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60th Reunion Pictures


New Pictures are always welcome.  Corrections for misspelled names, missing names or misplaced humor are always appreciated.

Individual pictures of classmates remain on the site with their permission.  To have a picture removed, please write to the website manger.

To contact classmates, write to the website manager for their latest available information.

Email can be sent to salem197a@gmail.com .  Postal mail can be sent to 197 Loring Avenue, Salem, MA 01970.


Latest version You Tube Videos  (Click on highlighted sections)


Part 1 - Hospitality Suite, DJ Dan Sky and dancing, Tony Pace


Part 2 - Tony Pace Audience Skits


Part 3 - Tony Pace Imitations


Part 4 - Energizer Bunnies Dancing


Full Video - Parts 1 thru 4


Recent Additions to the You Tube Library


http://youtu.be/vS5iDC8Fc1g - Abare  anniversary fun

http://youtu.be/dGJXnVViEEE - LEHS 1953 50th reunion video

http://youtu.be/c-D77tBnDAI - LEHS 1954 55th teacher stories skit


Staff Photographer:  Jim Starratt    Associate Photographers:  Elaine McGrath, Shirley Carpenter, Rick Donovan and Dick Gannon


Picture Sections


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Two projects are still in the works:  pictures donated to the website by Joan (McRobbie) Cordero and Judy (Kjellgren) Murphy are on our site on the Down Memory Lane page.  Names of the classmates will continue to be added as they become available.  Click here if you want to see them now.


Guilty by association:  Judy Getchell, June Scotty, May Porter, Elaine McGrath, Delly Levesque and Shirley Carpenter.    (E. McGrath)


Our 60th reunion took place at the Peabody Holiday Inn on September 5th and included a hospitality suite which was available on the afternoon and evening of September 4th.  Changes at Peabody since our 55th reunion included a major renovation of all the rooms.  You can see some of the changes by clicking Peabody Holiday Inn.  Holiday's prices are still reasonable compared to the larger hotels and it may be the only hotel in the area that would let the reunion committee run its own hospitality suite.

There appeared to be a general consensus at this reunion that it would be the last in the formal evening banquet format.  If you have a particular preference for the time and place of the next reunion, send it on to the reunion committee at LEHS1953@comcast.net.


Wednesday's Hospitality Suite Pictures by Jim Starratt


Sandy and Herb Slate, Dwight (Dewey) Brothers


June Scotty, Jack Abare, Dexter (Dexter) Brothers


Gary Getchell and Joanne (Tootie) Anderson


Angie Kuchulis and Judy Kjellgren


Our website Travel Consultants Nadine and Art Caldwell.  When not travelling with Nadine, Art serves as our Site Historian and Sports Guru.   Click on our Lynn History page to see his many contributions.  He has also added numerous pictures to our past reunion pages and when Nadine doesn't have him painting the house again, he searches for missing classmates on the Internet. 

May Porter and Delly Levesque


Vinnie Sweetland and Dewey Brothers


Joyce and Bill Cushing


Members of  May Porter's groupies:  Rose Woodrome and Frank Donahue


Dexter Brothers and Walter Forrest


Joanne Anderson and Lorraine Brothers


Guess Who and Rick Donovan


Longtime Bearers of the Torch:  Committee Treasurer June (Scotty) DeRoin and Secretary Delly (Levesque) Starratt


Neat, convenient and safer than bathtub gin


Angie Kuchulis and Carol Kenneally


Lorraine and Dexter Brothers, May Porter and Charlie Donnelly


New arrivals Joan McRobbie, Doris Murphy and Alice O'Brien

Herb Slate and his child bride Sandy look on while Rick Donovan tries to unstick his wine glass.


Ron and Betty Natalie; always good to have a lawyer on hand in case anyone on the reunion committee gets arrested.


Joe Wescott and Don Hudson


Nancy and Vinnie Sweetland make a sandwich out of Walter Pohle


Representing the Army and the Air Force:  Jack Abare and Art Caldwell


Bob Anderson, May Porter and some strange women who stopped in for snacks


Frank Donahue, Eileen Reed and Walt Forrest waiting for the snack crowd to get out of the way.


