Terry has a PhD in nursing from Boston University and was one of the first persons in the area to earn this degree.  (J. Starratt)


Paul English, Joe Wescott, Walter Pohle and Jerry Ishkanian  (J. Starratt)


The same guys when they knew Jim Starratt taking their picture.  In the back, wine aficionado Huntley Smith  (J. Starratt)


Jack Abare, Vinny Fabucci, Dwight/Dewey Brothers and Frank Donahue.  In the back, Jackie Baklini taking a hearing break and admiring Salem Harbor; Rick Donovan taking a picture of the surviving Coast Guard barracks building.  (J. Starratt)


It's surprising that the Halloween capital of the world has not turned the building into a haunted house.  (R. Donovan)


The Coast Guard seaplane hanger still does duty as storage for the Harbormaster and the city of Salem  (A. Halfrey)


The three mouseketeers:  Dwight Brothers, Joe Wescott and Jerry Ishkanian (J. Starratt)


Four more mousketeers:  June Scotty, Shirley Collins, Geraldine Sherber and May Porter  (J. Starratt)


Rick Donovan looking for his hat that Dwight knocked off in his haste to say hello to Ruth Hunt(J. Starratt) 


Janet Armstrong bookended by Dwight and Ruth  (J. Starratt) 


Walter Pohle bookended by Pat and Vinny Fabuccio.  Not sure if that is a thumb's up or an invitation outside.  (J. Starratt)


Alice O'Brien, Rose Woodrome and Doris Murphy  (J. Starratt)


Joanne Pettigrew, Loretta Pohle who brought her own snacks, Elaine McGrath and Joan Wescott  (J. Starratt)


Terry Downey probably helping Pat Donnelly with a health question; Joan and Al Halfrey  (J. Starratt) 


Joan McSweeney, Alice O'Brien, Doris Murphy, Rose Woodrome, Pat Donnelly;  Doris and Pat are trying to figure out who is who and apparently don't realize the names are on the back of the picture.  (J. Starratt)


Mary Jane English and husband Paul in his high style sunglasses; Clayton Simons on the right and Rick Donovan wisely moving his gear so it doesn't get clobbered when the buffet starts.  (J. Starratt)


For two old guys Dwight Brothers and Jack Abare look pretty good  (J. Starratt)


Rick Donovan congratulating Mary Jane English on the work she and her LEHS '54 reunion committee members did for their 60th reunion extravaganza.  At the left, Vin Fabucci in his sergeant at arms role and ready to protect older classmates from getting knocked down in the rush to the buffet.  (J. Starratt)


Al Halfrey and his child bride Joan Youngstead from the LEHS ' 55 class.  Al got a number of compliments for his appropriate summer garb purchased at the Winter Island camp store.  (J. Starratt)


Dorothy Savio and Huntley Smith; Rick Donovan was surprised to see a bottle of Beringer's 2012 sparkling white Zinfandel on their table.  It was in great demand in California and only a few cases made it to the east coast.  (J. Starratt)


Clayton Simons reacts to a Florida land sales pitch from Dewey Brothers  (J. Starratt)


Nancy Whitmore's sister Jane and daughter Dawn are not buying any land either  (J. Starratt)


Joan McSweeney and Joanne Pettigrew  (J. Starratt)


Bob Anderson considering all his options before replying to Tootie's question  (J. Starratt)


Joan McSweeney, Alice O'Brien, Rose Woodrome and Doris Murphy  (J. Starratt)


The photographer gets toasted by Elaine McGrath while Joan Wescott is having seconds thoughts about her husband Joe's plans to swim to the Marblehead shore and back to Winter Island before lunch.  (J. Starratt)


Ruth Hunt and Nancy Whitmore  (R. Donovan)


Joan Halfrey reacts as Fran (Sonny) Page invites Al to a quick jog around the island.  (R. Donovan)


Elaine McGrath leads a rendition of Happy Birthday for Bob Anderson who recently turned 92.  Clayton Simons was also sung to along with another classmate whose name the site manager had forgotten.  Thankfully, Tootie Pettigrew came to his rescue with Dewey (Dwight) Brothers who has the same birth date as Bob Anderson.  (J. Starratt)


