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25th Reunion Pictures


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                                      Late Additions - Poolside at King's Grant


Pictures donated by Fran (Sonny) Page

Our 25th reunion took place in 1978 at the King's Grant on Route 128 in Danvers.  Held traditionally in May (until May turned out to be the new March), King's Grant was probably the most popular of our reunion sites.  Their downstairs facility was divided into two sections, banquet and dancing on one side, drinking area on the other and a large bar in between.  It could be cozy at times which was better than rattling around in too-large a hall.


More importantly, you could be as casual as you wanted to be.  There was usually a block of rooms available near the pool and we could set up our own hospitality room and bring in our own bar and snacks.  The room used usually belonged to the reunion committee couple who needed the least amount of sleep.


The banquet side of the facility where Carol (Pitcher) Faill and Bob Barrasso recreated their high school dance that in 1953 brought predictions of the end of teen morality.

25th Reunion Yard Sale:  Held at Joanne and Bob Anderson's home across from St. Joseph's Cemetery, it might have been the first and last time the Andersons volunteered to have a yard sale.  According to Bob Anderson, it wasn't until 1979 that he was finally able to park the family car in the garage under his house.  This may have been the most successful of our reunion yard sales.
25th Reunion Friday Night Party:  Many thanks to Fran (Sonny) Page not only for his own pictures of this reunion but for also making the time and effort to include pictures taken by other classmates.  Most of this section includes the early birds who arrived the day before the banquet and partied into the wee hours of night probably to the regret of normal guests trying to get a good night's sleep.

From 1978...Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy on the right with Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart and husband Bill in the middle.  On the left, May Porter and very happy friends.




Never a dull moment when the queen of the hospitality suite Elaine (McGrath) Brothers is in town...enjoying the show is Bob Pigott.


Poolside at King's Grant:


Early arrivals get the best tables (the Andersons, the Donovans, Whitey Bulger and May Porter)


Joanne and Bob Anderson and Rick Donovan warm up for happy hour


Dexter Brothers and friend; the Brothers and the Donovans enjoy the hot tub while May Porter debates about getting her hair wet versus an early start on the Friday night party.

25th Reunion Awards:  Joanne (Tootie) Anderson singled out various spouses who had assisted the reunion committee members with the 25th while Jim (Dutch) Leonard and Elaine (McGrath) Brothers did the traditional reunion awards...most children, distance travelled to attend, most likely to drive a spouse crazy before 50, etc.


25th Reunion Banquet Candids:



25th Reunion Booklet:  Most of our class was in and around 42 years of age and probably felt we had the world by the ears.  Clayton Curtis contributed a great cover for the occasion and Denise and Rick Donovan typed up the booklet on a genuine clunker of a Selectric typewriter.


Random Quotes from our Reunion Booklet

Art Caldwell:  "I had to go to Colorado - I couldn't spell Mass-a-chew-sits.  Now you know how the West was won.  If you're ever out this way, give me a ring.  I've made peace with the Indians."

Priscilla (Colby) Hanson:  "...unless one of us gets a better offer, Bob and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in November.  I recently completed a self-defense class in Judo at the 'Y' and just received my certificate in CPR from the Red Cross.  It's nice to know that I can kill somebody and bring them back to life again - if I remember which is which.  Bob seems to think I will panic and give a judo chop to the heart victim and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a purse snatcher."

Anthony Mangifesti:  Tony said his marital status is "yes" and has two girls ages 12 and 13.  Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, he claims "I am still considered the handsomest graduate of 1953."

Richard Murphy:  When not fighting with his teenagers...Dick is fighting fires.  Speaking of quenching, Dick says "all classmates are invited to 'Murphy's Tap and Bite', 154 Washington St., Peabody, MA for on free drink as long as I'm present at the bar."

Walter Pohle:  ...In his spare time Walt studies gourmet cooking, and if his family survives the practice sessions, Walt plans to challenge Tony Mangifesti to a bake-off at the 30th reunion.

Janet (Rowen) Crowley:  Janet has some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that she has six children - " all still at home, Yuk!" ...the good news is that " my parents won $1,000,000 in the Massachusetts state lottery on 17 January, 1973, Yippee!!!."

Nancy (Whitmore) Musacchio:  Nancy says she is "working as an executive secretary and involved in the C. Y. O. as director for plays, skits, etc.  (Ham still going strong!).  Marion Benvie would cringe at some of our shows."


Cars from our High School Days


25th Reunion Table Pictures



























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