Jack Abare, Art Caldwell and Joe Wescott sharing war stories


Watching classmates (Carol Kenneally, Dewey Brothers, Joan Wescott, Loretta Pohle, and Elaine (McGrath) Brothers) watch themselves.  Fran (Sonny) Page put a slide show together using the pictures on our website plus the pictures donated by Judy Kjelljren and Joan McRobbie and displayed them on the room's TV.  The show was repeated on a larger screen at the banquet.


Nadine Caldwell, Alice O'Brien and Carol Kenneally checking out the slide show while Bill Frisone laughs at one of Elaine (McGrath) Brothers' comments.


One of the drawbacks of taking pictures...you can't enjoy what classmates are laughing at.


New members of the audience:  Judy Getchell, Don Raney and his wife Joan Conway


Sonny Page's slide show was also playing on his laptop monitor; Walt Pohle borrows Tootie (Pettigrew) Anderson's walker to take a little weight off the floor.


Frank Donahue; Rick Donovan checking out his videotaping of the room's ceiling


Bob Rhodes and Gary Getchell


May Porter rewards Bob Rhodes for resolving a scheduling conflict in favor of the reunion.


Talk about timing...this picture is being added just four days after the Red Sox world series win:  on the screen is our 1953 baseball squad which earned the right to play in Fenway Park for the state championship.  You can click here to read Al Roland's tribute to Fenway and his comments on the experience along with those of Jim (Dutch) Leonard and Bob (Chico) Barrasso. 



An incentive to attend our reunions; Jack Abare gets a hug from Pat (Donnelly) Fabucci.


Walt Pohle and Pat Donnelly's husband Vincenzo (veen-CHEN-tsah) Fabucci


The Godfather of the reunion committee Jack Abare flanked by two Energizer Bunnies from the state of Washington:  Shirley Carpenter and her sister Susi Paresi.



Hospitality Room Guards Gary Getchell, Joe Wescott and Huntley Smith protect the bathtub.


When not on guard duty, Huntley relaxes with Dorothy Savio


Two classy classmates:  Shirley (Collins) Starion and Bob Rhodes


Surprise Pizza Party

After a couple of visits to June (Scotty) DeRoin and Delly (Levesque) Starratt by the hotel manager about the number of visitors to our hospitality suite, he may have panicked when he heard they were throwing a surprise pizza party for all in attendance.  Whatever the reason, he offered the committee the free use of a meeting room just off the lobby.

Joe Wescott and Walt Pohle wondering where the hell the pizza is.


As you can imagine, it didn't take long to fill up the tables.


While waiting for the pizza, Carol Kenneally wonders how Walt's dentures ended up in her drink.



Delly Levesque and Sonny Page keep an eye on both doors for the pizza delivery.


Jack Abare showing off his chest hair which got Elaine Brothers attention was well.


The pizza arrives in time to prevent a food riot.  The supplier was Bertucci's on Rt. 1 and two brave employees risked life, limb and pizza to run across the Rt. 1 exit road to Holiday Inn.




One thing about us old folks:  we're usually pretty neat.


Carol Kenneally still upset with Walt Forrest about his dentures.



Jim Starratt gets a smile from Huntley Smith, Shirley Collins and Vinny Fabucci


Dexter and Dewey Brothers fighting over the last piece of pizza on the table.


Walt Pohle congratulates Dewey on his quick hands while Joe Wescott consoles Dwight.


Dexter Brothers, Walter Forrest and Bob Rhodes


Rick Donovan at a loss to defend his thick crust preference against pizza purist Vin Fabucci's thin crust philosophy.  A couple of Army officers comparing their pizza to the Army's K and C rations.


Shirley Carpenter and Susi Paresi; Nancy Sweetland and Joan Wescott


Bob Rhodes and Walt Forrest; Dot Savio and Delly Starratt


Nightcap Time


Nightcaps of your choice plus an excellent decaffeinated coffee made for us by Bob Anderson.