Joan Wescott and Mary Jane English lead the applause for Bob Anderson, our group's first nonagenarian  (J. Starratt)


Joan and Al Halfrey;  Rick Donovan is disappointed that he could not talk them into a two week house swap next summer.  They both live in Salem but the Halfreys are surrounded by conservation land and he thought they would enjoy the excitement of living on the second  most dangerous curve on Route 1A as you enter Salem from Swampscott.  The first curve is known to local residents as "Dead Man's Curve."  They could also enjoy hearing SSU students at all hours of the night heading to and from various parties when not pausing to kick holes in his neighbor's fence.  (F. Page)

Salem harbor from the deck of the function hall  (F. Page)


Dawn D'auria reacts as she learns for the first time about her aunt Jane skipping school to attend a Tiny Tim concert and throw her underwear on the stage   (R. Donovan)


Alice, Rose, May Doris and Jack Abare  (R. Donovan)


Bob Anderson, Jack Abare, Vincenzo Fabucci and Frank Donahue enjoy the breezes, temperature and company (J. Starratt)


Guess Who  (J. Starratt)



 Elaine and Pat  (R. Donovan); Ruth and Dwight (Dewey)...looks like another Florida land sale down the tubes  (J. Starratt)



 Geraldine Sherber, Vin Fabucci, Huntley Smith; Delly Levesque and Jim Abare  (J. Starratt)



  Clayton Simons and Sonny Page; Clayton proving he can still do his famous Tarzan lunchroom yell.  (J. Starratt)



Jackie Baklini, Delly and Jim Starratt   (F. Page); Apetizers to hold people until the regular snacks are set out.   (J. Starratt)



 Sonny Page and Jackie Baklini; Delly Levesque and Stevie McGrath  (J. Starratt)



 Jack and Mary Jane  ;(J. Starratt); Jane Whitmore and Dawn D'auria  (R. Donovan)



      Dewey and Ruth; Elaine and Delly  (J. Starratt)



Jerry gets ready to render an opinion on the snacks; Nancy Douglas and Pat Donnelly reminisce.  (J. Starratt)



Stevie McGrath and Jackie Baklini; Jerry Ishkanian, Terry Downey, Jackie Baklini (faster than a speeding bullet) and Rick Donovan who found out that he and Terry were at Boston University in the 60s getting degrees while dodging Vietnam anti-war protests.  He was also teaching an introductory course on computers for educators who lucked out when one of the protests caused their final exam to be cancelled.  (J. Starratt)



May Porter ready to give Ruth Hunt a congratulatory slap up the side of her head  (R. Donovan); Anthony and Cleopatra alias Dawn D'auria and Jack Abare.  Nancy Whitmore's and Dawn's husbands know Jack through the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts which is the oldest military organization in the country.  (J. Starratt)



  Jackie Baklini points out the guilty party...probably a guy; Nancy Whitmore and May Porter get caught up.  (R. Donovan)



 Vin Fabucci and Dewey Brothers racked with indecision; whether to load up on the appetizers or save some room for the regular snacks. (J. Starratt)   Janet Armstrong gets a bear hug from May Porter.  (R. Donovan)



On the left:  Joe Wescott, Delly Levesque, Terry Downey, Jerry Ishkanian, Pat Donnelly and June Scotty; on the right, Vinny Fabucci and Frank Donahue  (R. Donovan)



Left side:  Paul and Mary Jane English, Jerry Ishkanian  (R. Donovan);  Right side:  Alice O'Brien, Doris Murphy, Jackie Baklini, Rose Woodrome and Eileen Reed;  (F. Page)


Friendly Faces  (J. Starratt)



Janet Armstrong; Vincenzo Fabucci's internationally recognized salute



Stevie McGrath and Elaine McGrath...related?



Tootie Pettigrew; Stevie McGrath proving that laughter is the best medicine


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              (A. Halfrey)


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