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50th Reunion Pictures


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Pictures donated by Art Caldwell, Gary Getchell, Fran Page, Janet (Armstrong) Ralph and Jim Starratt


50th Reunion Banquet Pictures:  This was our last reunion at King's Grant.  If you need a few pictures of the place to refresh your memory, click here.
















The eleven pictures below are part of the material from Janet (Armstrong) Ralph.  The rest of her collection can be found on the Recent Changes page under February, 2011 and October, 2010.


Christmas came early to our 50th banquet:  Stuie Ralph and Gerry O'Day



A couple of couples:  Mona (Tedesco) and Donald Gard, Mary (Cook) and Bob Pigott


Joanne (Pettigrew) and Bob Anderson


Lena (Ahern) and Frank Phillips


Janet (Armstrong) Ralph, Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson,  Eleanor (Dushuttle) Chamberlain


Judy (Kjelljren) and Dave Murphy


This is either Gerry O'Day and Stuie Ralph dancing or it could be a normal discussion between a liberal and a conservative.


Jim Starrett and Manny Frangos holed up in the hospitality suite.


Pat Brady and wife Patricia (Clark) Brady


Vinnie and Pat (Donnelly) Fabucci













50th Reunion Candid Pictures:








Father Flanagan of Boys' Town visits our hospitality suite.  Art Caldwell with Pat (Donnelly) Fabucci, Shirley (Collins) Starion, Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart, Angie (Kuchulis) Gianopoulos







50th Reunion Tour of English High School:



When the registry heard that these people were going to drive themselves over to English for a tour of the new additions and renovations, the DMV promptly sent a bus.  Below Elaine (McGrath) Brothers babysits the driver's children while Elaine and Ed Cummiskey keep an eye on Elaine.



Free refreshments in the new lunch room.  At the time of our visit, 2003, the school was running four lunch sessions daily.





After demolishing the free coffee, danish and doughnuts, the tourists get an update on current LEHS activities and a tour of the new facilities.


From right to left:  Jack Abare, Vice-Principal Donna Hegan, Principal Andy Fila and Andy Nicholson doing his Andy Fila impersonation.


Checking out the new Computer Labs...


and the new library.


Classmates admire the new Faculty Exercise Facility...that's a joke folks...actually it's for the football team and anyone else strong enough to dislodge a player from a machine.


We were unable to extricate Carol Kenneally from one of the machines and had to leave her behind.  Principal Andy Fila was a guest speaker and was able to deliver Carol in time for the banquet.


Cheerleaders Marilyn Douglas representing her sister Nancy, Tootie Pettigrew and Wanda Bartlett give their knee of approval for the remodeled gym.



Vice Principal Donna Hegan completed our tour in the beautifully restored auditorium.



50th Reunion Banquet Table Pictures:




Dick Gannon and Dave Petersen with their child brides from the Class of '57, Diane (Petersen) Gannon and Pat (Shinnick) Petersen



Stuie Ralph, Gerry and William  O'Day and Ruthie (Hunt) Sims.  Stuie says that the two smiling heads at the far right are Lena (Ahern) and Frank Phillips.





This is Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart's husband Bill telling our photographer about the one that got away.  Is it just us or did this fish get bigger since the previous reunion?


May Porter's sister Rose, Stevie (McGrath) McNaughton, Adele (Terenzoni) D'Entremont, Dottie (Hansen) Doucette, Angie Kuchulis and May Porter


From the left, Jack and Lona Abare; the three men are Bibby Poor, Artie Boland, and Jim Leonard (talk about an artful rose between two thorns).  We're guessing the other roses are Mrs. Poor and Mrs. Boland.


A couple of recent finds in one of Art Caldwell's history CDs.


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