More war stories


Shirley Carpenter trying to convince Vinnie Sweetland that Susi Paresi is her sister.


Like the rest of us, Vinnie doesn't believe Shirley either.


Sheila Page, Shirley Collins and Angie Kuchulis ready to call it a night; Joe Wescott trying to decide if he should shave his legs for the banquet.   


Wednesday's Hospitality Suite Pictures from our Associate Photographers


Classmates take a break from the maddening crowd to enjoy perfect weather.    (E. McGrath)


Joanne and Bob Anderson; Susi Paresi, Shirley Collins, Shirley Carpenter, Jack Abare    (E.McGrath)


Pat Donnelly, Rose Woodrome, Eileen Reed, Judy Kjellgren    (E. McGrath)


We should all look this good on our 60th reunion:  Carol Kenneally, May Porter, Judy Getchell, June Scotty, Elaine McGrath, Delly Levesque and Shirley Carpenter.     (S. Carpenter)


Ace photographer Jim Starratt puts his camera down for a picture with his wife Delly Levesque; May Porter and Frank Donahue resting comfortably.    (S. Carpenter)


Joe Wescott and Walt Pohle on the right; on the left, Rick Donovan gets to enjoy (?) his very first cup of Starbucks coffee ever as a reward for taking Shirley Carpenter and her sister Susi Paresi shopping.  Even though Shirley is twisting his arm behind his back, he had to admit it was okay...ouch!...not too bad...oww!...actually pretty good.    (S. Carpenter)


Thursday's Banquet Pictures by Jim Starratt

Two friends of the reunion committee who have been helping our website for years are Jim Starratt and Fran (Sonny) Page.  Jim is married to Delly Levesque and graduated from LEHS a little before our class, 1946 I believe.  Jim is well-known for his photographs (see an earlier tribute to him here) and he is also the man behind our computerized reunion banquet reservation system.  His system kept track of incoming attendees and their meal choices, provided regular updated attendee lists for the website and printed our ID badges.  Jim also printed out complete attendee lists for distribution in the hospitality suite and a Holiday staff member made copies of his list to hand out at the banquet.

Sonny used his optical scanning and computer expertise to build our first reunion database (you can see the details here).  Our current database has 393 records:  122 are deceased, 164 are active and 107 are inactive but may still have current contact information. 

For this reunion, he produced the calling lists for our committee and was responsible for building the slide show shown in the hospitality suite.  With the loan of Jack Abare's laptop projector, he ran the slide show for the banquet as well.  In addition, Sonny used his laser printer to produce copies of the deceased list shown on our website for all attendees.  During the day before the reunion, he collected and scanned pictures brought in by Joan (McRobbie) Cordero and Judy (Kjellgren) Murphy.  They were added to his slide show for the banquet and will be appearing on our website if the site manager ever resuscitates enough brain cells to finish the rest of the 60th pictures.



Delly (Levesque) Starratt and husband Jim; Fran (Sonny) Page setting up the banquet slide show


The guardian at the banquet gate:  Pat (Donnelly) Fabucci



Jack Abare and Jeanne (Anderson) Derrah; Delly Starratt and Jane Boland


Paul and Beverly Belliveau; Jackie (Baklini) Casey and Dick Gannon


Lorraine and Dexter (Dexter) Brothers; Bill Frisone and Art Caldwell


 Rick Donovan with our Poet Laureate Jim Wood.  Don Hudson with Joan (McRobbie) Cordero.  The reunion committee voted Jim "best dressed male" and as a reward let him sit next to Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco.

Elaine (McGrath) and Dwight (Dewey) Brothers:  the longest married couple in our class.  Dave Cohen and Rick Donovan.  Dave is the reunion chairman of the LEHS class of 1954 who will also hold their 60th reunion at the Holiday Inn.  He stopped by to introduce himself to June DeRoin and Delly Starratt and thank them for their support of his class on our website.  You can check out their webpage at LEHS 1954 Reunions.

