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55th Reunion Pictures


Please send pictures or corrections for misspelled names, missing names or misplaced humor to: salem197a@gmail.com


Pictures by Mary Lou (Sullivan) Bolduc, Art Caldwell, Ellie (Vegnani) Cornell, Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings, Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart and Jim Starratt


Wanda Bartlett and Alice O'Brien


Bob and Joanne (Tootie) (Pettigrew) Anderson



Roger Cummings, Paul and Beverly Belliveau; Janice (Wyman) and Jeffrey Hall; Don Hudson giving Beverly and Janice a friendly back scratching


Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings and husband Roger


Nadine and Art Caldwell


Janet Armstrong, Eleanor Vignani, Wanda Bartlett, Jack Abare, Ann Thorner and Tootie Pettigrew


Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson and Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings


Ed Cummiskey and Fran Page along with re-newlyweds Shirley and Jerry Starion


The secret to Nadine and Art's marriage; an adjustable hearing aid


Bob Rhodes, Gary Getchell, Jim Starratt and Eleanor (Vegnani) Cornell.  We're not sure what's going on in the first picture, but apparently it turned out all right


Rose Woodrome, Carole (Murphy) Lueders, Eileen (Reed), Sandie and Herb Slate, Sonny Page



Fran Page's imitation of Mrs. Marion Benvie;  Frank Donohue, Shirley Carpenter and Jack Abare


Art Caldwell ready to unload, Gary and Judy Getchell; Tootie (Pettigrew) Anderson; Jim Starratt


Bill Carpenter tells Fran and Jackie Baklini another of his stories; Jim "One-Shot Harris" Starratt comes prepared with camera, assistant Delly Levesque and refreshments for the arduous task ahead


Joe Wescott and Pete De Les Dernier trade tall golf stories; Margaret (Ventura) De Les Dernier, husband Pete and Elaine Cummiskey gather in the hotel lobby which quickly became the AM hospitality room


  Nadine Caldwell and Judy Getchell; Bill and Annette Croteau, Elaine and Ed Cummiskey, Rick Donovan, Mary Jane (Eagan) English, Mike Ciarletta


Lona and Jack Abare; Jackie Baklini and Pat Donnelly; Louis Mangifesti is happy to be with his date,  Dr.  Maura McGrane.  The rest of us were happy to have a doctor in the house


Gerry and Bill O'Day; the latest is men's dress shoes; Shirley gets at least one guy up to dance


The Cummiskeys; Ann Thorner, Shirley Carpenter and Carol McIntyre


The Starions and the Carpenters (our version); Seated: Rose Woodrome, Judy (kjelljren) Murphy, Eileen Reed and Jackie Baklini.  Standing:  Frank Donohue, May Porter, Angie Kuchulis and Don Hudson


Eleanor Vegnani and Sheila Page in front; Bill Isenhart and Jerry Starion were finally kind enough to let their girls sit down; a petition is available to ask Gary Getchell to wear long pants at the 60th


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Photographer:  Art Caldwell




Ellie Vegnani and Carl Goodwin; Vin Fabucci and Nelson DeRoin


Shirley Carpenter and Larry Buchanan; Jerry Starion explains the real size of the 50th reunion fish story told by Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart's husband Bill.


Carol Kenneally, Art and Nadine Caldwell; Janice (Wyman) Hall, Jeff Hall and Nadine, Egg Rock


Art Caldwell always takes time out of his busy schedule to visit old friends


Loretta (Lori) Pohle and Joan Wescott; Art catches up with relatives Lisa Sheehan and Cathy Sheehan with husband Dave; the other relative was not named in the documentation


Yes, Bob Rhodes did make his 50th reunion at West Point this summer; Arlene Brunette shows the latest steps but not the latest footwear; Jerry Starion calls for his 4th round of appetizers


Pete De Les Dernier, Frank Donohue, Vin Fabucci


Elaine Cummiskey, Ed Wallace and Sheila Page


Joyce Wade and Angie Kuchulis arguing about who has the dumbest husband


Carole (Murphy) Lueders' new earrings, Doris Murphy and Joan McRobbie


Fran Page, Bill Croteau, Gary Getchell, Joe Wescott, Ed Cummiskey blocking the doorway as usual


Ellie (Vegnani) Cornells' new earrings, Carl Goodwin, Tootie and Bob Anderson


Annette Croteau, Loretta (Lori) Pohle, Larry Buchanan and Nadine Caldwell


The early birds, Annette Croteau and Ed Cummiskey, get the best appetizers; Diane Gannon; husband Dick Gannon sucking in the gut before meeting his former girlfriends.  Maroon alien heads in gray balloons from the ever creative Cookie Pigott


Janet (Thompson) Van Amburg, Dottie (Hansen) Doucette, Edie (Kelly) Sutton and Alice O'Brien


Mike Ciarletta and Bill Croteau in the background; Arlene (Brunette) Wallace and Bob Rhodes; Ed Wallace with Pete De Les Dernier


Pat (Donnelly) Fabucci with Dottie and Jerry Ishkanian; Carl Goodwin and Clayton Curtis.  This may be what they mean by artists having a different slant on life.


Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco and husband Bob chatting with the Abares


Larry Buchanan,  Fran Page, Jackie (Baklini) Casey, Ellie (Vegnani) Cornell, Tootie (Pettigrew) Anderson; Gary Getchell seems skeptical about Charlie Donnelly's stock advice.


Ron Natalie and Dick Gannon chatting; Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart and Judy Getchell look on while Sandy and Herb Slate decide whether or not to buy the class photographer's special:  the $200 wall mural version


Roger Cummings, Paul and Beverly Belliveau; Janice (Wyman) and Jeffrey Hall



Bob Rhodes doubles the number of males dancing; Cookie Pigott and Lona Abare; Walter Pohle wore the DJ's hat for a while and we're hoping someone has a picture to send us


Photo courtesy of Art Caldwell and his memories of school days well spent


Bill Croteau, Rick Donovan, Carl Goodwin, Clayton Curtis, Dottie (Hansen) Doucette; moral of this story is never give an open mike to a former teacher


The real reason for reunions; learning new line dances


Good food, good-sized servings and reasonable prices.  The diner was Johnny Pesky's favorite when his health permitted.  He celebrated his 92nd birthday on September 27, 2011 and is one of the few players to have a part of a baseball park named after him (Pesky's Pole).

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Photographer:  Jim Starratt


Carl Goodwin draws the name of the person who will have first choice of the art work.


A loud scream erupts from a table just to our right.


Winner Alice O'Brien rushes to Rick Donovan, pulls the microphone out of his hand and starts beating him over the head with it.


When calm is restored, Alice is a happy classmate.


Nothing gets your attention like seeing yourself in living color on a large wall screen.  Fran Page put together a "down memory lane" presentation for large screen viewing during the banquet.  Jack Abare provided the DVD projector to make it possible.






Banquet registration team:  June Scotty and Delly Levesque


Janet Thompson, Edie Kelley and Alice O'Brien


Pat Donnelly and Holiday manager Lauren Coscia with June and Delly


Janet Armstrong chats with Margaret Ventura; Pete De Les Dernier with Gerry O'Day


Louie Mangifesti finds that his stuffed shrimp was swapped for stuffed tomatoes.


Judith (Kjelljren) Murphy checks in with Delly while Louie pleads his case with June.


Arlene Brunette with husband Ed Wallace and Pat Donnelly


Jake & Catherine Liberles.  Jake learns he is chairman of the 60th Entertainment Committee.


Eleanor (Vegnani) Cornell in the foreground with Roger and Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings in the middle ground and Janice (Wyman) and Jeffrey Hall in the far background 


Mary Jane and Paul English register with Delly...eventually.


Don Hudson gets pinned by Eileen Reed.


Walter Pohle, Joe and Joan Wescott



  Our own post office lineup includes:  Ed Cummiskey, Carl Goodwin, Judy Getchell,


Carol Kenneally, Angie Kuchulis, Pete De Les Dernier,


Jerry Starion, Janet Thompson and Shirley (Collins) Starion


   Tootie (Pettigrew) Anderson with Carl Goodwin and Alice O'Brien


Walt Pohle chats with Janet Armstrong; Pat (Mellyn) Mancinelli with Joan and Joe Wescott   


Our electronic whiz kid Fran Page brings Dottie Hansen up to date on the latest in electronic technology while Janet Thompson looks on.


Mr. and Mrs. Pigott with Mrs. English


Gary Getchell supports one industry while Nadine Caldwell supports another.  Neither wind nor rain, sleet or snow stops a grandmother from checking on all of her "kids".


Janet Armstrong shares memories with a classmate while the Paparazzi try to find a scoop.



Mrs. Ever Creative Cookie Pigott with Joan Wescott;  Judy Getchell with Joe Wescott who tells the Paparazzi "you take my picture, I break your face".


Joyce Wade and Art Caldwell share a laugh over someone's yearbook; Rick Donovan with Art's gift to our class, a star registered in our class name.  For star buffs, it's located in the Andromeda constellation and its physical location is RA23h5m26.22s D39 degrees 57' 23.2".  The gift is now permanently mounted in the English  high school library.