Ron and Betty Natalie; Arlene (Brunette) and  Edgar Wallace


Jim Wood's table partner Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco, Jack Abare, Walter Forrest and Jim Wood

Neighborhood buds:  Mike Ciarletta and Rick Donovan; Joanne (Tootie) and Bob Anderson.  Because Jack Abare is a major stockholder in the Hawaiian Coffee Company, the world's largest roaster of Royal Kona, the company flew the Andersons to the reunion from their timeshare in Maui.  Not for nothing is Jack known as the Godfather of the reunion committee.

Paul Belliveau, Mary Jane and Paul English


Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette, Alice O'Brien and Joan (McRobbie) Cordero


The other half of Dot's table with Walter Forrest and Patrick Brady


Jack  Abare, Angie (Kuchulis) Gianopulos and Tony Pace


Pat Brady and Joe Wescott


Jack Abare flanked by Joan (McRobbie) Cordero and Doris (Murphy) Decker


Paul and Beverly Belliveau having fun with (or because of) another classmate


Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco, Doris (Murphy) Decker, Eillen (Reed) Morris and Bill Frisone


Dance Fever (or maybe Hot Flashes)


Our DJ was Dan Sky, who has an excellent singing voice in his own right, shown below with the sound engineer for both Dan and entertainer Tony Pace.  The engineer got numerous compliments for keeping  the music volume low enough so that we could talk before and during dinner.

Talking with Dan near the end of the evening, he said he had a fun time as he got to sing some of the classics of our day and doesn't often get to see so many couples dancing in one place.  His eardrums probably appreciated the change as well.

At the end of the evening, he thanked all the classmates for the energy and enjoyment they displayed and hoped his class could do as well at their 60th reunion.

Dan's website is Danskymusic@yahoo.com and he's also at Facebook.com/Dansky.


The "Barefoot Contessa" from our 55th reunion is back...Arlene (Brunette) Wallace .  One of these years I'm going to swipe those shoes just to see what happens.


Gary Getchell, May Porter, Judy Kjellgren, Carol Kenneally's back and  guess who


Rose Woodrome joins the magic circle along with Angie Kuchulis' back, Carol Kenneally' front, Joan McSweeney, Delly Levesque and Alice O'Brien below.


Like a revolving door:  more dancers flanking May Porter including Shirley Carpenter, Susi Paresi and Mary Jane English join the troops.


On the left, Dottie Doucette and Bob Rhodes getting a kick out of someone, maybe Walt Forrest.


Associate Photographer Rick Donovan who hopes to be at least 6' 6" in his next life.



Walter Forrest apparently trying to hypnotize Shirley Carpenter...should I warn him that her boyfriend is bigger and younger than he is?  Nah....


Susi Paresi and Fran (Sonny) Page dancing to the beat of a different drummer.


Probably safe to say that more than a few chiropractors were busy after this reunion.


Tony Pace tries to coordinate a skit with Walter Pohle, Gary Getchell and Dewey Brothers


Tony with Walt Forrest who did a great job with his part.  Gary Getchell and his primal scream.




Thursday's Banquet from our Associate Photographers


Joanne and Bob Anderson; Walter and Loretta Pohle    (E. McGrath)


Dewey and Elaine Brothers; Lena (Ahern) and Frank Phillips    (E. McGrath)


Joe and Joan Wescott; Bob Poor and Joan Slavkin    (E. McGrath)


Shirley (Collins) Starion and Shirly Carpenter; Nancy and Vincent Sweetland    (S. Carpenter)


Doris (Murphy) Decker and Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco; Art and Nadine Caldwell    (S. Carpenter)


Clayton and Pat Curtis; Sandra and Robert Whitney    (R. Donovan)


Dexter and Lorraine Brothers; Nancy and Vincent Sweetland     (R. Donovan)


Frank Donohue, Jack Abare, Carol (Kenneally) Gardner    (R. Donovan)


Thanksgiving 1953, not the sharpest picture but it's the thought that counts.    (R. Donovan)


Shirley Carpenter, Joan McSweeney and Doris Murphy    (R. Donovan)


Tony Pace and Jack Abare discussing the "Vegas" effect on the stock market.    (R. Donovan)


Reunion committee members vetting Jim Leonard's jokes for too colorful material.    (R. Donovan)


Mike Ciarletta learns from Pat Donnelly that his stuffed chicken was swapped for stuffed chipmunk.



Art Caldwell reacting to a slur cast at his Colorado Avalanche hockey team; Dewey Brothers reacting to his first look at the complete deceased list.  Jim Leonard suggested putting Dewey's name on a fake list at the next reunion just to see what happens.  Jim is also the guy who asked the website manager to notify him if his name came up in the obituary notices.     (R. Donovan)


June DeRoin, Mary Jane English, Lena Phillips and Joanne Anderson at the hospitality suite


Jim Wood on the left who recently had his first book published for Amazon may be telling Joan McSweeney the plot of his next novel; Dewey Brother and Art Boland.  Art was the only doctor in attendance but he said not to worry, he always brought prescription blanks with him.    (R. Donovan)


Huntley Smith, Judy and Gary Getchell; Patricia Curtis and Sandra Whitney    (R. Donovan)


Pat Brady and Jackie Baklini enjoying Red Sox bragging rights; Jim Wood and Walt Forrest


Lena (Ahern) and Frank Phillips; Gary and Loretta Pohle     (R. Donovan)  


Joyce and Bill Cushing; Sonny Page and Ron Natalie    (R. Donovan)


Elaine (McGrath) Brothers and Frank Donohue    (R. Gannon)


Sheila Page and Judy Getchell resting up before the banquet; Dewey still reading the deceased list


Delly (Levesque) Starratt and Carol (Kenneally) Gardner laughing at or with Dick Gannon


Shirley (Starion) Collins, Pat Curtis and Sandy Whitney     (R. Gannon) 


Gladyce (Johnson) Wiggin, Dick Gannon and Dave Peterson; Herb and Sandy Slate with Bill Frisone hiding in back    (D.Gannon)


Diane Gannon with Rick Donovan who is recovering from his recent diet.  Since he is shorter than Jim Starrett, he is know as Half-Shot Harris.    (R. Gannon)


Pat (Mellyn) Mancinelli and Bob Rhodes


Tony Pace charming Jackie (Baklini) Casey and or inviting her to an after show party.    (R. Gannon)


Walter Pohle's response to Tony's question of what do you do?..."Not Much."    (R. Gannon)


While Walt and Gary look on, Dewey Brothers gets his only lesson on a non-slide trombone.


The name of the group imitated has been forgotten but not Walt Forrest and Sonny Pages' singing.


Tony Pace leads a competition between two halves of the audience in singing "Sweet Caroline."


Tony Pace does his best or worst imitation of American Idol contestant William Hung.


Tony Pace kids Jack Abare; Royal Kona Master Grinder Bob Anderson at work    (R. Gannon)


Jack gets even; Close harmony by Tony Pace and Sonny Page    (R. Gannon)


Jim (Dutch) Leonard and Delly (Levesque) Starratt; Bill and Gerry O'Day   (J. Starratt)


Sonny Page held his own with Tony Pace; Time for Clayton Curtis to switch to contacts


Dick Gannon and Art Boland trying hard to look serious; Helen Ready and Stephanie McGrath


Lynn Post Office Wanted Posters



Frank Phillips, Walter Forrest, Joan Slavkin, Tony Pace, Patricia Mellyn



Shirley Carpenter, Paul English, Lorraine Brothers, Walter Pohle, Doris Murphy



Dexter Brothers, Tony Pace, Gary Getchell, Helen Ready, Alice O'Brien



Sandra Whitney, Bob Rhodes, Bill Frisone, Joan Wescott, Art Caldwell



Paul and Beverly Belliveau, Dan and Joan (Conway) Raney, Fran (Sonny) Page



Don Hudson, Vinny Fabucci, Tootie Pettigrew, Robert Whitney, Diane Gannon



Pat Donnelly, Jeanne Anderson, Jack Abare, Ron Natalie, Stevie McGrath



Elaine McGrath, Eileen Reed, Mary Jane English, Jim Starratt, Angie Kuchulis



Jackie Baklini, Jim Wood, Frank Donohue, Art "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Caldwell, Lena Ahern