Thorner Incorporated:  Ann's daughter Robin Holmes, friend Carol McIntyre, Ann (Thorner) Holmes and daughter  Elizabeth (Holmes) Raffa


If this looks serious, it's because it is.  Bob Pigott and Mary Jane English along with Joe Wescott and Cookie Pigott are negotiating their handicaps for the 2009 Winter Reunion Golf Tournament.


If you are wondering how long it takes 65 classmates to get in position for a group photo, look no further.  Bob Pigott seems dismayed, Mary Jane has a headache, Judy Getchell looks bemused and the photographer is ready for a career change.  Only Vinnie Fabucci is at the ready...waiting for the guys standing on the chairs to start falling over so he can sell the picture to the Lynn Item.


Back row:  the Thorner gang with Robin Holmes, Carol McIntyre, Ann Thorner, Elizabeth Raffa and Pat Mellyn; front row:  Gerry and Bill O'Day and Janet Armstrong



Beverly and Paul Belliveau; Joan Ross and Karl Mascott


Sandie and Herb Slate; Betty and Ron Natalie


Delly Levesque and Jackie Baklini; Tootie and Bob Anderson


Lona and Jack Abare; May Porter and Frank Donohue

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Photographer:  Jim Starratt (Part 2)


Pat Donnelly and Joyce Wade:  Bob Rhodes and Nadine Caldwell


Annette Croteau and Elaine Cummiskey; Arlene Brunette and Maggie Ventura


Jim Leonard and Delly Levesque; Pete and Maggie (Ventura) De Les Dernier


Arnold Salvucci and Jim Leonard;  Mary (Cookie) Pigott and Fran (Sonny) Page


Bob Rhodes and Shirley Carpenter; Cookie Pigott dancing with husband Bob...finally


Angie Kuchulis with Don Hudson; Angie with Vinny Fabucci...talk about fickle


Two of the original musketeers or mouseketeers, Joe Wescott and Walt Pohle; Carol Kenneally and Bob Rhodes (where are those St. Mary's nuns when you need them)


Joyce Wade and Mary Jane English; Shirley Carpenter and Jack Abare


Judy (Kjelljren) Murphy and Rose Woodrome; Delly Levesque and Clayton Curtis


Pete De Les Dernier and Joe Wescott;  Mary Jane English and husband Paul


Grass doesn't grow on busy streets, Walt Pohle and Gary Getchell; Mary Cook and Shirley Collins


Clayton and Pat Curtis; the barefoot Countess Arlene (Brunette) Wallace and husband Ed


Maggie Ventura and Bob Pigott; June (Scotty) DeRoin and husband Nelson


Two peas in a pod, Walt Pohle and Jim Leonard; Ditto, Joyce Wade and Joan McRobbie


The Old Smoothies, Carol Kenneally and Bob Rhodes;  Our DJ was mellow during the banquet (which was appreciated by all) but made up for it later



The girls learn a few new line dances while most of the husbands mysteriously disappeared, probably to the HDTV and bar at Carrabba's Restaurant next door



We are guessing Angie is either happy or hurt something


The DJ didn't play any square dances so this must be a rectangle dance




Rose Woodrome realizes she is going to pay for this party tomorrow while Beverly Belliveau gives the DJ's feet her total attention




A couple of extra pictures from Jim Starratt's 55th CD


Lona Abare, Arlene Brunette, Dottie Hansen and Carole Murphy


Joyce Wade telling Art Caldwell's wife Nadine about a few of Art's escapades at LEHS.


A famous local landmark; the first three guesses don't count.


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Photographer:  Ellie (Cornell) Vegnani


Tootie, Cookie and Edie head for the police lineup...sorry, the lineup for the class picture; Joan Wescott and Delly Levesque; flowers by the famous Brooks Florist of Ft. Worth, TX (Joan (Cornwell) Brooks that is


Shirley Carpenter and Fran Page;  Judy Getchell and Art Caldwell read the 50th reunion picture backwards; more of Joan Cornwell's gift of flowers to the reunion committee


Bill Croteau stands guard with the prize drawing materials while Fran Page's "down memory lane" collage plays in the background; the DeMarcos, Joan (McSweeney) and husband Bob looking good


Proof that more than a few husbands did manage to find the dance floor...most of them willingly





Maggie Ventura of the HPU (Hospitality Police Unit) ejects Delly for excessive niceness


This is a feisty bunch; Art Caldwell asks Ed Cummiskey to step outside after Ed mentions the Dallas Stars in the same sentence with the Colorado Avalanches' hockey team


Carl Goodwin surprises Clayton Curtis by doing some "soft shoe" as part of his opening monologue


The Bobbsey Twins;  two of the reasons why other classes like to come to our reunions


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