Rick Donovan, Sonny Page, Huntley Smith, Betty Natalie, Bob Anderson



Dorothy Savio, June Scotty, Bill Cushing, Loretta Pohle who accidentally caught a high stick in the parking lot hockey game organized by Art Caldwell and Art Boland



Joyce Cushing, Dottie Hansen, Carol Kenneally, Shirley Collins, Herb Slate



Mike Ciarletta, Joan McSweeney, Nadine Caldwell, Jim (Dutch) Leonard, Tootie Pettigrew



Susi Paresi, Dewey Brothers, Nancy Sweetland, Rose Woodrome, Bob Poor



Sandra Slate, Judy Kjellgren, May Porter, Delly Levesque, Elaine McGrath



  Vinny Sweetland, Charlie Donnelly, Buddy Weiser, Art Caldwell, Dave Peterson



Dick Gannon, Tony Pace, Pat Curtis, Judy "Where's my husband gone now?" Getchell, Bill O'Day


Classmate Comments and Letters

Late Additions:  Art Nelson:  "Whenever you mention my name in your class updates I feel as if I am a part of the family of the class of 1953.  I do know so many from this class from my school years (I graduated in '51).  I know now why I knew so many then and now.  The camaraderie is refreshing.  Your class is so friendly and it still shines through now as it did then."  (Art is an honorary member of our class database and has been very helpful over the years in tracking down missing classmates for the winter gatherings as well as the regular reunions.  His sister was classmate Barbara (Nelson) Paulette who passed away in 2010.)

Evelyn (Carlson)Paine:  "As I read the names of our classmates, I realize just how lucky I was to be a member of the 1953 class.  I am living in Kennebunkport, ME.  My husband is an artist here and we operate a gallery of his work from our home.  It is the W. Robert Paine Gallery at 42 Ocean Avenue.  Nothing would make me happier than to see any of you drop by.  We are open all year.  Thanks for all you and so many others are doing for our class."

Lena (Ahern) and Frank Phillips:  "You would have to go far and wide to find a class as great as ours.  You all work so hard to put it across and it really shows.  Thank you so much for a super time."
Janet (Armstrong) Ralph:  "Just wanted to thank you and all of the "Committee" for yet another great reunion.  The show was a perfect touch in lieu of the fact that our dancing career seems limited!!  Love, Janet"
Jeanne (Derrah) Anderson:  "The 60th was great.  Kudos to the hard working committee.  Great job.  Reconnected with old friends and missed some sadly passed.  Also made new friends.  If anyone is headed to the Rhode Island Newport area, stop by."
Dexter Brothers Webgram to Dominic Baione:  "Time was wonderful...wish you were here.  Elaine thought you might make it.  Try to put some pictures on Facebook."
William Croteau:  "It's with deep regret that I have to inform the Committee that I will be missing my very first reunion since 1963 due to health issues.  Hope everybody has a good time and I will be thinking of you all."
Jacqueline (Baklini) Casey:  "Dear Delly and Jim:  My sincerest appreciation to you as well as the entire committee for all your years of dedication and hard work for our class of '53.  You all have made it possible for me to stay connected to my past.  This is a gift I cherish.  Our 60th was a wonderful evening.  Thank you."
Jim (Dutch) Leonard:  "Last night was an absolutely memorable evening (except for that fat old guy with the tired jokes).

The most memorable moment for me came when I told Vinny Sweetland that Art Boland was on his way to see him.  Here's a guy who has been sick as hell, wasn't sure he could even attend...getting to his feet (in spite of my urging him not too) to welcome his old friend.  Vinny is a proud and courageous guy who demonstrated both of those qualities at that moment and in that place.

The food was terrific....the entertainment great......the opportunity to renew old friendships many.  The evening tended to prove that "old friends are the best friends."  You and the entire Reunion Committee did a TERRIFIC JOB!!!"

Carole A Murphy Lueders:  "Hi to all you Recycled Teenagers:  I will not be able to attend the reunion this year.  My news is both good and bad. Last month (June) my daughter who lives in Belgium was diagnosed with nodular melanoma and required surgery.  I immediately booked a flight to Belgium. The good news is after the removal of 9 lymph nodes and the infected area, the biopsy revealed only 1 lymph node had been infected.  So instead of being here in Belgium to care for her during chemo, I am able to enjoy her and the family.  I will not be returning to the States until mid-September. Hello and perhaps I'll be at the next reunion.
Lee (Cliff) Ryan:  "I won't be able to attend but I do think about it quite often.  It has sent me reviewing the entire 78 years of my life.  I believe in karma and reincarnation now so my whole perspective on life has changed.  Nevertheless my life as Lee Cliff Ryan will be over when I do die.  I won't remember this life...only, I believe, I will carry into the next lifetime all the good and bad things I thought and did in this one.  I also believe we will all meet again in future lifetimes.  If we had a strong impact in this lifetime we will sense that in future lifetimes as I have found this to be true for me in this lifetime. 

I do offer my best wishes for our surviving classmates and their success in fulfilling their life purpose for, long or short, I believe our time on earth was foreordained before we entered.  We who survive have yet to complete the work we came to accomplish. God bless us all."

Barbara (Kellett) Kane:  "Hi:  Just a quick note to say I've been married to the same man for 57 years.  Had 4 children (including a set of twins); 7 grandchildren and 2 great grand children.  Retired from Anna Jaques Hospital as Manager of the medical records file department (28 years)."
Lawrence Buchanan:  "Dear Delores:  I have enjoyed attending the three most recent class of 1953 reunions.  Regrettably, we will be unable to attend the 60th due to Barbara's mobility issues.  I will especially miss the informal gathering on September 4.  It was loads of fun reminiscing, singing (How Much is that Doggy in the Window) and comparing where our paths might have crossed over these few years.  Enclosed is my check toward the class gift.  I know the committee will put it to good use.  May God show Himself to each of us."
Charles Donnelly:  "Delly:  Until I reread my comments for the 50th reunion, I didn't realize how much I'd written!  There's been a much slower pace since then.  I've hardly traveled much beyond Georgetown, MA.  It seems impossible but the GHS students I met in September, 1962 are having their 50th this year.

Since the LEHS 50th, I've done a bit of writing in: Mathematics, Science and Economics but on a very small scale.  At our graduation in 1953 I was 18 - now I'm 78.  How did that happen?  Jack Benny had the right idea.  He was 39 for nearly 50 years."

Claire (McEntee) Hamilton:  "Delores, Unfortunately, I'll be unable to attend the Sixtieth Reunion Celebration of our class of '53.  I've tried to reschedule other events to be able to attend, but it just didn't work out.  However, I would like to send my best regards to all our classmates.  I love keeping up to date on all that's going on with everyone via the website.  Brings back so many great memories.  And it is so fantastic to read about all their adventures.

Having married a career Army officer, I've been away from Lynn for so many, many years.  But that doesn't mean my memories have been away too.  They are just added to my resume of life...Having travelled and lived around the world from Africa to Korea and California to New Hampshire, we've settled in Lakeland, Florida, a few miles south of Lynn.

But those miles do not lessen the memories of the past.  A great beginning paves the way for a fantastic life.  Enjoy the 60th reunion of the great class of 1953."

Walter Forrest:  "Hi Delly, Just a note from Falmouth on the Cape.  I want you to know what a wonderful time I had at our class reunion party the other night.  It was just great to see all the people I haven't seen in many years and renew old friendships.  The hotel was beautiful, the room very nice and the food at the party very good.

The floor show was fantastic, the star was really talented and sang some great songs including 'The Phantom of the Opera'.  He even had me up singing with others on the stage.  I had a ball.  I think I danced about every dance that night.  Elaine said to me Friday morning at breakfast:  'Walt, you were a dancing fool last night.'  I guess I was.

Delly, I just want to thank you for inviting me to the party and giving me the opportunity to take part in all that fun.  Your idea of having something every couple of years is good because time marches on.  Thanks again."

Joan (Cornwell) Brooks:  "Dear Delores, I am sorry I'm not going to be with you and our friends at the LEHS '53 60th reunion.  It is hard to believe these many years have lapsed since our high school days.  I want to thank everyone on the committee for all the time and hard work to keep us now "Senior Citizens" in contact with each other.  Rick Donovan needs a big hug for the emails he has been sending out.

I am still living in the same house my husband Jack shared for many years.  I miss him so very much but I thank God for all the loving memories we shared.  I stay busy volunteering in the elementary schools mentoring to children.  I am retired from the pre-school at our church where I was the director for many years.  I also stopped my hygienist work in dental offices.

My family has grown.  I have trouble keeping up with 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren from ages one to thirty years.  What a blessing for such a wonderful and active life.

Save a dance for me if we are still thinking of another high school reunion.  We are for the majority doing so well for these many years.  Only God knows what's in store for our future years.  Have a great time everyone.  Best wishes."


Joan Cornwell's granddaughter Kristina on the left and grandson Tate on the right

Gary Getchell:  "Life goes on ... uninterrupted ... here in Dresden, Maine.  After over fifty years connected with K-12 teaching and administration, community college teaching and administration, and school committees I decided that as of midnight on June 30th, 2011 I was through!  It was both an exhilarating and enervating experience.  What would I now do in my "spare time?"  I soon found
out!  One of my best friends is Deputy Commissioner of Education in Maine; so he and I exchange ideas, food, and cocktails while we discuss the necessary direction of Maine education in order to meet 21st century demands.
I've served as the treasurer for the re-election campaigns of the Majority Leader of the Maine State Senate (who ends that position on July 31st to assume the leadership position of the New England Small Business Administration).  I meet regularly with another friend ... over beers at our local pub that is appropriately named, "The Old Goat" ... who is the Maine State House Majority Leader.  My days as a stand-up comedian and Maine humorist are over, but my sound system is in demand, so I provide the sound for many functions ... and get in free!  For the past few years I have provided both the sound and the holiday music for the local "lighting of the Christmas tree" celebration in Richmond (our "sister town" across the Kennebec River) and recited and acted out "The Night Before Christmas" for the little kids in attendance.  (It was easy to memorize and fun to watch their reactions.)  This season I'm doing it at the many performances of the "Down-East Brass Quartet's" Christmas concerts around the state.  They'll play the musical background while I do the narrative (after telling the audiences the alleged history of the story).

Since our 55th reunion Judy and I have bought a Coleman pop-up tent trailer ... and more than enough camping equipment ... and try to get away a few times each spring/summer/fall to places in Maine where we can just read, relax, and meet new people.  We have built bocce and cornhole courts on our property where we hold Sunday tournaments (weather permitting) that include beer/wine, B-B-Q, bonfires, and sometimes dance music from the 40s, 50s, and 60s under the stars. My  hobby continues to be remodeling and redecorating, so this summer's projects include building two new kitchens and baths in our ell and upstairs in our barn.  The new septic system is already in, and the ell is being completed using the expertise of my favorite plumber of all time.  I love Facebook, and my FB friends include a bunch of "53-ers" as well as a couple of hundred of my ex-students who are quick to remind me that (1) I do not act my age and (2) that I do not act they way they thought "old" teachers and principals would act in their retirements.  As the sign over our kitchen states in large letters, 'ITDONGITNOBETERNIS!'"

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